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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to remain docked at concealed Foundation Site 83 on the Atlantic coast in ████████, Spain when not in use for testing. The site sits above a natural cavern along the coast, and has a large retractable door installed, the outside of which is to be camouflaged. SCP-XXXX will be stored at the dock constructed inside this cavern at all times when not in use for testing. The main entrance will be sealed by keycard-activated doors, with access granted only to personnel of level 3 or higher clearance, unless authorized by the site director. This door will be manned by two(2) armed guards, with a further two(2) armed security personnel patrolling the docking area at all times.

Addendum: Research and Exploration Team XXXX-Tau ('Conquistadors') shall be quartered on-site until further notice.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a carrack, a Spanish sea exploration vessel, measuring 25.4m (30 vara) long, by 8.5m (10 vara) wide, by 8.5m (10 vara) high (not including masts). Foundation historians have confirmed the authenticity of SCP-XXXX, and placed its original construction circa early 1500's, during the beginning of the Spanish exploration of the Americas. Damaged portions of the ship have been reinforced using Spanish lumber, as lumber from other geographical locations has been found to suppress SCP-XXXXs anomalous properties; however, differing materials for other parts of the vessel do not. Accordingly, the Foundation has fitted SCP-XXXX with carbon fiber sails, in addition to other modern components, for the purposes of safety and improved functionality.

SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties manifest when it is manually operated and sailed a distance of approximately 9km directly away from the current territorial definitions of the Spanish coastline (various tests in other regions yielded no anomalous results). Upon reaching this distance, any subjects within 5km of SCP-XXXX, and those aboard, seem to enter a catatonic state. Electronic recordings consistently skip over this period, which persists for 2 minutes, 37 seconds, at which point cognition and electronic recordings resume. Any form of live video feed malfunctions and does not continue beyond this event, and satellite imaging of the region produces increasing amounts of visual distortion within the area until it is no longer visible. Attempts to remotely affect SCP-XXXX physically in any manner during this period similarly yield no results. It is at this point that SCP-XXXX transitions into a region (hereby designated SCP-XXXX-1) of unknown size, known to at least exceed ███km in every direction. All exploration thus far has revealed geography and landmasses that do not conform to any mapped region on the planet. Similarly, many observed flora and all observed fauna range from mild to extreme in divergence from any known species (see Exploration log XXXX). The arrival location in SCP-XXXX-1 is static. Exiting from SCP-XXXX-1 requires returning to the location of initial entry, in the direction analogous to the Spain coastline in traditional geography. An identical transition event will occur, with SCP-XXXX maintaining course and speed.

Initial testing of SCP-XXXX and its effects showed that the anomaly generated no observable detrimental properties on those aboard, and the Foundation was able to classify the object as Safe. O5 clearance has been granted to establish and maintain Research and Exploration Team XXXX-Tau to explore this region and study its unique geography and biosphere. See attached document 'Exploration Log XXXX'. Following Incident XXXX-1, RET-XXXX-τ is now to include 2 additional Foundation security personnel, and all members are to be armed at all times, and given additional training self defense, and in the use of firearms. Team compliment must include 2 researchers, 1 cartographer, 1 expert in maritime and land navigation, and 6 security personnel. See site director for full crew compliment.
NOTE: Until further notice, no D-Class personnel are to be included in any expedition, or other testing, of SCP-XXXX unless permitted by O5 (See Incident Report: XXXX-1).

Recovery Log: SCP-XXXX was recovered on ███ ██, ████, after embedded Foundation Agent ██████ █████ in the Spanish government intercepted a passing reference to the object in an inter-department communication. Upon further investigation into sealed government archives, Agent ██████ █████ discovered partial cartography and exploration notes not conforming to Earth (now known to conform to SCP-XXXX-1), as well as correspondence between several explorers and King Charles I regarding the anomalous nature of SCP-XXXX, and SCP-XXXX-1. Included in these letters was the eventual storage location for SCP-XXXX. Agent ██████ █████ contacted the Foundation with this information, and SCP-XXXX was located and secured without incident in what is now Foundation Site 83.

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