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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SPC-XXX-1 is to be contained solely in the mind of its host, test subjects, and within a set of papers that XXX-2 has written. SCP-XXX-2 is to be contained in a 10x10x3 room. The room has been equipped with extensive soundproofing, and all cameras inside of to be intentionally unfocused as a precaution. SPC-XXX-2 is not allowed out of its room under any circumstance. Conversing with SPC-XXX-2 is forbidden outside of testing. Only Class-D personnel are allowed to converse with it. Upon leaving SPC-XXX-2's cell, no test subject is allowed to talk and are required to wear a gag to insure such. If any personnel are found to be talking about SPC-XXX-1 by name without clearance level 3 are to be immediately terminated. If any personnel are suspected of being infected, they are to be questioned by a Class-D, along with everyone they have conversed with since their infection. Researchers observing XXX-2 or a test subject are to be alternated out after a set period of time. They are to be questioned by a Class-D, and if deemed infected, are to be terminated.

Description:SPC-XXX-1 is a plot found in a series of books known as ██████ ████, author SPC-XXX-2, name ████ ██████. Actual details about the plot are not to be shared, because of the inherent danger of knowing them. The storyline is known to cause a condition similar to that caused by an addictive substance simply by knowing anything more than and including knowing the basic plot progression. Symptoms of the addiction include, but are not limited to, [DATA EXPUNGED], extreme dependence, and an urge to share the knowledge held within the story. Withdrawal symptoms include (see Addendum XXX-1) loss of appetite, extreme bouts of rage, and eventual apathy, leading to death by dehydration. When asked what made the story so addictive, victims respond with confusion(see Addendum XXX-2). The story doesn't need to be read in chronological order, and it is not known how the story itself is organized. The story has been theorized to be any number of things, from a history of humanity, to containing the reason for the universe existing. Dr. ███████ has hypothesized that if one were to correctly theorize what the story was about, then they would then become addicted. Further hypothesizing about SPC-XXX-1 is forbidden.

SCP-XXX-2 is a Caucasian female, weight 54kg, height 1.37km, full name ████ ██████ ██████ of the age ██. Formerly a resident of [REDACTED]. SCP-XXX-2 is the host of SPC-XXX-1. She does not feel the symptoms of the addiction, or the withdrawal symptoms, but instead has an uncontrollable urge to write down the plot(see Addendum XXX-3). XXX-2 is capable of writing in ██ languages, though she only is known to understand English, and when consciously writing will write with this language. It is near impossible to stop XXX-2 from sharing the story, as when made incapable of writing, will resort to speaking the plot out loud. SCP-XXX-2 has been observed writing while asleep, and is known for sleep-talking. XXX-2 is the only known host of XXX-1, though it has been theorized that she is not the first.

Addendum (XXX-1): D-78612 was exposed to XXX-1 in the form of a short excerpt of the story. He was then not allowed to read any more. Within the first hour of withdrawal, he was observed begging for more of the story. He was then observed talking to the camera about the what he had read. The researchers observing this were infected. After new researchers were installed, D-78612 was silent for 3 hours. He was slowly becoming visibly angered during this time. At the end of this period, he was witnessed attacking the main door with his fist, and then proceeding to using the chair in his room. After becoming fatigued, he went and sat in the foetal position in the corner. He stayed in that position until he died of dehydration.

Addendum (XXX-2):

Addendum (XXX-3):

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