North entrance of SCP-1375

Item #: SCP-1375

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Roadblocks are to be set up 2 (two) kilometers from the North and South entrances of SCP-1375 with each entrance under constant surveillance consisting of: no fewer than 4 (four) personnel stationed in the guise of construction workers and 2 (two) cameras hidden in the flora surrounding the entrance. Personnel are to assure all civilians heading to SCP-1375 that the tunnel is closed for a construction project and request them to leave; non-complying civilians are to be neutralized non-lethally followed by injection of class-a amnesiacs.

In the event of unauthorized entry all staff should NOT pursue the offender(s) into the tunnel but instead form a squad to surround the opposite end of the tunnel and stand by for them to re-appear. Time of wait is variable and can take between 2(two) hours to 7(seven) days, when waiting time has reached beyond 7(seven) days anyone who are still inside the tunnels are deemed “lost”. Waiting personnel are advised to organize shifts to maintain constant watch of the exits. Should any individuals re-appear from SCP-1375 all personnel are to arrest them and confiscate any video/image evidence immediately, lethal force are authorized for non-complying civilians. Prior to administering class-a amnesiacs all trespassers who manage to exit the tunnels safely are to be interrogated and have their experience whilst in SCP-1375 logged. Psychological tests before release are mandatory.

NOTE FROM DR. ██████: As of 28/05/██ all personnel standing by to arrest trespassers are advised to arm themselves with above-standard equipment (see event 1375-X-5). Yes, the possibility of something more than mischievous youngsters re-appearing from the tunnels is very likely. No, there hasn't been any recorded instance of this happening.

Description: Aside from it's peculiar occurrences taking place within it's tunnels (which from here on will be referred to 1375-X), physically SCP-1375 is an ordinary road tunnel located beneath █████ Mountain in {country here} spanning approximately {number} kilometers from its North to South entrance, no other entrances has been discovered (if any exist). The interior walls of SCP-1375 is made of

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