Item #: SCP-1837

Object class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-1837 must be kept in a locked, sound proof room with a functional bathroom and basic amenities (bed, refrigerator, small desk and chair). Refrigerator must be restocked bi-weekly. It is imperative that SCP-1837’s typewriter (model: IBM Selectric. Color: Red) must be kept stocked with fresh ink and paper. All used paper must be saved for further study. Only authorized level-3 personnel over the age of thirty are allowed to read SCP-1837’s papers.

Refrigerator must be kept stocked with a variety of alcoholic beverages and citrus fruits. SCP-1837 will not ingest any other food stuffs. Fruits must be injected with a vitamin supplement to ensure nutrition.

Description: SCP-1837 appears to be a Caucasian male in the 40-to-55 age range, roughly 183 cm tall and weighing 64 kilograms. SCP-1837 was found in {}{}{}{}, Colorado, in 20{}{}. Subject had a “posse” of young people of varying sex and race, all between the ages of 16 to 29. None of the young people surrounding the subject were of or over the age of thirty. The young people seemed to be brainwashed and obeyed the subject without question. SCP-1837 was never shown “commanding” the young people. Subject did not even seem able to speak English, instead employing a low growl that was almost intelligible. After the incident of {DATA EXPUNGED}, SCP-1837 was taken into custody. He did not struggle or resist. SCP-1837 seemed used to being detained and the local police record shows that he has been arrested over {}{}{} times since 19{}{}. SCP-1837 does not seem to possess any extrasensory abilities. An MRI shows no extraordinary abnormalities in the brain, although there is extensive damage congruent with extreme drug use. A urine sample shows a high content of opiates. Further drug analysis shows abuse of psychotropic drugs and pharmaceuticals such as Loreazpam.

A basic interview shows that SCP-1837 cannot be understood by any personnel over the age of thirty. Other persons twenty-nine or under state that SCP-1837’s voice is perfectly clear. However, the subject frequently becomes distracted or confused, often losing track of his thoughts. Prolonged exposure to SCP-1837 will have a hallucinogenic effect on all under-thirties. The affected will begin to “revolt”, attempting to undermine higher level personnel with firearms and any available weaponry. The affected will also run errands for SCP-1837, stealing firearms, alcohol, drugs and occasionally fruit for the subject. If removed from SCP-1837, the affected will recover within twenty-four hours with hazy memories of their time under the influence. Recovering personnel compare the experience to being on an “acid trip” and have hangover-like effects after recovery.

While mostly cooperative, SCP-1837 will become enraged easily, with or without provocation. Subject can be pacified by writing, either with a pen and paper or typewriter. Subject refuses to use a computer to write, preferring an electric typewriter. Like his presence and speech, SCP-1837’s writings affect those under the age of thirty differently than personnel of thirty or older. Older readers will see the subject’s writing as a series of nonsense words with occasional simple sentences and references to political figures. Younger readers will break into hysterical laughter or begin to cry after reading. When asked about the writing, the under thirty personnel will be unable to describe it, and will remain in a hysterical state for two to three hours after reading.

SCP-1837 is generally harmless, more interested in writing and drinking than controlling others. Interviewing SCP-1837 is difficult, but it would seem that the group surrounding SCP-1837 were more errand runners than an army, as was initially feared.
On account of possibilities of rioting, SCP-1837 is to be kept for observation. Research will be conducted to see if SCP-1837’s abilities can be removed or dampened. If so, subject should be able to integrate back into society.

Addendum: During a routine trip to SCP-1837’s quarters to re-stock the refrigerator, the subject was missing. Strewn across the typewriter, desk and chair was a fine dust, gray in color. While searching the room for possible escape routes used by SCP-1837, the dust “flew”, as if blown by a breeze, through the door and the air vent. Attempts to retrieve the dust proved fruitless. The surrounding areas are to be under surveillance for an indefinite amount of time.

Addendum-1: No changes or abnormal behavior have been reported in the surrounding areas. A clandestine investigation of the “under-thirties” within a mile radius has shown no signs of SCP-1837’s influence. Investigations will continue at regular intervals. For now, it would seem that SCP-1837 has vanished.

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