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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: For ease of classification SCP-XXXX will be classified as one SCP despite being made of three unique entities. SCP-XXXX-A has no vocal chords and thus communicates through SCP-XXXX-B or SCP-XXXX-C making the presence of one of the two necessary when being interviewed. SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B are kept together due to both the psychic link and the inability to keep the two separated due to the formers teleportationg. SCP-XXXX-B should be kept away from SCP-XXXX-C except when subject cooperation is necessary due to the negative emotions the parasite feeds upon being absent when the two are content together.


SCP-XXXX is actually a unique scenario where an Parasite that feeds upon children's negative emotions accidentally connected with a host that exhibited unique properties. The host then formed an emotional connection with a third party which also displayed properties of interest to the foundation.

SCP-XXXX-A is a empathic parasite in the form of a child's black stuffed rabbit with red glass eyes. The right of which is partially loose. The rabbit's plastic nose is upside down and it's ear tips are frayed presumably from SCP-XXXX-B chewing on it.

SCP-XXXX-A appears "bound" to SCP-XXXX-B and if destroyed reforms in proximity to her. It also seems to be able to speak through SCP-XXXX-B however SCP-XXXX-C can be used for communication as well. Possibly due to a psychic link between SCP-XXXX-A and the others. See Document #XXXX-2.

SCP-XXXX-A feeds off of negative emotions in children and manipulates them into situations and decisions that best serve it's own interests.

SCP-XXXX-B physically appears to be a five year old girl with curly blonde hair and blue eyes named ██████ , although interviews with subject SCP-XXXX-A indicates that she is actually much older. Interviews with the subject indicate a traumatic life of abuse that is discussed casually. Researchers noticed a trend that eventually everyone who preformed abuse to the SCP eventually was murdered by SCP-XXXX-C. Subject tends becomes sullen and withdrawn with prolonged seperation from SCP-XXXX-C.

SCP-XXXX-B expresses intense jealousy when witnessing SCP-XXXX-C interacting with females other then herself. Female personnel can feel this jealousy but no other negative external effects have been demonstrated. Other attributes of SCP-XXXX-B include longevity, ability to inflict permanent intentional damage to SCP-XXXX-B, and extremely high pain tolerance but otherwise appears to be a physically healthy, if somewhat verbal child. SCP-XXXX-B can not read.

SCP-XXXX-C physically appears to be a boy of seven years with short red hair and is missing his right eye which according to interview with SCP-XXXX-A was inflicted by SCP-XXXX-B. Other then this injury the child seems to regenerate from any damage done to him. Test's involving forcing SCP-XXXX-B to cause permanent injury have failed.It appears that an injury has to be willingly accepted and given by both parties to remain.

SCP-XXXX-C shows extreme aggression when kept away from SCP-XXXX-B for prolonged periods of times. However the subject has the strength according to an ordinary boy of his age and is of no serious threat. Subject has shown ability to adapt and attack when provoked including biding it's time and improvising weapons. See [FILE REDACTED] for more details.

With the exception of SCP-XXXX-B The subject is remarkably timid around females. This is helpful when preforming experiments but less useful for interviews. Older males sixty and older or males around own age are useful for interviews as the subject has not undergone trauma from individuals in these age ranges.

SCP-XXXX-C has an ability to understand situations at a level of an adult but this is due to the combination of longevity, memory,and outside media. SCP-XXXX-C has trouble with verbalization and relaying concepts in a mature manner. SCP-XXXX-C can read.

SCP-XXXX-A compelled SCP-XXXX-B and SCP-XXXX-C to seek out Agent ██████ in ██████ and turn themselves over to the agent's charge. SCP-XXXX-B explained that SCP-XXXX-A thought "It was a good idea to go to the foundation." After witnessing one of the experiments preformed on SCP-XXXX-B by Doctor [Blank] SCP-XXXX-C seemed to become extremely quiet and withdrawn until later meeting the Doctor and [FILE REDACTED]

Document #XXXX-1

<Begin Log>

Doctor Clark: What are you?

SCP-XXXX-B: What? ██████ says he'll only talk through ██

Interviewer: Why would it say that?

SCP-XXXX-B: He says that there's some things I shouldn't hear

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-XXXX-B was then escorted back to cell without incident and SCP-2016-C taken for interview

Document #XXXX-2

<Begin Log>

{SCP-XXXX-C appears to be noticeably uncomfortable during the interview.}

Doctor Clark: What are you?


Doctor Clark: Why would you say that?

{SCP-XXXX-C looks confused, his pronunciation seems to indicate subject is repeating what is said to him verbatim.}
SCP-XXXX-C: Noone has indicated that I am not.

Doctor Clark: There are plenty of non demonic entities that believe they are Demonic in origin.

SCP-XXXX-C: Interesting, I would like to meet them.
{This prospect seems to visibly panic SCP-XXXX-C}

SCP-XXXX-C: You can't let it meet anything else like it!
Doctor Clark: It's against policy

{SCP-XXXX-C seems to calm somewhat.}

Doctor Clark: How old are you? The entity in the rabbit i mean.

{SCP-XXXX-C begins to look horribly uncomfortable again and begins repeating}

SCP-XXXX-C: I do not know. I move from child to child upon their death. I was unaware I would find such an interesting pair.

Doctor Clark: How old are the children?

SCP-XXXX-C: Do you have something that can erase memories?

{Doctor Clark appears noticeably wary and calls in security personnel to watch SCP-XXXX-C and SCP-XXXX-A while gaining proper clearance to answer.}

Doctor Clark: Yes we do.

SCP-XXXX-C: Please amin adim admons… Give them to the boy after this conversation

Doctor Clark: Administer I suppose that is a reasonable enough request now shall we continue?

SCP-XXXX-C The Girl Is thirty five I was found on the headstone of a previous host the day before her father left her at the orphanage. The Boy I could not tell you but he met the girl when she was five and he looked to be seven at the orphanage.

{SCP-XXXX-C continues to look more and more confused at the conversation}

Doctor Clark: You say he "looked" to be seven?

SCP-XXXX-C: He looks to be seven now doesn't he?

Doctor Clark: I see your point. Why do you need the children?

SCP-XXXX-C: I feed on their suffering and misery until they go through poo pyoo ber… become old enough and stop hearing me. They die soon after.

{SCP-XXXX-C grows more upset with the line of conversation}

SCP-XXXX-C: I want to stop this now
{This appears to be the wishes of SCP-XXXX-C and not SCP-XXXX-A}

Doctor Clark: We're almost done one more question. What was different about these two?
SCP-XXXX-C: Why jump from meal to meal when you can have one unending buffet

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-XXXX-C tossed SCP-XXXX-A away and refused to participate in any further dialogue. Scp-XXXX-C was administered Amnestic and returned to cell.

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