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Item #: SCP-473

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-473 is to be kept in Unit ███ of Storage Site 26. Unit ███ is to remain sealed according to Procedure 47P in order to arrest tarnishing of SCP-473.

Description: SCP-473 is a silver candelabrum wrought in a style common to late Regency England. An inscription on the bottom of the object reads “Gemmarius and Sons, London. 1821.” Attempts by the Foundation to locate records of this business have met with little success. Mass spectrometry has revealed [DATA EXPUNGED]. Silver from this source is cause for mild concern, as no records indicate knowledge of ████████ until ████.

SCP-473 restricts electromagnetic radiation to a spherical area of 1.83 m diameter. Only EM radiation emitted by objects in contact with the candelabrum is restricted. Should a candle be secured in SCP-473 and lit, the flame will be visible only to those within the area of effect. If other illumination is provided, those standing at a distance of 0.914 m or farther will see the candle undergoing the physical changes associated with heat; however, no flame will be seen. While disconcerting, observation of SCP-473's effect outside of this area is proven to hold no danger. If no illumination is provided other than by an object in contact with SCP-473, the room will be unlit.

Those within the area of effect are able to observe all EM radiation emitted by objects in contact with the candelabrum. The termination of this radiation at the 0.914 m mark creates an effective sphere of illumination; within SCP-473's area of influence, all sources of illumination in contact with SCP-473 emit light and illuminate the area normally. Beyond 0.914 m, no illumination occurs. Observation of this effect while inside the area of influence causes subjects to exhibit nyctophobic tendencies. The severity of these tendencies is directly proportional to the duration of time spent within SCP-473's area of influence and inversely proportional to the level of illumination afforded the surroundings beyond the .914 m range. Testing of personnel forced to use SCP-473 to explore an unlit maze revealed rapid development of acute anxiety in all individuals, culminating in psychotic breaks in ██.█% of subjects.

Portion of interview with Personnel D-140 after her participation in Test 473-L█.

██/██/████ 18:06 (begin log)

Dr. Delaflote: And when you got to the halfway point, how did you feel?

Personnel D-140: Happy I was on the right track. Scared.

Dr. Delaflote: Elaborate on why you were scared.

Personnel D-140 (mumbling): fucking blackness…

Dr. Delaflote: When you [DATA EXPUNGED] before your arrest, it was dark. Before performing the test, you claimed that you were not afraid of the dark.

Personnel D-140 (shouting angrily): Fuck you! I'm not afraid of the fucking dark! You don't have any fucking idea what the hell you're talking about, you-

Dr. Delaflote: Please calm down.

Personnel D-140 (still speaking loudly, displaying signs of anxiety): You can tell they're there, watching you, like they're gonna fucking come out of the black right in front of your fucking eyes…

██/██/████ 18:07 (end log)

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