Infectious Switch
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Subject at time of recovery

Item #: SCP-1XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The subject is housed in a secured and monitored box, which is fire and explosion-proof, air-tight, and vacuum packed . SCP-1XXX has been subject to significant wear and tear whilst in the field, and in order to ensure that it does not undergo any further loosening of parts that could cause its anomalous properties to manifest, it must be kept in an atmospherically and environmentally isolated environment.

SCP-1XXX is a bakelite two-way light-switch, initially located in a [REDACTED] warehouse on the southern outskirts of Prip'yat, Russia.

Its anomalous properties become apparent after its switch is flipped. At this point, the geographically closest two-way switch of any sort will spontaneously switch, with the same effect then repeating for that switch. This provides a chain-reaction effect, which will continue for an unpredictable amount of time and/or repetitions of the effect.

Extensive testing has determined that secondary switches involved in this reaction do not display any anomalous properties after being affected by the initial anomalous occurrence.
It has been verified that occurrences of this phenomenon have occurred for highly variable durations, numbers of switches affected, and geographical radii. There has been no successful recognition of a recurring pattern in any of these variables.

It has been theorised that this phenomenon could have contributed to the [REDACTED] which occurred in the nearby location of [REDACTED] in 1986.

Test 1 - 05/07/1999

A Standard, functioning desktop computer (Intel Pentium III Katmai, 500MHz clock speed, approx 9.5 million transistors) is placed in immediate proximity to the subject. The subject is then switched, to induce anomalous phenomena.
The computer very quickly began to show signs of hardware malfunction, culminating in the system crashing. After attempts at rebooting, the same behaviour continued to display on the initial boot sequence for approximately 20 minutes 43 seconds. After this period the computer began functioning correctly and displayed no further anomalous behaviour.
Note from Dr. Polov: "I think we've come across a pretty effective containment strategy here. Lining SCP-xxx's containment environment with a huge number of transistors should ensure that the affected area should be contained - this is assuming that this thing has an upper limit…."

Test 2 - 01/12/2001

The subject is placed in a clean-room-conditioned warehouse approximated 0.5km square. The warehouse is entirely empty, save for a single metal flick-switch placed on the northern far wall of the warehouse. After a thorough search is conducted, it is determined that this switch is the most geographically close two-way switch to the subject. This switch has a mainframe, massively-scaled super-computer containing approx 200 CPU cores approx 5m away from it, and is positioned so as to "capture" the anomalous activity.
After activating the subject, it took approx 3 minutes for the switch positioned on the wall to flip. This indicates that the force causing this occurrence travels considerably slower than any electromagnetic or pressure wave seen in nature - approx 10km/hr. It has been noted that this speed is only mildly faster than average human locomotion - approximately jogging speed.
Note from Dr. Polov: "This is something else. I want a full imaging rundown to be done on this - electromagnetographs, atmospheric pressure differentials, the works…"

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