John Frum

Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: blah

Description: SCP-xxx is an artificial clearing in a jungle clearing on a flat plateau in the highlands of the island of ████████, in the Solomon Islands. The island is occupied by members of the █████ tribe, a stone-age Melanesian culture.

The clearing is roughly rectangular and measures 460 meters in length by 40 meters in width. The ground of the clearing is covered with light-colored crushed shell and tree bark. The island's indigenous population replaces this ground cover regularly, and maintains the clearing by periodically cutting back plant growth.

Near one end of the clearing is a bamboo structure approximately 14 meters in height and consisting of a roofed platform accessible by ladder. This platform is always occupied by at least one and typically several male members of the local indigenous population. Effects stored on this platform include:

  • A box-like object approximately the size of a mailbox, apparently comprised of sticks and bamboo. The indigenous population refer to this object as a "radio" and claim to be able to send and receive messages with it; indeed at least one of the indigenous people who occupies the platform will wear a headdress consisting of coconut halves and twine which superficially resembles an early-model air traffic control headset. Analysis of the object in situ has failed to discern anomalous properties. In the interest of maintaining cordial relations with the indigenous population, the object has not been disassembled.
  • A hand-drawn icon of a Caucasian male wearing an American military uniform of World War II vintage. The indigenous population refers to the subject of this icon as "John Frum" and leave devotional offerings of flowers and locally-produced alcoholic beverages before it.
  • A forty-eight star United States flag; badly tattered.
  • A collection of maps, some of which consist of 1940s-vintage American and Japanese paper military maps and nautical charts of the surrounding areas, and some of which are hand-drawn maps and nautical charts painted onto palm fronds and tropical leaves with local pigments. The hand-drawn maps depict various locations including the Solomon Islands, Hawaii and █████████, as well as locations not corresponding to any recognizable terrestrial geography.

At or near one end of the clearing is a nearly full-size bamboo replica of a propeller airplane. The indigenous population guards this airplane continuously and has declined to permit Foundation personnel to closely inspect it. The locals are, however, willing to discuss the model, which they refer to as "John Frum's plane." The indigenous population appears to believe that this model, like the "radio", is functional; indeed they refer to the clearing and the bamboo tower as an aircraft landing strip and its corresponding control tower.

SCP-XXX Observation Log

Reference Observation
001 Arrival of Foundation observation team headed by Dr. Garcia. Dr. Garcia is welcomed by leaders of local indigenous tribe, who offer a tour of the location followed by a feast.
002 Day 3 of observation visit. Much excitement among indigenous population. In response to a query, a native has indicated that the "radio" has picked up a signal of a pending visit by John Frum.

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