Instrumental Siren


Description: Electric Guitar- Neck cut from Prometheus tree remains in 1964 near Great Basin National Park in Baker,Nevada. Tree was one of the oldest in the continental U.S. age determined at 4,862 years of age. Body made of Korina, Black wood originating from Africa.

Guitar stings found to contain strands of human vocal chords, hair, and keratin possibly stripped bare, stretched and treated in olive oil and hemoglobin. Similar to the production of catgut strings.

Containment: Contained in a cool room at a temperature of 69 degrees F. To be kept in a 4m x 4m cell surrounded by Soundproof glass separated from a concrete structure surrounding the cell. Personnel are not permitted to touch the glass itself due to possible transfer of vibrations from the detained to prevent containment breach. Lain upon a pillow on a steel table to prevent vibrations from reaching into the floor. After experimentation has concluded, Foundation personnel are to attend to cleaning the object with the proper vibration and sound proofed suit.

Procedures: SCP-???? is only to be directly attended by Class D personnel as normal personnel will be affected by the direct vibrations coming into contact with the human nervous system. Subject will begin to play guitar with surprising skill despite having no prior experience in life playing the instrument. Assumed to be caused by enhancement of certain brain functions to recall moments of seeing a guitar playing the past along with memories of classical/rock music. Individuals with prior guitar playing history maintain the same unusually skilled experience with the instrument as those that do not. Subject will attempt to play "the perfect song" and will do so until capillaries in the fingers burst. Subject may become violent and attempt varying levels of violence to accomplish the songs completion. (See Report SCP-????-06) After Re class D subjects failure to attempt to create the song, item was deemed unsafe for Personnel interaction. After a subject becomes enamored with the object, other personnel or D Class participants will be unaffected by the nature of SCP-???? After Dr. [Redacted] noticed that no two versions of the song are covered are completely similar he uncovered the similar notes as a form of Morse code. Upon extensive research, Dr. [Redacted] found that the code differed with every individual oft deciphering as a cry for assistance and confusion. Class D personnel show no signs of being able to decode the message or are even aware that they have interlaced it with their music. Stings of the instrument were found to constantly send minor tones throughout the area, drawing individuals to the object, soundproof ear protection will not work should an individual touch the object or surrounding area. This causes an individual to discard the protection and immediately attempt to play the guitar itself. After conversing with the object through several D class tests, Dr. [Redacted] found the object to be at least partially sentient. Upon this discovery, Object was reclassified as Eucalid.

Autopsy: All Victims found to have severe swelling of the Left Parietal, and Front Cortex along with the Right cerebellum all in charge of Rhythm in the Human Brain. Along with a complete disruption of the Limbic system found below the Cerebral Cortex in charge of self preservation. Cerebrum found to be in a state of decay causing majorly decreased deductive reasoning.

Discovery: Found in the possession of a successful business man turned recluse named [Redacted] [Redact on 11/2R/197R. Subject traveled the world abroad until 1964 near Las Vegas, Nevada. Traveled abroad selling musical instruments. After disappearance, subjects last known sighting outside his residence in New York 19[Re]. Subject was found supine in his residence with the guitar still placed in his hands and his skull severely fractured, assumed to have repeatedly beaten skull against the wood of his walls until expiration. Morgue attendant found his fingers to be severely burned and aw to the point of completely missing the epidermis on the outer layer of and fingers on his left and right hands. Death was ruled as severe dementia by the mortician due to early onset Alzheimer's caused by the patients age of Re. Upon subjects death, all remaining items were sold at auction due to the subject lack of known relatives. Subjects last known sighting was in New York City, coupling with the disappearance of Rising Jazz Star Singer Michelle Breeze in 197E. After a similar incident occurred with the next owner after winning the Guitar at an Auction, the Foundation deemed it necessary to retrieve the item. After the works of Dr. [Redacted], it was discovered that vibration and communication from the guitar are being controlled by Michelle Breeze. She claims to have no knowledge of what [Redacted] did to her, but claims that she, "Killed that sonofa*." This seems to be the only recorded act of true aggression from SCP-???? SCP-???? claims to be upset over the early end of her life and claims to want to have her voice live through the music she gives to the subjects. Claims to not understand why the subjects enjoy to harm themselves to complete the songs and wishes they would stop after displaying inhuman-like characteristics. When asked if she would be capable of preventing individuals from playing the instrument and harming themselves one response was received, "No." Further analysis needed.

Appendix 1: D-Class Experimentation

15:56 hours. 01/17/198R
SCP-????-06 Subject is a Caucasian male, mid to late 40’s labeled as D-3456. Subject enter room cautiously and looks into wall mounted camera.

D-3456: All that’s in here is an old looking guitar…. It’s kinda beautiful though.
Dr. [Redacted]: Over Intercom Please approach the guitar and pick it up.
D-3456: Okay no problem. Approaches the pedestal the guitar is on. You want me to play it? I’ve never played before…
Dr. [Redacted]: Yes, if you would be so kind.
D-3456: Alright… Picks up guitar by the neck and pulls strap over shoulder. Well I feel like a rock star. Wonder if Van Helen had a piece like this. Plucks strings slowly. Over a period of time D-3456 begins to play more intricate notes. This is amazing, it’s like my fingers know what to do! Begins playing more notes, forming perfect finger placements for A minor chords.
Dr. [Redacted]: How do you feel right now? D-3456 remains entirely focused on staring at the guitar and playing. The song becomes more melancholy and intricate. Can you hear me?
D-3456: SHHHHHH! Begins playing louder and faster. Goes on for nearly 2 hours. Dr. [Redacted] watches in silence. D-3456 begins to play louder, but frustration is creeping its way into his face. D-3456 begins to sob uncontrollably and continues playing. His fingers begins to bleed and the blood slowly begins to leak down the guitar strings. I need more to be more precise!!! Pulls right hand away from lower strings and begins to chew the skin away from the first digit on his index finger.
Dr. [Redacted] : This is interesting. None of the others have done this before. Put in a new recorder. I want to file this next half of his song. Also, bring me new paper, I need to start recording more of the code in the song.
D-3456: After several minutes D-3456 has successfully chewed away all of the flesh of all the first digits of his right hand. Resumes plucking the guitar stings with the skeletal remains of his fingers. Sound in more precise, as if he is playing with a pick on each finger. No, no, no, no, NO!!!!! I need more acoustics. D-3456 begins to walk towards the glass of the room.
Dr. [Redacted]: Subject, what are you doing right now?
D-3456: Shows no signs of having heard the inquiry. Begins to rhythmically beat forehead against the glass harder and harder. Sound resembles Bass beat in most songs.
Dr. [Redacted]: Amazing, he’s actually using his body to supplement for missing musical instruments he require to complete his piece. “She’s” communicating again. I can’t tell if she wants the music to be more urgent or not. Paper reads, “I never wanted any of this. I never wanted any of this. I never wanted any of this. I never wanted any of this. I never wanted any of this. I never wanted any of this.
D-3456: Becomes more and more off balance as he bashes what remains of his forehead into the glass. The impact of his forehead into the glass becomes more and more chaotic. RWAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Music has become stronger. Notes are faster and more frequent than before. D-3456 bashes head into glass one final time, ceases playing, and collapses. Vitals are at zero.

08:43 hours. 05/17/199R
SCP-????-07: Subject is a 26 year old African American male wearing a helmet designed to monitor brain activity during experimentation. Labeled as D-4856. Enters room and looks to guitar. Second Subject, Asian female age 34, enters the room carrying a Djembe drum. Labeled D-4725

D-4856: Oh, that’s a nice one. Never seen one like that! My dad used to let me play his when I was younger.
D-4725: Places drum on the floor of the room and sits behind it. Let’s just get this over with.
Dr. [Redacted]: D-4856, please approach the guitar and pick it up.
D-4856: Cool, cool I got you. Picks up the guitar and begins to play an old 1960’s African American singing groups popular song. How about that? Kick it old school in here. What you know about that ma?
D-4725: Oh please, you weren’t even around to listen to that. What do you know about it? Begins rhythmically playing to the song.
D-4856: Alright, alright. You got a few skills with that drum there. I’ll give you that.
Dr. [Redacted]:Alright enough fun and games. Please continue to play together. I expect good thing from this.
D-4856: Sounds good to me. Begins playing an advanced rhythmic melody slow, but intricate. How about that? Can you keep up chick?
D-4725: Please…. Little boys and their toys. Begins to play at a quicker pace involving paradiddles and rolling notes.
D-4856: Begins swaying to the music and staring at the guitar. That’s right. Get that beat going good babe.
D-4725: Stops playing abruptly. I am no one’s babe. Understand?

Display reads the Brain waves of the patient are increasing in scope. Several areas of the brain are beginning to enlarge.

D-4856: Visibly flinches from lock of drum interlude. Okay, okay. Can we start playing again? No more babes, cool? Does not cease to play the guitar.
Dr. [Redacted]: Looks at paper, previously writing on. Reads, “The Drums are a nice edition. Let me play something a little more-“ Please continue play you two. We need to, as they say, strike while the iron is hot.
D-4725: Fine, fine. Let’s keep it moving. Begins playing again.
Dr: [Redacted]: D-4725, repeat after me, “Tell me your life’s story Melissa.”
D-4725:……Okay. Confused. Tell me your life’s story Melissa.
D-4856: No response. Notes slightly change.

After several hours, D-4856 is no longer vocalizing anything. His fingers are starting to smart and split at the tips and he has not taken focus off the guitar itself. When beats are slowing from D-4725, D-4856 begins to look at her aggressively.

Display reads the Subject’s Brain CT scans are similar to the autopsies of the previous victims.

D-4725: Distressed. Okay, okay can we stop soon? We’ve been at this for hours and he looks like he seriously needs a break. Begins to slow the beat down, she looks visibly tired and slightly covered in condensation.
Dr. [Reacted]: Looks down at the papers in front of him. Reads, “When Philip came to see my show, he was quiet and nice. Asked me out to dinner and next thing I knew I was this. I hate this, but they say that if you can’t get what you want. I need to make music. It was my life. Even if it’s as this.” No you may not. Continue.
D-4275: How long?
Dr. [Redacted]: As long as is needed. Now continue.
D-4856: Agitated and silent. Begins to play the notes more frequently and stomps his feet to fill in the beats missed during the exchange. Fingers have lost all skin on both hands, bright red blood flows down the strings.
D-4275: Are you okay? Met with silence. Looks down at the drum and continues visibly worried. Continues to play for another 40 minutes. Stops. This is bulls*. I’m F*ing tired and he’s obviously losing it. This is done. Let me out of here. Stands up and walks toward the locked exit.
Dr. [Redacted]: This is not for you to decide ma’am. Remain seated. You may have 15 minutes to rest. Should your partner continue to wish to play, he may do so. Paper on table reads, “The silence between when I have someone to translate is maddening. It actually hurts. Why do you have me in this place? Can you even make out what I’m saying? I need to be heard. I need an audience. I need to make the world dance. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard. I need to be heard.”
D-4856: Who told you to stop playing? Begins slowly approaching D-4275 from behind. Removing guitar from the straps.
D-4275: Listen kid I just can’t. Backs slowly against the glass wall. I just can’t. Look at yourself, something is wrong here. Your hands are destroyed. Please just stop. Please…. Begins knocking on the glass frantically.
D-4856: That’s not the beat I asked for. Why did you stop? I need that music. I need to be heard…… Give me your hands.
D-4275: Please, don’t do this. Balls fists at her sides and pulls hands away. Something is wrong with that thing. Points to the guitar. You have to get away from it.
D-4856: Offended tone. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH HER!!!!! Raises guitar and smashes the body into the skull of D-4725 repeatedly as she sinks to the floor. I needed you to help! I NEED TO BE HEARD! Runs over to drum and smashes it to piece with his feet.
Dr. [Redacted]: D-4856 cease this right now! What are you doing? Observes closely.
D-4856: Growls in a feral nature and forcefully removes the hands of the now deceased D-4275. Removes a sliver of what seems to be wood from the base body of the guitar.

After several minutes D-4856 plucks hair from the victim and threads it to the splinter of the Guitar body he removed from the victims remains. D-4856 removes his right hand and begins to sow the right hand of the victim to his stump. After several more minutes the hand begins to move as though it is a part of D-4856’s body. Resumes playing.

Readings on display show the portions of the Brain previously enlarging are continuing to grow and applying pressure to other areas of the Brain.

Dr. [Redacted]: Holy s***! Are we recording this right now? This should be physiologically impossible! Paper on table reads, “I never wanted any of this. Please help me to stop this. I cannot be heard if they die. I never wanted any of this. I need to be heard.”
D-4856: Stops playing and removes his left hand with his teeth. Begins a similar process of replacing hand as when the original act took place. D-4856 sits on the ground and stares as he works slowly, but with odd precision.
Dr. [Redacted]: We need to figure out how he is doing this without medical training. This should be impossible. He’s not even reconnecting the severed nerves to the original nerves in his forearms. If the areas of his brain that are swelling continue to grow, he will lose sight from pressure on his optical nerves. Hell, he could even forget to breath soon.
D-4856: Passes out supine on the floor, motionless. Guitar remains next to the Subject.

Vitals go to zero. Brain functions go dark.

Dr. [Redacted]: Well, that wasn’t unexpected. This is unnatural.

Further experimentation yielded unbalanced results. Dr. [Redacted] removed from project due to ongoing obsession with discovering the secrets behind the unnatural occurrences surrounding SCP-????. Experimentation to continue with a new team at a later date.

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