SCP-XXX akes on the appearance of items which could be categorized as “junk food”, most often as a [REDACTED] brand chocolate bar or a [REDACTED] brand bag of potato chips, commonly with distinctive packaging so as to differentiate it from other junk foods of the same variety, appearing perfectly innocuous at a glance. Often it will “draw” humans towards it, usually one at a time, except in a few extenuating circumstances, seemingly with intent of causing addiction. People who eat SCP-XXX have described it in all cases as tasting "too sweet." It is known to have regenerative properties; replenishing its contents should the subject consuming it not finish within fifteen minutes of starting to consume it. Finishing it, however, will cause the user to experience extreme hyperactivity, intense heartbeat, and hypersensitivity indicative of an extremely powerful sugar rush while also inciting an addiction to the SCP no matter what its form may be at the time. This lasts for fifteen (15) to thirty (30) minutes; at which point it the consumer collapses in exhaustion, i.e., a sugar crash.

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