SCP-XXX Trans-Dimensional Bar

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Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As the SCP is located within a relatively desolate area, it is still largely unknown to the public. However, a Foundation presence in the surrounding the local neighborhood should monitor civilian activity around the establishment, as well as be ready to recover any Foundation personnel who enter.

SCP personnel are only permitted to enter the bar when off-duty, but are encouraged to go in a group, keep a time piece on their person, and carry enough cash to cover their tab. All personnel are to provide as detailed a debriefing of their interaction at the establishment as possible.

Description: SCP-XXX appears from the outside to be an abandoned storefront with a standard Neon “Open” sign in the window. Whenever the sign is not lit the door opens into a ruined bar, closed down in the late 19██'s. However, during "normal" business hours (see below) the sign will light, and the door will open to SCP-XXX.

The interior of the establishment appears to be a typical, if rather large, sports bar, with a wet bar, dining area, and three pool tables. Subjects who had not been inside previously have described an air of familiarity, and the bartender and any other patron treat them as if they were regulars. Alongside human patrons are also patrons of various "alien" races, including [REDACTED], and members of SCP-███'s race. A language barrier still exists between different species; the SCP does not empoly any sort of universal translation between exotic patrons and SCP personnel. SCP-XXX-B has mentioned that there has never been any sort of brawl within SCP-XXX.

The bartender (SCP-XXX-B) has been described as “a monkey crossed with a spider”. Identified as male, SCP-XXX-1 is the purveyor of SCP-XXX and claims to own the building. SCP-XXX-B seems to be able to speak any language; whether this is a type of telepathy or actual proficiency is unknown. Subject will not answer questions relating to the nature of SCP-XXX, and threatens to ban personnel from the establishment if the matter is pressed. SCP-XXX-1 goes by many names, most of them injokes to the patrons, but he is described as “a cool guy” and is generally amicable unless someone tries to skip paying their tab (see Addendum XXX-B). Subject will remember past events and apparently never forgets a patron.

There are ██ patrons who have been documented as “regulars” by Foundation personnel who are seen there every night, including several humans. Normal business hours have been determined to be 1200 hours to 0300 hours local time. Although the bartender will announce Last Call, most of the “regular” patrons will not leave, even as the time approaches closing. Non- regular patrons, all of assorted "alien" races, will proceed to leave through the entrance; none of these individuals have appeared outside SCP-XXX. It is presumed these individuals return to their original environments after exiting SCP-XXX.

The bar is stocked with a seemingly unlimited selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. According to SCP-XXX-1, stock includes any drink from any time period in human history, and many drinks unknown to humans but which seem popular with other "alien" species. The bartender will also accept any form of human currency, including defunct currency like Wampum or Denarius. The prices are somewhat high; this should be taken into account by presiding personnel. An incomplete menu is available by request from Dr. ██████, Level-3/XXX.

Addendum XXX-A - After-Hours: In a test, a D-Class personnel was instructed to stay after closing, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED]. When Dr. ████████ returned the next day the D-Class personnel was found sitting at what he claimed was “his” table and chatting with a [REDACTED]. He had no recollection of anything besides being in the bar, and refused to leave. Foundation personnel are cautioned to keep track of time and do not stay past 3 AMM.

Addendum XXX-B - Failure to Pay: In a recorded test a D-Class personnel was instructed to not pay his tab. As closing time approached the bartender became increasingly agitated at the personnel, and eventually openly belligerent. After a final demand at [DATA EXPUNGED] the D-Class refused, and the bartender became violent, resulting in [REDACTED]. No other patron was affected, and no one seemed to notice. When questioned, other patrons refused to comment or responded “He should have paid his tab.” Foundation personnel are cautioned to bring enough cash for their expected drinking, and not go overboard.

Addendum XXX-C Strategic Value: On ██/██/████ Agent ████████ has asked SCP-XXX-1 whether it would would be feasible to store Foundation materials within SCP-XXX. SCP-XXX-1 made it very clear that weapons and dangerous materials are not to be stored within SCP-XXX; however, documents may be stored for a small fee per night. SCP-XXX-1 reserves the right to deny storage. Personnel are to respect his decisions as final.

Class: Euclid (request in place to be reclassified Safe)

Special Containment Procedures

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