Incident Report XXXX-A

SCP involved: SCP-XXXX

Date: ██/██/19██

Location: Sector █

Description: Dr. R█████ volunteers to test SCP-XXXX for its presumed effects to determine possible environmental effects at its procurement site. One research assistant occupies observation room, and another stands by the door in case of emergency.

«Begin Playback»

At approximately 22:00, Dr. R█████ lays down on SCP-XXXX to sleep. Approximately 15 minutes into the experiment, Dr. R█████ enters REM sleep. Two hours pass without incident. At 00:24, Dr. R█████ begins to toss, turn and mumble in his sleep.

Dr. R█████: <Unintelligible> are you… <Unintelligible> you want from… what…

Dr. R█████ is silent for 5 minutes, during which time his heart rate accelarates to levels consistent with a normal waking human adult.

Dr. R█████: Why are you <Unintelligible> Stop… What the f…

7 minutes of silence pass until Dr. R█████ speaks again.

Dr. R█████: Oh God… Oh God, what…

Audio and video interference occurs for two seconds. Dr. R█████'s heart rate increases to levels consistent with panic. In spite of this, he does not speak again for another 9 minutes.

Dr. R█████: No, don't look at me… Oh God…

At 00:45, Dr. R█████ awakens abruptly, screaming loudly and staring straight ahead. Heart rate has increased to 105bpm.

Dr. R█████: <Expletives> Get it away! Get it away from me! Jesus Christ, help me!

Research staff make the decision to abort the test in consideration of Dr. R█████'s heart rate. The chamber lights are turned on, and Dr. R█████ is recovered and given a mild sedative. After calming, Dr. R█████ is unable to recall whatever "it" was that was supposedly after him. Results are consistent with 4 out of 5 Class D personnel (See Incident Report XXXX-B in main article).

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