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Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Safe (indicate which class)

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-xxx are to be contained within secure foot lockers. Any room containing or testing SCP-xxx is to be outfitted with standard level 2 bio-hazard equipment. Special outfitting includes a level 3 bio-hazard ventilation system and an emergency drainage system able to resist Pressure to activate if room reaches capacity. Handling of instances of SCP xxx is to be done in full level 2 bio-hazard gear. Any suspected containment breach is to be reported immediately. All individuals inside the room are to be decontaminated and placed into quarantine for the next 200 hours. All bio-matter created by SCP-xxx is to be disposed of through standard Decontamination procedures. [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

Description: Refer to Report 1569 for origin of SCP xxx. SCP-xxx is a small gel capsule filled with a gray metallic powder. It shows no anomalous properties until the powder is dissolved and ingested by a living organism. Any organism who has ingested the powder shall be referred to as an instance of SCP-xxx-1 until it's expiration. SCP-xxx-1 Will begin to exhibit stage 1 infection once SCP xxx has been distributed throughout it's body. It is also noted that SCP xxx can be a class 4 explosive if heated to a high enough point.

Stage 1 infection is characterized by high biological functioning. SCP-xxx-1 body will perform as if it has all it's needed nutrients and will be able to function despite being deprived of necessary resources such as food, water, air, or blood. SCP-xxx-1 is effectively immortal for the rest of it's infection, barring total annihilation. See Test log 1 for specific details. Stage 1 lasts am average of 72 hours.

Stage 2 infection is characterized by the appearence of growths, boils and blisters on SCP-xxx-1's body. Upon closer examination of these growths, they appear to be masses of bacteria foreign to SCP-xxx-1's body. These growths may break open, but will continue to grow. If SCP-xxx-1 has hair fingernails, skin, or other quickly growing bodyparts, these will start to grow at an ever growing rate. The subjects skin may become baggy, and slide off as it separates from the body. Stage 2 lasts on average 36 hours.

Stage 3 infection is characterized by the destabilization of SCP-xxx-1's body structure as different groups of cells continue to grow at different rates. SCP-xxx-1's body will continue to destabilize until it becomes a semi-liquid mass of bio-matter. It will continue to exhibit pain until either it loses control of everything, or it's brain is crushed by the pressure of the bio-matter. It's tempature will continue increasing as the biomatter becomes in essence a flesh factory of ever dividing cells. The different strains of cells may try to absorb one another and any biological entity that comes in contact with it.. lasts 12 hours.

Stage 4 infection is characterized by a solid growing Bio-mass and the ability to ignite itself from it's own heat. The biomass will continue to grow at an exponential rate, giving off toxic gases and waste and will begin to fill the room. Gas bubbles into the bio-mass will explode, potentially dislodging bio mass that will continue to grow onto whatever it touches. This may leave streams of bio-matter webbing and a general spreading of SCP-xxx-1 throughout the room. Stage 4 will last for 4 to 5 hours. It will taper off as SCP-xxx's effects begin to wear off. The end of stage 4 is when SCP-xxx-1 expires.

Addendum: Addendum 1: The recipe is on hand if any more needs to be produced. [Optional additional paragraphs]

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