The tale of SCP 1841 D class.

She had just gotten a new assignment. Working site 77 as a D class. Before she was taken from death row, she had about 3 weeks left. The murder of her daughter, she claimed it was an accident. But everyone knew she did it. Not the most stable human you’d ever meet. She was prone to violent outburst. Leftovers from her childhood. An abusive father and a drunk mother didn’t give her much to work with, so when she got pregnant at the age of 17 she didn’t know what to do. The father split, so for awhile she just went with whatever she could. No family would help, because they didn’t exist.

It happened late one night, a bit of drinking and her temper tantrums would take over. The small apartment she lived in had no insulation, so when she got loud, the baby woke up. Her anger and the crying of a baby just couldn’t work together. It happened quick, shaking and then silence.

The trials were over quick. Multiple people testified against her, calling out her excessive drinking and loud yelling at night. Many brought out the fact that she didn’t really love her daughter, Lucy. But this wasn’t fact, in reality she loved her daughter, but the fragments of her childhood left her in no shape to be a mother. Death penalty, that’s what it was, sentenced to death for the murder of her 8 month old.

The foundation found her quickly. Unstable mentally, death row inmate, no family. What else is there in a D class? She was at site 14, and was the unlucky one to discover 479. So they did what they could, and erased her memories. But this isn’t a fool proof method. She remembered.

At site 77, working for Dr. she had a simple assignment. Read a book, simple enough. It was all places to visit before death and small things to do there. After being told to stop reading and being dismissed, she walked back to the dormitory, tired from reading what seemed to be an endless book.
She was having flashbacks. But from what? These memories couldn’t be hers. But they were someone’s. She remembered first seeing her daughter, Lucy. She was determined to visit her grave and say some words, perhaps go back to her parents house, try and find whats left of the past.

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