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Item #: SCP-1192

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1192 is to be kept in a large (8.0 meters x 8.0 meters x 6.0 meters) terrarium made of 0.020 meter thick laminated glass (commonly called "bulletproof glass"), a 0.10 meter thick reinforced concrete floor, a top made of medium gauge steel with spacings no larger than 0.10 meter. Several different biome styles should be placed in the terrarium, current preferred type pending experimentation. Security requirements consist of a surveillance system and a response team. If staff are with SCP-1192, at least two armed personnel are required. Any Class D personnel to be terminated are to be given to SCP-1192 for feeding purposes, along with various inanimate objects, plants, and animals appropriate for small town lifestyle.

Description: SCP-1192 is a snake (currently approximately 17.4 meters long and 0.76 meters wide) of indeterminate species. It is generally docile and non-aggressive, and has adapted to life in containment well. The scales of SCP-1192 are multicolored and, starting a few centimeters behind the head, are capable of moving around upon the body of the snake. The scales seem to depict a scene of a small town inhabited by an average population of people, animals, and plant life. Everything on the scene seems to act realistically, for example, human interaction. Estimate of number of humans: At least ███, including ██ "terminated" Class D personnel.
Objects, people, animals, et cetera. that are eaten by SCP-1192 are added to the image a short time (between 6 to 8 minutes) after being swallowed. It is not known if this is some sort of pocket dimension, visible through SCP-1192, or if it is only an animated display of the things the specimen has devoured. There are no known remains of any objects other than changing the images.
SCP-1192 grows constantly (originally 15.1 meters long, 0.66 meters wide on discovery 3 years ago). Extra length adds blank area in the animated part of SCP-1192, which is slowly filled over time by the inhabitants, using material that SCP-1192 provides through ingestion. It seems to eat for this purpose rather than out of hunger; exactly where it gains energy from is currently unknown, however, one suggested theory involves absorption from the entities within, as they are shown to move lethargically. However, they may simply be taking on a snake-like metabolism. Current projections indicate that SCP-1192 will require a larger containment area in approximately 6 more years.
Attempts to relay information to or from the "inhabitants" of SCP-1192 have all proved unsuccessful. Most forms of information are destroyed either partially or completely, or corrupted. Subjects ordered to perform certain tasks apparently do not remember orders after being devoured, though this may be because of defiance. Attempts to remedy this with various media have also failed.

Testing log:
Test number: 1192-5

Test: Use of a GPS to determine location of objects.
Procedure: Subject D-20████ has GPS placed on body with zip ties and given to SCP-1192.
Result: Inconclusive: GPS reader gives "static" that fails to pinpoint the device at any one location, but as an area many locations simultaneously.

Test number: 1192-12
Test: Determining SCP-1192's method of subduing prey
Procedure: Subject D-12████ has several pressure pads on body and a toxin detector in body, then given to SCP-1192.
Result: Apparently seems to merely hold its prey from moving without any other force, it is easily able to wrap around a human entirely. Pressure sensors only showed D-██████'s resistance, toxin detectors were never tripped.

Addendum: On ██/██/████ D-39████ attempted to injure SCP-1192 while being eaten, and nearly caused eye damage. D-39████ was injected with muscle relaxant by Dr. ████ in order to prevent any further resistance. Scratches on SCP-1192's face currently being monitored for infection.

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