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Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An area 50km in diameter surrounding the site of SCP-XXX’s resting place is to be continuously patrolled and monitored by MTF Gamma-9 (Deep Feeders). All commercial/military maritime and air traffic will be redirected around this exclusion zone, unless otherwise directed by Foundation interests. MTF Gamma-5 (They're on our side, Sir!) will be detailed to monitor, and if necessary, redirect or neutralize orbiting satellites passing over the exclusion zone. In order to facilitate the exploration of SCP, a facility has been established inside the SCP-XXX's starboard hangar . The Foundation vessel SCPS Astraeus is detailed to provide support to exploration efforts, including retrieval and analysis of recovered artifacts and documentation, recovery of remains, and emergency ordnance disposal.

Description: SCP-XXX is the wreck of a naval warship of immense proportions located at N ████████, W████████ at a depth of 634m. The vessel is 3,444 feet long and has an estimated displacement of 200,000 tons. After thorough and ongoing exploration, Foundation naval architects have determined that the vessel is a “battlecarrier”, equipped to function as a battleship, aircraft carrier, and troop carrier. Ship’s logs, troop manifests, and the vessels’ commissioning plate identify the vessel as the USS Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, launched on 8/09/194█. According to the captain’s last log entry (dated 7/12/██), the ship was enroute to the island of Sicily in support of Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of the Italian Coast. The “JLC” (as the ship is/was known in popular culture-see addendum) was carrying the United States 81st Infantry Division (10,000+ troops and support vehicles), 85 aircraft (including four engined bombers), and was prepared for shore bombardment with sixteen (16) 16-inch turrets (see addendum c for armament analysis). Despite recovered documentation indicating SCP-XXX transiting the Atlantic Ocean with a relatively large convoy of support vessels, no evidence or wreckage of any of these vessels has yet been located. Extensive research involving recovered military equipment is ongoing; although very similar, none of the aircraft, armored fighting vehicles, uniforms, small arms or naval weapons correspond to existing weapons of the time.

SCP-XXX was discovered during geologic investigation efforts surrounding a magnitude 2.4 underwater earthquake off the coast of ████████. Assets embedded within the U.S. Geological Survey quickly alerted the Foundation, at which time several MTF teams were deployed to secure the site.

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