The Distant World
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained on site. The cave entrance serving as the gateway to SCP-XXXX is contained behind a prefabricated vault door with an electronic keypad. Research Station XXXX has been built around SCP-XXXX and contains living quarters for all research and security personnel. No fewer than four armed guards are to patrol the site on a bi-hourly basis to ensure that civilians do not enter. Any civilians approaching the site must be detained by security personnel, administered Class B amnestics and returned to the nearby town of █████, Alberta.

Personnel who wish to enter SCP-XXXX must be psychologically screened for Acrophobia and must possess advanced knowledge of abseiling, as well requiring written permission from a staff member with level 3 clearance before they may enter. Expeditions into SCP-XXXX must consist of no less than two personnel with a full set of rock-climbing equipment. Upon entering, personnel must anchor themselves into the ground at the first landing point and equip safety harnesses before venturing any further into the anomaly. At least one staff member must remain on the anchored platform at all times to pull up the other personnel should they fall.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a cave located near Mount ██████, Alberta, Canada. Light constantly emanates from the cave entrance at all times with an approximate brightness of ██ lux, although the source of this light has not been determined, as it diminishes from the perspective of any person entering the cave. The cave is 7 meters in height and 4.5 meters in width, and descends into the Earth at an inclination of 30 degrees.

At the cave's terminus is a stationary platform made of rock, suspended in what appears to be the atmosphere of an implausibly large alien planet. Massive objects resembling straight crystalline pillars rise from the planet's surface in a concentric manner, but the objects are so enormous as to give observers the illusion of being infinitely far away. Estimates of this planet's size indicate that it has a diameter of 10^9km, which would make it the largest object in the solar system.

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