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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 3m x 3m x 9m standard containment unit filled with tar. The
composition of this tar must be made of highmoor sphagnum peat and kept at a temperature below 4 °C. If the containment is breached or the
temperature rises above 4 °C, a redundant system kept on a separate generator should be used to flood the entire chamber with tar. All personnel
in contact during the breach must be quarantined and kept 6 months for observation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an animate human cadaver that has been preserved in tar for the last ████ years. If removed from tar, it will perceive any action as a threat to its survival and attempt to defend itself. The subject's abilities are limited, but their full extent is unknown. It can modulate its vocal chords to attune to natural resonances, disabling anyone within a 5 meter radius. All other information is classified.


Classified dossier

Summary: Autopsy incomplete. Autopsy reveals an entire network built for communal living.

Autopsy Audio Log:

08:04 - Dr. Kettler: The time is 08:04 on Sunday, May ██, 20██. Subject is tentatively labeled SCP-XXXX. Making the primary incision
08:05 - Dr. Kettler: Oh my god! This is amazing. Absolutely beautiful. Marty, do we have video?

08:06 - Martin ██████: No, not yet. ██████'s bringing one down. We're low on resources.

08:06 - Dr. Kettler: Get them on it. Stat. You have to see this. I've never encountered anything like this. It's like … like … like an entire civilization.

08:08 - Dr. Kettler: Sorry, uh … I don't know where to begin. Subject's internals have been … totally … completely reorganized. There appears to be extensive transformation of all major organs. Some organs's output appear to be connected to the trachea? Others seem to only loop internally … maybe as a communal life sustaining mechanisms? The heart would seem to still operate as a pump, but blood has been replaced with tar. I'm gonna make another incision …. Colonies of SCP-XXXX seem to reside in the extremities. Distal and medial phalanges have been hollowed out and appear to be used as sleeping facilities. Marty, there are fucking statues in here … and ruins? There are fucking ruins in here! Jesus. The artwork … on the sides of the heart … shit! We're going to have to redo this whole fuckin' thing. Let me know when we've got a camera. Marty? Martin?

08:17 - Martin ██████: I got it. It's here, it's here. Let me just hook it up.

08:17 - Dr. Kettler: I'm gonna clean this guy up a bit. Irrigating the walls of the left ventricle to get a better look.

08:18 - [At this point, video feed began. At 00:03 of the video, subject's eyelids opened. At 00:06, a slow gurgling noise was heard that gradually increased in volume to an intense high pitch scream. At 00:21, Dr. Kettler dropped to the ground. At 00:22, all lighting in the room rendered defunct. At 00:25, video stopped due to broken camera lens.]

08:20 - [Unintelligible sound, presumably coming from SCP-XXXX.]

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