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A striking view of the effects of SCP-XXX

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class:Safe
Special Containment Procedures: Areas in political conflict should be monitored for potential deployment of SCP-XXX. In case SCP-XXX is deployed against any population, a cover story should be created to evacuate all persons from the affected area as soon as possible. In the case that a deployment of SCP-XXX can be actively prevented, all feasible attempts to do so must be made.

Any and all known copies of the formula for SCP-XXX are to be destroyed with the exception of one copy being held in Site ██ for storage
Description: SCP-XXX is an unknown type of chemical weapon that can be deployed to affect an area the size of a city block to [DATA EXPUNGED].

When SCP-XXX is deployed, it causes several meteorological anomalies including:

  • Consistently overcast cloud patterns
  • Unseasonably warm or cold weather
  • Precipitation that can vary in intensity from light drizzle to a strong rain or snowstorm.
  • Wind gusts that have been clocked between 90 and 250 kph
  • Very intense fog
  • Tornadoes of strengths up to and including F5

The scale of these anomalies increases as time passes. As the amount of SCP-XXX used increases, the scale of the effects also increase and the longer it takes for these effects to peak. In large enough quantities, SCP-XXX can cause a large amount of damage to people and property, but due to the nature of the damage, it leaves no trace of the culprit.
SCP-XXX was first encountered in the city of ███ ███████ in the year 20██. The nature of the weather events became clear after agents discovered a capsule containing a significant quantity of ███████ ███████, believed to be the primary ingredient of SCP-XXX dropped from high altitude approximately # days before anomalous weather patterns developed. It is still unknown who developed SCP-XXX.
Addendum: Foundation atmospheric monitoring outposts are reporting increasing concentrations of SCP-XXX around the globe. This is causing increasingly erratic weather effects already. Current estimates indicate that it would take a #.#% concentration of SCP-XXX in the atmosphere for damage to become widespread, but effects are already being felt. This seemingly worldwide deployment of SCP-XXX could [DATA EXPUNGED] making human survival difficult at best and impossible at worst. All attempts must be made to stop this global deployment of SCP-XXX.

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