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Agent preparing to view the radio spectrum.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Iterations of SCP-XXX-1 are to be contained at Sector-07, within cold storage unit ██-█ at temperatures of 4-5 Celsius. Individual copies are to be kept in separate air tight containers, 10 x 10 x 10 cm when within refrigeration. Each container is to be filled with standard preservation and nutrient bath that is to be renewed weekly. Care must be taken not to expose instances of SCP-XXX to contaminants when not in use for research or surgery.

Personnel with Level 2 clearance and above are allowed access to SCP-XXX for research purposes.

Agents and personnel wishing to undergo Procedure 134-Visus are required to undergo psychological examinations and a series of physical exams before approval. Procedure requests must be directed to Dr. ██████ and signed off by an O5 Overseer.

Description: Instances of SCP-XXX resemble normal human eyeballs but in actuality are artificial symbiotic organisms. Unlike regular human eyes, SCP-XXX are not naturally attached to optic nerves. When surgically implanted in an eye socket however, it has been discovered that within a period of 9-13 days XXX copies will begin to grow small, translucent, fibrous extensions from it's surface at the spot where an optic nerve would be present in a normal human eye. These fibers eventually extend to and bond with the nervous system via a mechanism that is not yet fully understood. Testing has revealed after 1-2 days of bonding with nerve tissue, these fibers will begin transmitting information to the occipital lobe in the brain, granting the host functional eye sight.

Examples of XXX are notable in that each contains four pairs of pupils and irises, approximately 80% the size of the human norm each, and connected by Hyaloid canals to the center of the eye. While only one pupil is active at a time, at will the user can cause the active pupil to contract and rotate the eye until it reaches a newly selected pupil to go into an active state. SCP-XXX are self-lubricating negating the need to blink. After a time hosts will lose the instinctual need to blink entirely.

What makes SCP-XXX exceptionally useful, is each individual pupil's ability to see electromagnetic frequencies at or beyond the visible spectrum that natural human eyes are restricted to.

  • Pupil one can observe wavelengths of ~10^4m - 10^0m.

Effectively allows visualization of radio waves. Limited use recommended for those inexperienced with SCP-XXX. Visualization of radio waves has been found to be overwhelming due to the widespread use of radio communication.

  • Pupil two can observe wavelengths of ~10^0m - 10^-3m.

Effectively allows visualization of microwave radiation.

  • Pupil three can observe wavelengths of ~10^-3m - 10^-8m.

The third pupil is problematic to most users of XXX in that it encompasses not only the visible spectrum but also infrared rays and ultra-violet rays. This amalgamation can create undue stress in XXX users until they learn to differentiate between the conflicting visual ranges

  • Pupil four can observe wavelengths of ~10^-8m - 10^-12m.

Effectively allows visualization of X-ray radiation.

For more information on how SCP-XXX functions see Addendum XXX-██-█

Despite earlier concerns by Foundation staff, SCP-XXX has been proven to have a truly symbiotic nature with hosts. When hosts first receive SCP-XXX there is reported difficulty in controlling the new implant, with the active pupils moving of their own accord focusing on various visual stimuli. However after a short adjustment period of two to three weeks hosts are granted full control of the new implant, with minor difficulties reported later on.

SCP-XXX feed off of various forms of electromagnetic radiation, collected throughout normal use of the eye. SCP-XXX may subtly influence the hosts behavior. Implantees have been noted to lose focus, staring at light sources such as lightbulbs or the sun for extended lengths of time, up to 4 hours in extreme cases. It has been theorized that SCP-XXX is "feeding" during these periods, despite taking in light during regular use. Hosts have reported a mildly pleasant sensation, described as a sort of "high", during such occurrences. The effects however have been deemed negligible. It is controllable over time with practice and force of will.

Additional Notes:

SCP-XXX was first discovered when neutralized agents of a revolutionary cell in █████████ were found to have been implanted with SCP-XXX.

During a later operation on █/██/20██, Foundation agents raided what was believed to be chemical warfare laboratory with connections to Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. Upon securing the facility, agents discovered a lab dedicated to the mass production of SCP-XXX. In a section of the facility containing human subjects, an adult male was discovered attempting to forcibly remove the instances of SCP-XXX which had been implanted in him. The male subject later died en route to Foundation medical attention.

Recovered documents detailed the processes required to cultivate SCP-XXX and indicated 'The Factory' as the original source of SCP-XXX. Most information pertaining to SCP-XXX was destroyed just prior to arrival of Foundation personnel, leaving no further clues to the development and use of SCP-XXX by other agencies.

Addendum XXX-A:

Reproducing the original SCP-XXX production methods based on the recovered notes, we're now able to produce SCP-XXX ourselves. Once we looked at [REDACTED] it was a simple matter of using [REDACTED] stem cells to culture more of XXX. Testing will commence immediately.

-Dr. ██████

Addendum XXX-B:

Lab tests have gone much better than expected, and the hiccups we've had with the implants genetic sequences have been largely eradicated. We now have enough samples for field use in agents and non-human subjects should we choose.

There are some unusual affects on one's behavior that seems to occur, but this has proven to diminish over time. Overall, SCP-XXX has been a radical success in my opinion, though I can't begin to tell you how creepy it is to have dozens of eyes suspended in gel track your every movement across the room.

-Dr. ██████

Addendum XXX-C:

SCP-XXX is authorized for use by Foundation personnel. Personnel wishing to undergo Procedure 134-Visus are to submit applications to the O5 council.


Addendum XXX-D:

This is great! Doc, it freaked me the hell out when I first got it but this is nothing less than amazing. You can't imagine what it's like to just sit there staring at all that beautiful radio in the sky. And the sun! These things don't fry staring at it, and once you can stare at it like I do now, through all the different spectrums… god it's simply gorgeous.

-Special Agent Rhim

Addendum XXX-D:
Look, I don't care how useful these things have been in trial runs. They're not only fucking creepy, they're messing with Agent ████████ head somehow. I'll be talking to him only to find he's been staring at the ceiling lamp for the past couple of minutes with his jaw slack open. The way he works with people is different too, he doesn't look at you while talking so much as study you through three different sets of pupils throughout a conversation.

-Special Agent Byrons

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