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Transcribed excerpt of daily psychological evaluation of D-███-██-67, 9-██-████

The following record was taken 4 hours after the standard psychological evaluation of D-███-██-67.

<Tape 1, skip to 01h-10m-20s>
Tech. W█████: D-███-██-67, your response to Hatchet Green question number 78 (see: 00h-39m-52s) is a fabrication. Do you recognize this as grounds for your termination?

D-███-██-67: [EXPLICITS RETRACTED], Look man, I don't know what I saw. i just didn't want to…

Tech. W█████: D-███-██-67, your description "it was empty" does not coincide with Foundation video recordings of your work site.


Tech. W█████: Electric shock was administered to D-███-██-67 at [TIME EXPUNGED] for a duration of five seconds. This is the tenth shock. D-███-██-67, this is Hatchet Green question number 78. During the course of your regular work assignment, did you notice any anomalous activity concerning the environment or other personel?

D-███-██-67 : The floor was green.

Tech. W█████ : What was green?

D-███-██-67 : The entire floor. It was grey the day before, but I thought you guys painted the floor while I was being [DATA EXTRACTED].

Tech. W█████ : Thank you D-███-██, your cooperation is appreciated.

D-███-██-67 was then terminated by orders of supervising officer Dr. ████████. It was later discovered that the floor was indeed painted. Dr. ████████ stands in probation for careless gathering of data and superfluous use of a non-standard paint scheme.

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