This is the key to Jargon - written by Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette

I began walking along the hall to the briefing room. Another situation had come up, and I was expected to be present. As I walked my secretary Gloria walked alongside, giving me a cup of joe1.

"What's the sitch2, Glor?" I took a sip.

"'Nother3 possible scip4. Non-sent5 RB6. Chrono7. Might be artificial."

"No kiddin'8? Big F9?"

"Nah, not Big F or Dr. Dubya10. They're thinking Pro Labs11."

"Geez12, ever since T-kill13 I haven't heard anything from that place."

She shrugged and opened the briefing room door for me. I nodded and thanked her.


"Heads up boys, it's the SD14."

"Whuzzat? The suck dick?"

We all laughed and I sat down at the head of the table, looking at the men before me. We'd been in and out of this room hundreds of times before. Everything from CBs15 to possible CI16 attacks made us cram into this room every day.

"What's the story, boys?"

"Big one this time Ralph. We're thinkin' a K17."

"Well shit. I hear there's Pro Labs involvement."

"Yeah. Some Gawk18 guys gave us some intel."


"Non-sent object. RB. Chrono, we're thinkin'. Might also be prob19 bending."

"Some Wie-oo20 guys actually found it, Ralph. Ran back cryin' all the way to the FBI."

I laughed. "We got an MTF21 on this?"

"Yep. A-23. No pro-rep22 from them yet."

"Ok. Big S23 is done. Big C24?"

"Containment's goin' well. We got some psyche immunes watchin' it for a while, just in case."

"Big P25?"

"Gawk had intel26, so they might come after it. Can't break into here though under the Anom treaty27."

"Right. Who's testing?"

"We got Doc28 James on the go. Y'know him. Did some work with HTD Rep29 ."

"Oh yeah."

The radio crackled in at the center of the desk. "Got the dash E30 in our sites. Ready to big C. Requesting permission."

Frank leaned over and pressed a button. "You are go to contain Alpha-23."

"Roger that."

Frank looked over at me. "Another one in the bag, Ralph."

I nodded and watched the map behind him blip for a minute or two. The radio voice crackled on again. "We got a successful contain. Returning to base."

"Roger that, over and out." Frank turned off the radio.

I looked around. "Good work men. Lunch?"

They all nodded and we departed. I got a BLT31.

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