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SCP-673 Prior To Activation – Subject █████

Item #: SCP-673

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-673 is to be stored in a 10x10x8 meter room. The room must be reinforced with radiation shielding equivalent to that of a hospital X-ray room. Care should be taken when writing on SCP-673-1 due to the possible negative effects on personnel. Electronic devices and clinical equipment should be kept a minimum of 5 meters from SCP-673 at all times due to the possibility of creating an instance of SCP-673-2 or contaminating Foundation databases. Similarly, any device capable of connecting to the internet should be kept a minimum of 10 meters from SCP-673.

Description: SCP-673 resembles an ordinary MRI machine, but does not possess a hard link to an external computer system. Instead, it appears to wirelessly connect to the closest computer, up to a range of 5 meters. Once connected, it auto-uploads a software interface for the operation of SCP-673. Attempting to terminate this wireless connection once it has been established results in [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-673 was acquired from ████ █████████ hospital in ███ ████, California in 19██. No record can be found of when it was purchased by the hospital or how long it had been in use. A manufacturer's label is located on the side of SCP-673 and identifies the manufacturer as █████ ███. This company cannot be located in any database of medical equipment manufacturers or suppliers.

Whenever SCP-673 is used to scan a living human being, the subject will immediately either develop a new disease or disorder, or an existing disease or disorder will be greatly worsened. This can result in both physical and mental effects. The list includes, but is not limited to: Mental Disorders, Tumors, Cancer, Hemorrhaging and alterations of brain, bone, and internal tissue structure. These appear to be entirely random but somewhat predicated upon the part of the body which was scanned. Repeated or prolonged scanning by SCP-673 results in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The affected condition also does not reflect the rapid development of the aforementioned effects – sometimes developing into forms of the conditions that would not be seen for an exceptionally longer period of time (i.e.: a scan resulting in Alzheimer’s that had already progressed to its twentieth year). Subjects will, upon being told of their condition, immediately accept their diagnoses even if they had denied them prior to the scan, their minds will seemingly switch to accept the length of the disease and create false memories that make it acceptable (i.e.: remembering doctor’s appointments that never occurred) immediately following the scan.

Further testing resulted in the creation of an SCP-673-1 whereupon it was learned that additional control could be had over which diseases the subject received. By writing notes on a specific disease, illness, or mental disorder in the files resulted in the subject being afflicted by the same disease. This information must be available to the control computer – either stored directly on the computer or via the external database.

On ██/█/20██ a routine scan of the files associated with SCP-673 resulted in SCP-673 linking with the nearby computer. Because it now has access to a reliable internet source, patient logs of existing personnel may be contaminated and now be reclassified as SCP-673-1. Further testing should only continue with outside participants, preferably those lacking a medical history.

On ██/██/20██, personnel accidentally transferred SCP-673 to Site 19 along with several pieces of mundane medical equipment. Following transport SCP-673 interacted with a sonogram machine resulting in the machine (henceforth referred to as SCP-673-2) taking on the properties of SCP-673. It is hypothesized that prolonged exposure of any clinical equipment to SCP-673 will result in these effects. All personnel involved in the transport of SCP-673 to Site 19 have been summarily demoted.

SCP-673-1 is any patient report of a subject who has entered SCP-673 or will enter at any point in the future. This appears to be the primary method by which SCP-673 can be controlled for a specific outcome. Information placed in the report regarding past medical history – specifically regarding diseases and reasons for being placed in SCP-673 or any MRI machine - will result in SCP-673 finding results consistent with that disease. Following the second incident on ██/██/20██ that any devices which have become SCP-673-2 can also induce selected effects once written in the medical history of the subject.

673-2: Any clinical device that has been affected by SCP-673 will take on similar properties. An example is a sonogram machine following the second incident on ██/██/20██. In the same way that SCP-673 will induce diseases relevant to an MRI machine, SCP-673-2 will induce diseases relevant to whatever machine/device has been infected (i.e. the sonogram machine causing extensive cellular damage).

Addendum 1: Due to the fictitious nature of █████ ███ it is unknown how many potential copies of SCP-673 exist. As of now it is believed that the hospital in ███ ████ is entirely compromised by SCP-673-2s and needs to be given increased observation to the effects. Should it be found that additional copies exist, it is further hypothesized that most medical records on the outside have an increased risk of contamination. Due to this increased threat, SCP-673’s object class has been upgraded from “Safe” to “Euclid.”

Addendum 2: Any personnel attempting to terminate SCP-673’s wireless connection will be summarily demoted, assuming they survive.

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