Into the West

This is a very rough block of brainstorm points regarding a future "SCP Old West" subgroup/alternate canon.

Just a general set of guidelines: This canon is going to be set in a number of disparate locations. The old west is big, so you can write a story hundreds of miles from someone else's. We're still hammering out some details of the world for internal consistency, but no idea is off the table. One big note we've sorta agreed on though: This is not a prequel to the normal foundationverse. This is an alternate universe/pocket dimension/alternate timeline/whatever where foundation characters (and approximations) exist in the old west.

<Vince> Cimmerryan: I was planning to just do what most people do. "Somewhere in 1870s"

  • alternate universe, please for the love of fuck just avoid slavery stuff, we don't need to be 1:1 historically, its an alternate universe and the point is the weird fiction.
  • Essentially a pocket universe or alternate timeline where things are quite different
  • Foundation itself is a loose 'brotherhood' of knowledgeable or lore-educated gunfighters and scholars who handle or understand or protect people from the weirdness.
  • not everything can be contained. it exists, and is lived among or killed.
  • closer to Bellerverse in narrative structure as far as the supernatural goes, rather than Broken Masquerade. its out there, it exists, its not completely understood, and it's /different/.
  • "Weird" in the unusual/pulpy paranormal sense
  • Ideally people will have some familiarity with some kind of western genre stuff?
  • The point is to have it scaled to a Western film or genre fiction scale. Please no portals into other worlds like 093 or geographically implausible travel. this is set essentially when railways weren't finished yet.

most SCPs are creatively - keyword - reimagined to fit into a weird west setting. few to zero world-enders.

  • 106 is a haunt in a mine - essentially the same horror, but a more human scale
  • 716 (The Train) is a core SCP in the universe, replacing 882 in a lot of ways.
  • Pesterbot is an offensive player piano automaton
  • 745, Headlights, exist essentially as they are now
  • 087, 682, 173, and other Big Oldies are to be avoided initially, to not have worldbuilding rely on them too much.
  • SCP Article format are either Wanted posters (as humanoids), or legends and tall tales (stories).
  • Ideally actual western-genre tales will show off SCPs more, in the natural environment.
  • not all SCPs exist here.
  • <Cimmerryan> wide disparate stories taking place hundreds of miles apart
  • overarching haunts - The Train, Seance Storm, undead roaming soldier battallion, a ghost hound, witches, some kind of skinwalker? idk. A murderous gunslinger. Crows.
  • UIU are federal marshalls or government inspectors that are way over their head, and have no way of prooving their impossible reports to superiors
  • GOC are some thread of the East India Company or Hudson Bay Company, protecting the more peculiar interests of the British Empire for collections or menageries in Europe
  • Hermann Fuller's is something, maybe one big trilogy of Tales
  • Chaos Insurgency as something like the Pinkertons
  • CotBG worships 716, a persistent cult in small fragments
  • Serpent's Hand is a weird band of travelers
  • Horizon Initiative works out of Missions, deals with problems of a religious nature.
  • GAW/AWCY/DrW should be avoided as entities, difficult to fit ideas in that fit into the setting
  • Clef (a woman in this canon) and Blackwood are roaming agents assessing and assembling a team for the proto-Foundation and dealing with weird shit as they come across it.
  • Kondraki is a Chinese mine boss and sheriff of a small, out of the way town. I believe cimmerian had more ideas for him.

Please add your own suggestions for tales you wish to write, and your own setting suggestions, in your own section. Like this:

Somewhere around the 15th I'll make a baseline 'guideline' page elsewhere to build from but feel free to start writing!


  • The Living Colour is in a mansion


  • The named doctors and agents were all in one unit during the civil war for the union. They were tasked with dealing with weird shit then. Since the end of the war they've almost all gone west and now they deal with weird shit alone in the various locales they've ended up.
  • SCP-2513 but it's "also the confederacy must be destroyed":


@anyone writing for this canon: hmu if you want wanted posters Photoshopped

  • Revamp -J in sandbox as something not-funny but keep setting and subject matter?
  • Tale involving reality bender fucking up small town and the UIU and Foundation arguing over who's going to be the group to get them out of town.
  • Tale involving reality bender whose family is fearing for their life, ethical drama between the GOC trying to hunt them down and kill them or the UIU or Foundation dragging them off somewhere
    • Religion involved?
    • Small-town politics feud involved?
    • Live on ranch, farm family supporting town who can't lose mom/dad/etc. to the GOC/Foundation etc.
  • 'shop posters? Need model and photographer for reality bender tale?


  • one of the big things to consider is the value of land in the old west. Due to the way the west is (dry, desolate, not rich in water, etc) farmable land, and land rich in stuff like gold or oil are extremely precious. The "overnight millionaire" kind of precious. Hell, that's why people moved west in the first place.


  • So the first thing I'm doing is a tale based around Cactusman as a sheriff in a small town (with his deputy, a literal potted cactus named Felipe) dealing with a coghead bandit infestation, only to find out they're worshipping pesterbot. Hilarity ensues. In addition, Soprano Clef (Alias Sophia Clifton) and Blackwood (Alias Henry Blackwell) get involved.It's going to be the campiest, most OTT funny bullshit ever. I can dial it back a bit, but I want it to be overall fun.
  • Magnificent Omega Seven - Enough said.
  • The Gallows-Walkers: Basically, a roving theater troupe obsessed with resurrecting the Hanged King who regularly stage shows to attempt to give him enough sacrifices to fully manifest in the world. More details on the obvious tab here.


  • Three words; SCP-716. Train. Robbery. If y'all are cool with that.


  • Tutwater, I'm actually incorporating 716 into a tale series where it replaces the broken god as the central aspect of a cult religion.
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