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Still shot of the 4 banger junk during initial confrontation, recorded from Agent Yates' Helmet Camera

Item #: SCP-1111

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: This piece of crap should be shoved in a damn locker in Site 10 and left to rot. I mean, seriously, what the hell is so special about it? Let the Chaos Insurgency steal it. I don't care. Seriously, just forget about the damn thing, already.

Description: SCP-1111 is a piece of junk, a little crappy four banger engine from a stupid rice cooker, that these stupid teenagers call a "car". Obviously they don't know what a car is if they thought this piece of crap was any good. I mean, seriously? Who would ever want to use this thing. Oh, yeah, I forgot,I'm supposed to write down what it does.

This little wimpy thing that used to be called an engine has the effect of pretty much pissing every single person off who sees it. I don't know, maybe they just get so infuriated at the fact that something so junky could be considered an engine, ever. The exact mechanism is unknown, obviously. Who would ever look into this thing enough to know anything about it?

Anyway, as time goes on and people are around the object longer, they begin perceiving other objects in the same way. Every single thing becomes a piece of crap. Everything is worthless, especially this stupid thing. Seriously, why don't we just fucking melt it down already?

Oh yeah, I forgot. Any damage inflicted upon it is delivered onto all the other pieces of crap around it, except for lifeforms, and a proportional amount of damage apparent on the "engine" is reversed. That's about all I have to say. Why would I want to talk anymore about this? You people must be crazy to think I would have any interest in this junk.

Seriously, it's recommended that the object be sold for scrap, already. Submitting the stupid report to site administration.
Request denied. - Site 10 Administrator

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