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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The subject is to be kept in a salt water pool located inside a room with aluminum-coated walls. The pool is to be about 1m deep at the shallow end and 8m deep at the deep end. The pool is to have rough flooring and a rail around it as to prevent any mishaps (That's pointing at you Dr. ███████.) The door should be guarded at all times by three level 2 security personnel armed with distilled water guns, and access should only be granted to level 2 personnel and above that have express permission from two level 4 personnel. Any requests to experiment or otherwise examine the subject are to be sent at least five days prior to the day the experiment is to happen. Any and all applications submitted asking for permission to stick stuff into the holes will be denied. Any applications submitted asking for permission to stick stuff into the holes will be accepted, those who wish to insert objects in there have to be guarded by two level 4 security personnel with navy training and armed with double barreled super soakers filled with distilled water. Class A amnesiacs may be requested by those who survive the specimen's rage. When its skin comes in contact with distilled water {Data Expunged}. The sea water smells fishy, it may contain ██████ █████.

Description: The subject is 1.5m tall and 0.9m wide, it has four legs that are 1m long that end in bristles that measure about 8 centimeters in length. It has holes covering a large percentage of its body, with only a few gaps of skin in between. The skin and bristles are composed of keratin, which gives them a hard surface and smooth appearance. The subject’s four legs are covered with a smooth skin that contains DNA consistent with that of a shark. The holes have an immeasurable depth and any attempts to insert something that could be used to calculate their depth has been met with outbursts of violence from the subject. The subject shows extreme discomfort when things are inserted into the small holes, but is a bit more tolerate when they are inserted into the larger ones. If anything is inserted more than 20cm into a small hole, it will squirt out several liters of sea water and then will enter a state of bloodlust, in which it will jump at whoever violated raped "inserted" said object into the hole. The subject has no discernible facial features, only one eye dominating the middle of it's irregularly shaped somewhat circular body.

Experiment #█:
Two D-class personnel were given ██████ and told to insert them into the largest holes they could find, then see how deep in they could push them.
Results: Both D-class personnel were mutilated by the beast, several stab wounds from the bristles left the skin with several deep holes, the mutilation lasted twenty-two minutes and both D-class personnel were alive for a whole twenty-one minutes of it.
Request to upgrade to Keter class. Request denied, reason: It was a self defense mechanism.

"I want a whole bottle of class A amnesiacs, and some time alone." - Dr. ███████
"Please, don't make me have to watch that ever again." - Dr. █████
"FML." - Dr. ████ ███

Experiment #█:
Four D-class personnel were given water guns filled with distilled water, and told to spray the subject with small squirts from a distance of two meters away.
Results: Three of the D-class personnel were executed almost immediately by the creature, which just swiped their legs from under them and then mauled their faces off. The last D-class standing managed to hold it back for about four minutes by keeping a constant spray of water on it, but when the water gun ran out, the specimen instantly swiped at it, landing a square hit in the jaw, knocking the D-class out. It then pounced on him and ripped his insides out.
Request to upgrade to "HOLY SHIT, WHY ARE WE STILL DOING THIS?" Request denied, reason: We are not done doing "this."

"We know how to kill it, why not do so right this fucking second?" - Dr. █████████ (Dr. █████████ was slapped by Dr. ██████ on request from 05-█)
"Oh dude, those holes, we should totally like… we should totally get that SCP with tentacles… the one on that mated on the back of your head…" - Dr. ███████

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