Iron Gibbet

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be suspended from the ceiling in the center of a room no smaller than 10m x 10m x 10m. The beam and cable supporting it must be able to hold no less than 300kg of weight. Normal static object video surveillance procedures suffice, with video feeds routed to Non-Urgent Surveillance Hub 34C. However, magnetometers embedded in the floor at regular intervals must be monitored constantly, and any abnormal spike in the magnetic field surrounding the object, or readings above 1 millitesla not within 3 days of object's normal "feeding" time, should be reported to site command immediately.

Once a month, a subject selected for maximum "moral reprehensibility" is to be withdrawn from the pool of D-class subjects scheduled for termination, and "fed" to SCP-XXXX via introduction to SCP-XXXX's area of effect. Administrators are encouraged to use their best judgment in determining what constitutes "moral reprehensibility," but subject must possess at minimum a conviction for aggravated assault, but preferably rape and/or first-degree murder. If no selection can be made reliably, multiple subjects can be presented to SCP-XXXX, and those it does not select terminated normally.

Aside from monthly "feedings," nobody is to enter SCP-XXXX's holding chamber except for the purpose of scheduled testing and cleaning. Handlers, guards, cleaning staff, and anyone else intending to enter the containment room must have no criminal record and submit to a detailed questionnaire designed to measure moral integrity (see document XXXX-1a) before entry will be permitted. Due to the nature of many of the Foundation's methods, personnel ranked above C are discouraged from entering SCP-XXXX's area of effect regardless of perceived moral rectitude.

Description: Object is a 1.8m tall iron gibbet cage with a diameter of .8m at its widest point, with a spherical extension from the top and two cylindrical extensions from the bottom creating a vaguely humanoid shape. Testing dates it to c.1500s, and it resembles gibbets typical of that era, which were usually used to display the corpses of executed criminals. It appears to be made of normal iron, and is coated in rust consistent with its age and construction. In the center of one of its horizontal bars, a message appears to be scratched into the rust that varies based on the nature of the object's current inhabitant, although it always begins "Thus to all" (e.g. "Thus to all thieves").

When empty, object extends an area of effect coincident with a magnetic field that grows gradually stronger the longer it remains empty. When a human enters this area of effect, once believed to extend only to 3m diameter around the object but now understood to be able to reach farther (see addendum on Incident 1074-2, below), the object makes an instantaneous "judgment" on that person. Should it find that person to be guilty of a "crime" (note that this may not correspond to what is legally considered a crime in the area), he or she immediately vanishes (leaving behind clothing and any artificial implants such as pacemakers and fillings) and reappears naked inside the object, and the inscription on the chest bar changes to reflect the "crime" perpetrated by the subject. Examples of these messages are recorded in Experiment Logs 1074-1 and 2.

Once contained within SCP-1074, the subject begins to experience excruciating pain similar to burning, though there is no visible cause. Subject alternates between expressing pain and fear and apologizing profusely for his or her "sins," begging forgiveness from any who will listen. Once a subject is trapped inside, it is impossible to remove the subject from the cage; any attempt to open the cage from the outside (short of drastic destructive measures) fails, and the subject cannot willingly move any part of his or her body past the iron bars. Attempts to pull a limb through the gaps between the bars from outside simply damage the subject as if he or she were actively resisting being removed (regardless of the subject's actual strength), in extreme cases causing muscle tears or dislocated joints.

Despite remaining conscious and fully alert, unable even to sleep, the subject begins to decay as if deceased. Over the course of a month, the decay progresses as normal for a corpse left in the open air in a temperate environment. Subject remains aware and continues to speak until decay of the lungs and vocal cords renders it impossible, but continues to display signs of awareness until approximately a month has passed. At this point, the subject, now reduced to little more than rot and bones, disappears, and the object's area of effect begins to extend again.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered in a bricked-over basement room in █████████ Castle in █████, England, when Dr. █████ witnessed a man disappear from an out-of-the-way men's bathroom in the castle while on vacation with his family. Further investigation revealed that a number of men had disappeared from this bathroom roughly monthly since the castle opened as a museum, although none had been witnessed because of the bathroom's isolated location, and very few of these disappearances had been officially reported. Most of the men who disappeared were described as "not the sort you'd want back" by the Foundation's investigating officer, and the families involved often assumed the Foundation personnel who contacted them to be debt collectors, lawyers, or gang members. (Note: We might want to investigate why so many scumbags were going to the castle in the first place. Does the object emit a predatory psychological impulse long-distance? Electromagnetic tests that its electric field doesn't extend that far, but you can never be too careful. Or are scumbags really that big a percentage of the general populace? —Dr. Black)

Posing as historians, Foundation agents discovered a hidden dungeon located directly beneath the bathroom. While it contained numerous implements of torture and execution, only SCP-XXXX had any anomalous properties, and was quickly discovered when it "ate" the first agent to make physical contact with it. It was immediately removed to Site-34 for observation, and the basement re-sealed.

ADDENDUM: Agent S. McMahon's request to attempt retrieval of subject most recently captured by SCP-XXXX (see Incident Report XXXX-6) denied. This object is too valuable to risk damaging because of its possible uses for containment of dangerous humanoid SCPs. Agent McMahon is being transferred to another project, and Foundation policies regarding interpersonnel marriage are now under review. —O5-█

—Agents are reminded that what we do saves lives, and it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice one life for the good of many. We cannot let emotional attachments get in the way of the survival of the human race as a whole. A memorial service for Agent F. McMahon will be held on May ██, ████. Any personnel who wish to present anecdotes on his accomplishments and his dedication to Foundation ideals are encouraged to notify me. —Dr. Black

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