Incident 014-J - Corbette-Reject

Re: Internal Affairs Incident between Research Assistants Salman Corbette and Jay Reject.

The following all occurred in or around Site 24-J, current hosting site for all -J class items:


On ██-██-████, RA Corbette made the following recommendation on the log re: SCP-014-J: ((Note that RA Corbette had just broken up with his girlfriend and was somewhat inebriated at the time.))

K, so, 014-J is just way too dangerous to have around. I mean, like, look at all those prongs. You could poke an eye out with that thing! I know there have been some proposals re: using it to combat rogue agent Spoon.

So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go and get ahold of SCP-2041-J, I'm gonna put 014-J in the target field, and I'm gonna fuck shit up. Cause shit's gonna get messy, I'm also gonna bring along my homie Hank to clean up.

So you're probably asking, "Why's it gotta be you Sal?" I'll tell you why. Cause I'm gonna go out a motherfucking legend, that's why.

// - Sal//

Unfortunately, RA Corbette had made the mistake of transmitting the message through non-confidential means (He mass-texted everyone he knew). This caught the attention of several agents who then proceeded to ignore it. RA Reject was sent to recover RA Corbette before he could cause any major damage to the site. Site command was unaware of the fact that RA Reject himself was inebriated due to a recent demotion.

The following logs were used as major evidence in the banning of alcohol at Site 24-J:

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