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SCP-1130, standing upright

Item #: SCP-1130

Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1130 is to be stored inside a safe in the storage facility at site ██. All research upon SCP-1130 and SCP-1130-1 are be done under the authorization and supervision of Dr. Alstronger. All tests of SCP-1130-1 are to be performed inside a blast-containment chamber, unless instructed otherwise by Dr. Alstronger.
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21:26 Techercizer Two compounds.
21:27 Techercizer One compound is applied to target, the other compound covers the first.
21:27 Techercizer When an electric current is applied to the second, it hardens to rediculous strength, shaping the blast.
21:27 Techercizer Shortly after, the 1st compound detonates with unparralleled mass/energy efficiency.
21:28 Techercizer Bigger bang and lighter weight than C4
21:28 Techercizer Its' goo-like properties allow it to be smeared anywhere

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