Personal Log of Agent 92

On 9/21/09, roughly a month after the discovery of SCP-XXX, Agent 92 (a former member of MTF-Excalibur, who was honorably discharged following the events of [DATA EXPUNGED]) was assigned to exploration and the recovery of any research materials from within the construct. His team consisted of:

The following is a record of all entires from Agent 92's personal log. His objective was to explore the interior of SCP-XXX, recover any possible research materials, and eliminate any possible threats located within the structure.

Log Date: December 4th, ████
Johanna flew in last week from Reykjavik for the mission. Raven and Gregori showed up in an APC about a month ago. Sigma-31 flew in from somewhere top secret. Everyone is finally prepped and organized for the trip, Base Camp is buzzing with people. In about 4 hours, we're taking a chopper to the borehole in Vatnajökull. Apparently im the only one freezing my balls off, Johanna and the others are all used to this shit.

Log Date: December 5th, ████
They set up a tiny camp underneath the ice, right by the enterance to XXX. We spent the night there.
Today we went down the borehole and spent most of the day poking around the thing. The inside of that place is odd. The walls are all ancient rusted steel with inlays of brass and silver. There's chains hanging from the walls everywhere, and in some places, there's a faint red mist in the air. Sigma said it smelled like blood; I couldnt feel it, but I trust the guy. Johanna found a little indent in the wall today that had a creepy figurine in it, along with some kind of religious book. She took them both back to Base Camp for analysis. We should have the reports tomorrow.

Log Date: December 6th, ████
Spent another night at camp, woke up to a nice hot chocolate today. The reports came in, the figurine is apparently of some unknown deity, and the book is called "The Winnowing". Talks about sacrifice and torture. Spooky shit.
Went down into XXX again today. This time we went deeper than we'd gone before, into the chest of the construct. We found a room with long-dried blood stains covering the floor, and a huge assortment of knives and torture devices on the wall. Fortunately there weren't any skeletons in there. We did find a huge chute in the wall that led into a monstrous set of grinders and saws. There was lots of blood caked on there. I tried not to think about it too much. A bit later on, Gregori and Raven found a huge engineering room in the left arm. According to Johanna, its the firing mechanism for some gigantic cannon. What the hell is this thing?

Log Date: December 7th, ████
Today we found what looked like a captain's quarters. It was mostly empty besides some steel furniture. Sigma looked around for a bit and found a few old documents dated in the 1920s. Johanna took them back to Base Camp. I took Raven and Gregori down into the right arm. Sigma decided to search around for more files. We found another engineering room. Johanna wasn't there to confirm, but it definitely looked like another huge weapon mount. Seeing these things is scary, they look like they could demolish entire cities in one shot. The slugs were the size of semi-trailers for christ's sake.
Sigma found another note. This one was handwritten by someone, and looked a lot more recent than the documents from before. He also found a very interesting map in one of the officer's quarters. Everything got taken back to Base Camp and recorded in the Materials Log.

Log Date: December 10th, ████
Two days ago we went into the core of XXX. No one got too spooked, but I could tell people were anxious. We found a giant hall, about the size of a cathedral. There were 5 statues in there; each of them had an engraving that went in detail about how to torture and kill people a certain way. Four of them seemed like fairly standard medieval stuff. The last statue, it looked just like the figurine Johanna found before, it was something else. It needed a willing follower of the religion in that book, someone willing to give their life for their god.
We sent a communique to Base Camp and they authorized the use of D-class personnel for testing. Sigma volunteered to conduct the experiments, I dont think I could stomach it.

Log Date: December 11th, ████
I watched Sigma kill the D-classes. It wasn't a good idea. One of them got red-hot pokers stuck in his eyes. He was screaming for hours. They eventually went into his skull and he shut up.
Something odd happened when the first D-class died. I remember when he finally bled dry, the lights came on and a low hum started from somewhere higher up in XXX. I told Raven to check it out; she said that the power plants up in the shoulders had come online. All the auxiliary stuff, ventilation and lights, were active. She reported it to Base Camp and they told us to keep going with the torture. Once the other three were dead; the sensors in the head were active, all the joints and limbs were ready to move, and the weapons were online and loaded. They said to hold off the last one for tomorrow.

Log Date: December 12th, ████
Sigma decided to try his hand at the last sacrifice today. I had to leave after he started skinning the guy alive. Im not sure what I was expecting, to be honest. The worst part? The guy died for nothing. The engraving on the last statue said it needed a faithful and willing victim. The D-class had no idea what any of this shit was. I guess Base Camp wanted to at least give it a shot..

Log Date: December 14th, ████
Yesterday we heard footsteps in one of the hallways on level 34. We checked it out and didn't find anyone. Sigma found a few technical specifications in an engineering bay. Johanna looked over them and typed everything up in the Materials Log. The desrcution this thing can cause is fucking terrifying. Where the hell did it come from?

Log Date: December 16th, ████
Something happened today. I don't know how many logs there will be after this, they might pull us out from the project. Gregori, Raven, and I were exploring one of the sub-sections on level 89. Johanna and Sigma were away at Base Camp.
Around 1800 hours, everyone heard a humming sound from somewhere near the center of XXX. It was slowly rising in pitch, building up to something. The air turned from its typical thick red mist to a cold, blue glow that got brighter and brighter. We tried to reach Base Camp but couldn't get anyone on the horn. The light and sound reached a peak. There was a blinding explosion of light and a thunderclap.
When we got our bearings, we were moving. XXX was walking somewhere.

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