So, this is my first SCP article, so please be nice. Anyway here's my idea. A ketchup bottle, no mater how much is removed it's always full. Any person interacting with it is overcome with feelings of unease, that over time grow into revulsion of the idea of ketchup, if exposure is severe enough, the person will kill themselves after discovering ketchup on their food, or something like that. Where did i get this idea from you ask? basically the guide lines say to go with what scares you. Well, as odd as it may seem, i have a phobia of ketchup. When I kid my older sister played a tramatic prank on me. She put ketchup on a knife, ketchup on her throat and all over the floor. Naturally this tramatised me, and since then I have a powerful iversion to ketchup. The smell makes me sick to my stomach. The thought of it disturbs me. If I go to a resuturant and there's a bottle on the table I wrap it in napkins and move it to another table, because Iu can't even touch the bottle, or have it on the table. So basically I thought "how can I turn this very personal fear of mine into something frightening to others?" Then I thought "an evil bottle of ketchup that makes everyone feel the same way I do about it, only worse". Of course if that's to stupid for everyone, then I have other ideas, like an experiment involving SCP-682 and SCP-597 (that should prove interesting!)

Right so, the first (very) rough draft of my ketchup article. Please PM with any advice or tip to make it better. Please keep in mind that this is my first SCP article, so constructive criticism! I'd also very much like the aid of an experienced SCP wirter in making this.


Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be stored in a cool dry area. No persons should be allowed to eat within a 150 meter radius of the place in which it is being stored. No tomato products, plants, or seeds should be allowed within a 150 meter radius of the place it is being stored. Care should be taken to prevent the inhalation of any odur associated with SCP-XXX by any living thing. No person assigned to work with SCP-XXX may have eaten any food containing any tomato product within at least 72 hours prior. Any person who is found eating within a 150 meter radius of SCP-XXX are should seek imedate psychological attention. Any tamato based food to enter this area should be labled SCP-XXX-B and contained immedately, following the same protocols as SCP-XXX itself. The same protocols involving tomato products and and the 150-meter radius apply to all objects in the SCP-XXX Serries. Any tomato plant to enter a 150 meter radius of SCP-XXX is to be labled SCP-XXX-C, uprooted, and vacuum sealed imediately, and should under no circumstances be allowed to reproduce. Any tomato seed to come to enter a 150 meter radius is to be is to be labled SCP-XXX-D, vacuum seeled and frozen to absolute zero, and should under no circumstances be allowed to germinate. Any person beleved to have "smelled" SCP-XXX should induce vomiting imedately, and be tested for cancers of the degestive system, ulcers, and other degestive disorders. Any person who has eaten tomato products within 72 hours of coming into contact with SCP-XXX should be euthanised to prevent their own suffering and that of others.

Description: SCP-XXX has the appearence of an ordinary glass bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup. The substance within has been shown to be chemically idendtical to the ketchup produced by the Heinz corporation for mass consumption. Preliminary testing shows that SCP-XXX has a seemingly infinite capacity, on one occassion over 9000 litres of ketchup was pumped from the bottle. However since this ketchup has the same properties as SCP-XXX, it has been contained in the same manner, and labled under SCP-XXX-B. The bottle itself, despite having the qualities of an ordinary glass bottle, has proven indestructible under all test conditions including controled nuclear explosion.

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