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██████ fire lookout, photographed prior to destruction in September 2039. Entrance to SCP-6000 is not visible.

Item #: SCP-6000

Object Class: Keter Neutralized Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6000 is believed to be neutralized as of 2039/09/25. SCP-6000 will continue to be monitored for signs of reactivation using local resources. MTF Mod-5 will be present on-site after active wildfire events. Any reports of animals matching the description of an SCP-6000-A instance will be treated as possible SCP-6000-A sightings.

Description: SCP-6000 was a cave located underneath the ██████ fire lookout, located in the ████████████████████████████████████, ███████████████. The only entrance to SCP-6000 was through a small fissure approximately 15 cm by 25 cm. This passage extended 33 meters below the lookout, ending in a cavern approximately 33 meters wide, 25 meters long, and 9 meters high. There was a small spring-fed pool at the west end of the cave.

SCP-6000-A were an animal species endemic to the cave. They were winged parasitic invertebrates consisting of erectile tissue, muscle, a large suction orifice, a stinger, and assorted human organs.

SCP-6000-A instances produced a caustic substance capable of decomposing animal tissue and bone. This substance was injected into its prey via a large stinger and rapidly liquefied the musculoskeletal system. █████████████, ███-████-█ █████████ █████ ██████ ██ ██████████, ███ █████ ███████ ███████ ██ ███████ ███████ ███ ███████, ███ ███████ ███ █████ ████.

███-████-█ █████████ ████ ███████ ██ ████████████ ████████ ████ ███ █████ ██ █████████ ████████ ██████ ████ █████ ███ █████████ ███ █████ ██ ██████████. While gross motor control could be successfully approximated, fine motor control and communication were impossible.

As of September 2039, SCP-6000 has been neutralized and SCP-6000-A is believed to be extinct.

Discovery: SCP-6000-A was discovered in 1930 by a Foundation exploration team studying SCP-9███. While camped, the team heard the noise of a large animal in distress and witnessed an SCP-6000-A instance attack an elk. The team was unable to kill the instance with concentrated gunfire and instead captured it. To neutralize the anomaly the team decided to immolate the instance. However, it was not flammable, and after several unsuccessful attempts the instance was melted with kerosene and the remains buried.

For several years after the initial discovery, sporadic encounters between Foundation employees or civilians and SCP-6000-A instances occurred. In 1935, while scouting for the ██████ lookout, N████ M█████████ discovered SCP-6000. He accessed the lower cavern using spelunking equipment and discovered several dozen instances of SCP-6000-A inside.

Foundation agents destroyed all SCP-6000-A instances under the then-standard policy of rapid biological threat neutralization. A proposal to destroy SCP-6000 itself, then thought to be nonanomalous, was unanimously supported by the Foundation ethics committee. However, it was denied by O5-█, an early opponent of aggressive neutralization. To prevent the use of SCP-6000 as a nesting chamber, the ██████ fire lookout was constructed over it.

Between 1935 and 1981, no SCP-6000-A instances were observed in the wild.

Following the ████ █████ incident in 1981, Foundation policy reoriented itself towards aggressive containment of dangerous anomalies. As part of a focus on several anomalies in the ██. ██████ area, including SCP-████, a long-term observation and capture program was established around SCP-6000. Between 1981 and 1999, the program captured 1 instance of SCP-6000-A.

Between 1999 and 2029, no SCP-6000-A instances were observed in the wild. Despite several unanswered questions surrounding SCP-6000-A, including the presence of human organs and their exact reproductive process, the observation program was terminated and SCP-6000-A was reclassified as Neutralized.

Incident 6000-1: In September 2039, a Foundation team led by Dr. Annette Perec was stationed at the ██████ lookout in order to study SCP-████. Several miles northeast of the lookout, the ██████ █████ fire was burning. At the time, it was not believed to be a threat to the team.

On 2039/09/15, the ██████ █████ fire altered direction and moved towards the ██████ lookout. Due to a breakdown in communications, the Foundation team was not informed the fire danger.

The team initially disregarded the thickening smoke but, after losing sight of the fire, in the afternoon, decided to evacuate. During the hasty evacuation, an exploration drone that was being tested inside SCP-6000 was left recording.

High winds downed several trees on the road leading to the lookout,

Following Incident 6000-1, SCP-6000 was drained of water and filled with concrete. Reconstruction of the ██████ fire lookout is ongoing.

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