SCP- "Containment Break Symphony No. 9"

Class: Safe

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP- is to be kept at WHEREVER behind locked door. No sapients are to approach to within 4km of the site before reading document -Alpha-2

Description: SCP- is a series of indestructible metal spheres and an anomalously attached exhibit originally found in the Gobi Desert.

dadada dada, the things play unique symphony as people walk around the exhibit and learn cool classified stuff, the symphony dependent on the order the stuff is learned in. Then it promptly invalidates any subversive effect when, once everyone read it all, the spheres melt into one giant one that displays, "Most important question. Are you cool yet?"

Just going to put this out here fishing for reactions: I'm thinking of an AWCY scip. Buncha metal spheres in the Gobi desert, linked to an indestructible exhibit. Exhibit is a whoooole bunch of classified crap, from mundane things like national secrets to things like infohazardous scips, foundation protocols, etc. The metal spheres play a hauntingly beautiful evolving symphony as participants of the exhibit learn these things. Each sphere is an instrument that sounds a musical phrase as a classified meme enters a human's mind. Then, once all the participants know everything on offer, the exhibit goes full dada with the spheres merging into a giant, gold statue of the Vairocana Buddha with the head of an ant which asks the audience in cantonese if they are cool yet, waits five seconds, then screams "no" with such force that the sand at the exhibit is fused by the time the foundation contains it.

Once any single "participant" read that, the sphere emits the cantonese word for no with such incredibly stupid volume that at the original ground zero the sand of the desert had fused to glass.

Document -Aleph-2

  • An infohazard is a peice of information that causes an effect whenever a sapient life-form knows about it.
  • The SCP Foundation is an ubergovernmental organization that tries to shackle art into obscurity.
  • A cognitohazard is something that changes the way you think when you learn it.
  • SCP-[L5_REQ] is an infohazard!
  • The Global Occult Coalition are a bunch of assholes. The SCP Foundation is a buzzkill, but these guys? Book burning madmen!If looking at the mona lisa suddenly made you think of apples, they would destroy it. Seriously. They're aSSHOLES! (sic)
  • The WTO consists entirely of lizard men. Go get em, Foundation.
  • You are not cool yet.
  • Dr. Wondertainent makes some stuff that modern science can't understand. Removing organs is fun!
  • If you ever want to make your own non-euclideo disastrophes, don't, fixing the universe is hard and you'll usually be exiled from reality for doing it.
  • Mao once hired a hooker.
  • George Washington was a pimp.
  • Some of these facts are actually true.
  • The soviet union detonated the largest nuclear device on record, but actually, the largest nuclear device to ever exist was built by the United States of America in response. This weapon, with an equivalent yield of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs was created to give the united States the option of using nuclear weapons without inciting global thermonuclear war. How? By eliminating Eurasia as a functional enemy. NATO was acceptable collateral damage.
  • Dog fact


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