Impossible Engineering

Item #: SCP- XXXX

Item Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- XXXX-01 is to be kept in a locked filing cabinet in a standard containment cell. Digital and photocopied copies are to be kept as backups. Any personnel interested in mathematics or sciences relating to engineering are encouraged to study the documentation; however all research must be contained along with SCP- XXXX-01. SCP- XXXX-02 is to be contained in a basic two (2) room containment cell with furnishings that do not violate SCP procedure and allowed access to the site canteen accompanied by at least one (1) level one (1) personnel. All constructs made by XXXX-02 are to be documented, studied for anomalous properties, and dismantled/destroyed if deemed safe to do so.

Description: SCP- XXXX-01 is a degree certificate from the University of ██████, UK. It is signed by the head of the department of mathematics and engineering 20██ for a bachelor of science (BSc) in ‘Impossible Engineering’ at a first class honours degree. The degree is printed on high quality paper typical of a degree certificate and the signature and seals are authentic, though the University has never run or accredited such a course.

XXXX-01 is also accompanied by a series of notes and documentation relating to ‘Impossible Engineering’, with hand written and computer processed documents spanning a standard three year degree course, presented by XXXX-02 at time of containment. Further documentation was collected from the SCP’s residence after containment.

SCP- XXXX-02 is a twenty-five (25) year old male of mixed race from the United Kingdom. XXXX-02 is the owner of XXXX-01, and is able to understand methodology and scientific theories that can create machinery under the current understanding of modern physics are deemed to be ‘impossible’. XXXX-02 claims to have studied from years 20██ to 20██ but has not been able to use his degree for any meaningful job, employers often accusing his documentation to be a forgery.
All constructs by XXXX-02 possess no abnormalities besides their intended function. XXXX-02 has provided step by step instructions and explanations of any creation, but researchers find it difficult to understand the methods XXXX-02 use. Although all processes are documented, the technical and detailed language used means that researchers quickly lose track of the process and aren’t able to apply any information gained to real world applications. XXXX-02 often states that although he is able to perform these workings, he is an unable to explain in a more concise manner as he is ‘a lousy teacher’.

Discovery: SCP- XXXX-02 was discovered attempting to enter Site ██ on the ██/██/20██ under the impression he was scheduled for a job interview with the foundation. He also claimed that his professor suggested the foundation to him and presented a printed and signed reference from a Dr. ██████, on a paper with a figure head of University of ██████. The University has reported that no person of this name has ever been under their employment. So far, no Dr. ██████ has been found, his awareness of the SCP foundation should be considered a security breach. SCP- XXXX-02 was taken into custody, and after events within the interview (See Interview- XXXX-A), SCP- XXXX-02’s anomalous properties became apparent.

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