Interval Bug

"Hello little children!" I shouted with glee as I moved around them, "What a lovely couple of children you are! What's your name?"

They giggled. A boy looked at me. "I'm Tommy. I'm six and a half years old and I'm not afraid of anything!"

"Wow Tommy! You sound like a biiiiiig boy!" I let out a goofy laugh. The children giggled again. "Do you know any magic tricks, Tommy?"

"Well…" Tommy made a strange face and put his thumb's knuckle against the other, with his index finger covering the connection. He slowly moved his thumb forwards. All the children oohed and aahed.

"Wow! I can't remove thumbs! But I can show you ano-" I was interrupted by a scream and suddenly Tommy was picked up. All the other children became scared.

"What are you doing, Thomas! You get away from that…. thing right now! All you other children, scoot!" A terrifying woman came onto the scene and scooped Tommy up. All the other children fled. Tommy began to cry as the woman carried him away.

"B-but I was just talking with Mr. Sillybug!'

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