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Item #: SCP-X007

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X007 is to be locked safely in SCP Research Site 44, and protected for testing by Level 3 personnel. SCP-X007 is not to be used off Site 44 grounds, unless permitted by lead director of its case.

Description: SCP-X007 is a light-emitting device of unknown origin. Upon activation in total darkness, SCP-X007’s flash is reported to produce ghostly manifestations. Often appearing as pale life forms, these materializations can range from microscopic to colossal size. SCP-X007 was uncovered at Site [REDACTED] in Topaz Mountain, Utah by two unaccompanied minors, and confiscated in the following two weeks (See Log X007-A, below).

It is undetermined whether the entities are revealed by or entirely created by SCP-X007. Director ██████ has suggested the existence of an unseen universe, similar to the theory of a parallel environment existing alongside our own. Among the first tests conducted by Level 3 Personnel, it was discovered that when used in conjunction with a mirror, SCP-X007 will alter the reflection of its handler. Reflections can be strong in resemblance, or devoid of any human image. Reflections are the only living apparitions that cannot be intimidated by movement.

Addendum X007-1: SCP-X007’s visual manifestations are scarce. They are unique depending on its location, time of use, and personnel present. Manifestations will appear on solid surfaces, in water, and in thin air. SCP-X007 has no effect in bright light or thick vapor. Unseen creatures are more abundant in less active environments and are often more reclusive. Appearances from light include unseen walls, layers of mist, non-classifiable objects, and creatures that dwell in both air and water.

Addendum X007-2: Fragment of Log X007-A, interview with Jonathan and Michael ██████.

Dr. ██████: And what did you see?

Jonathan: At first we were surprised it worked.

Michael: We thought the flashlight was left there years ago.

Jonathan: Yeah, by an old miner or something.

Dr. ██████: What exactly did the light show you?

Jonathan: (Silent, bites lip)

Dr. ██████: In your bedroom, did you see anything unusual?

Michael: It wasn't real.

Dr. ██████: What wasn't?

Jonathan: The figure. He's saying the white figure wasn't real.

Dr. ██████: And what did it look like?

Jonathan: It was slim, but short. It had no face. And its head was huge, kind of shaped like a pill.

Michael: It wasn't real.

Jonathan: It was standing in the corner of our room.

Michael: Pointing.

Jonathan: Yeah, it was pointing at us. But not at first. First it was just staring.

Dr. ██████: How could you tell?

Jonathan: What?

Dr. ██████: If the creature was faceless, how could you tell it was staring at you?

Michael: It did have a face. I saw its eyes.

Jonathan: No it didn't.

Michael: Yeah, I saw. They were like little black holes in its head, the eyes.

Jonathan: Its face was all skin.

Dr. ██████: And when the creature started pointing at you, what did you do?

Jonathan: It wasn't exactly pointing. Just reaching its arm out. And we were really quiet for a while. Then Michael started to cry.

Dr. ██████: And?

Michael: And then it walked into our closet.

Jonathan: We never saw it again.

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SCP-X006, conscious.

Item #: SCP-X006

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X006 is to be confined within 170,000 gallon tank in Research Site 14. Personnel are not to make eye contact unless under organized tests. All victims of eye contact are subject to interrogation. Any variation in sound or temperature inside the tank should be reported to Director ██████.

Description: SCP-X006 was discovered inside a sea cave off the coast of Tatoosh, Neah Bay. Its body is 15 ft long, weighing approximately 3,200 pounds. Structure is similar to that of a fully matured beluga with dozens of inflammations on the skin. The cause of swelling is unknown. SCP-X006 spends approximately nineteen hours of each day in still sleep. It has no physical means of verbal communication, aside from shrill, chronic weeping and irregular humming.

Studies report that SCP-X006 has the ability to instill itself into dreams. Subjects who gaze into either of its eyes will become victims of subconscious penetration. Victims will incessantly dream of its face, and will lack dissimilar dreams of any form. Dream state of SCP-X006 is classified separately as SCP-X006-1. Reported dreams consist of prolonged communication with SCP-X006-1. Subjects describe the voice as “deep, inhuman,” “at first unintelligible,” and, ultimately, “thunderous.” All victims have made allegations of unusual threats, [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-X006-1 harshly interrogating individual thoughts. The intent of SCP-X006-1 remains unknown.

Addendum X006-A: SCP-X006 is in gradual, constant growth. It does not consume or digest, but seems to gather weight in sleep. This phenomena has not been seen until now and is still under observation. It is often speculated how large SCP-X006 will grow, and how containment procedures may alter. Its age is unknown.

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