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Item #: SCP-xxx
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx is to be kept in a dolphinarium tank at least three (3) meters deep and five (5) meters in diameter, or five-by-five (5x5) if the tank is rectangular. It is to be filled with seawater that should remain in the range of twenty-two (22) and twenty-four (24) degrees Celsius. Mackerels and squid is to be well-stocked in the site the specimen is being stored in, though reasonable requests for food are to be taken if it specifically asks. Quad-annually, SCP-xxx may be brought out to a beach in a government-run nature reserve, where a fish net equal to the volume of his tank it to be let out for it to swim in, for recreation. Essentially, uphold regulation treatment for captive bottlenose dolphins with some minor deviations.
The poolside platform must be ready for the subject to beach on at all times, in order for it to access the communication device that must also be ready along with the platform. Zoological and academic staff particularly are to be assigned to it due to the nature of the SCP, with one present at the post at all times with a means to contact the others. Two low-priority security posts should also keep watch along with them.
The Mind-Machine Interface (often abbreviated ‘MMI’. It is thus in this report to be known as SCP-xxx-1) typing device should remain covered and stored in the occasion that it is not in use, and should be in general treated well. So far it is the only one of its kind fitted for use with SCP-xxx’s species, and expenses should be avoided in reverse-engineering it for now in the event that it is damaged. If the SCP is present in his enclosure, then SCP-xxx-1 should also be present on the beaching platform and ready for activation with a translator and notepad programs loaded for the subject’s use.
Description: SCP-xxx is physically a common specimen of an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncates), at approximately three (3) meters long and five-hundred (500) kilograms in weight. There are no discernible outward or anatomical features that make xxx anomalous.
Containment of this cetacean is maintained due to the results of a separate aquarium’s experiment with outfitting dolphins with interfaces that allow them to communicate with text much as a human would, and more specifically what resulted once xxx was able to use the cetacean MMI effectively.
SCP- xxx speaks fluent German and marginal English, and claims to be the 19th Century philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. It should be noted that it has been established that there could be no way the subject could have known about Nietzsche, philosophy, manners and certain customs he holds, or anything about language that would allow it to communicate as well as it does. However, in no way is SCP-xxx to be assumed to be Friedrich Nietzsche, and should still be called by its identification number.
Dr. B█████ V█████, one of the zoologists tasked with work on this SCP, was joined with Sgt. A████ of the on-site security guards, who himself was a native German-speaker, to translate whatever ‘Nietzsche’ said before the automated translator was installed in SCP-xxx-1. Their first discussions after full containment were recorded, proving that SCP-xxx has a mind that functions fully as a human being’s would, along with containing information that could not have been gathered by a dolphin, even in captivity. After the briefing, Dr. V█████ asked a series of questions about the late philosopher’s life, such as date and place of birth, a list of the books he wrote and published, various acquaintances, etc., to which xxx answered positively to all of despite some obvious signs of trouble accounting them from his memory.
Upon making first contact with SCP-xxx, he seemed to be very communicative and eager to speak through SCP-xxx-1 when prompted. It often acts politely, obviously taking time to word his sentences well, even deleting and re-writing whole parts before the translator can display it. Overall it displays a demeanor that all personnel that have worked with him would agree is “friendly, yet reserved”.
Dr. █████ K██████ was chosen from the initial team of assigned research personnel to be the SCP’s main keeper, and to regularly talk with him under certain regulations of disclosure. Dr. K███████ made it understand this upon their first conversation, and it seemed to understand without question. xxx’s attitude towards humankind is positive, though towards the organizations that have kept him, both the Foundation and [DATA EXPUNGED], have been receive more neutrally. It does not seem to enjoy the fact that he has been in captivity all of its cetacean life, and though does not seem to particularly resent it, even thanking the Foundation and [DATA EXPUNGED] for providing SCP-xxx-1, he often wishes he has a chance to live entirely in the wild.
Regarding the nature of xxx’s consciousness, it seems to not regard himself much differently as a dolphin than as a former human, and describes a brief lapse in consciousness between his death as Friedrich Nietzsche and his birth as it is now. That is to say, both forms share the same continuous ‘spirit’ and knowledge. It will admit that there were many points through his years in the later body that he tried to cast off the impression of his former life, thinking it was some sort of childhood delusion as an imaginary friend might be.(He would describe why he thought this was a product of his imagination due to the way he looked up to his human zookeepers, and how his ‘extrapolations’ on humankind turned up to be false for the most part, though one could say were simply outdated.)
Timeline of Retrieval:
██/██/05: SCP-xxx is born in captivity at a [DATA EXPUNGED] facility located at ████ ██████████, Florida.
██/██/10: The first designs for the [DATA EXPUNGED]-series MMI, SCP-xxx-1, are drawn by [REDACTED], who has since been recruited into the Foundation. It featured a nasal electrode device that forced the subjected dolphin to breathe through the mouth, and often resulted in negative reactions toward it.
██/██/10: [REDACTED]’s design was edited and the prototype was built, incorporating nasal and external electrodes that allowed the cetacean in question to breathe freely, though still required one that was trained to beach itself. Positive results lead to it being submitted and accepted for a patent, under patent #███████.
██/██/11: Dr. ████, [REDACTED]’s colleague through the marine biology academic circles, began helping improve the invention. Namely he added a system that would allow the dolphin to consent to activation of the MMI device, and if such was left on by zookeepers, could attach the electrodes to itself via a mechanical apparatus and begin to speak on its own accord through a computer output.
██/██/11: SCP-xxx’s mother dies of cancer. Its psychological state resulting of this event is mentioned in subsequent interviews.
██/██/12: SCP-xxx is chosen as the initial test subject for the MMI, noted for having an above-average intelligence. It is instructed how to install itself in the machine, and operate the typing function through the creation and manipulation of brainwaves.
██/██/12: Zookeepers at [DATA EXPUNGED] begin courses on teaching xxx English now that it can operate SCP-xxx-1. Instead of following instructions during the first lesson, the specimen types “Ich würde lieber Deutsch sprechen”, which is translated to mean “I would prefer to speak German”. Messages sent to social media websites by zoo staff are intercepted by Reconnaissance Force Mu-7’s mass communications subdivision, and all leaks to the public were suppressed entirely as a retrieval team arrives at the site. All members working or knowledgeable about SCP-xxx and his anomalous features were detained, interviewed thoroughly about what they experienced, and were treated B-class amnesiacs. New memories suggested that xxx-1 critically failed, that the subject never existed or was tested on, and the two inventors took the MMI back for redesign. [REDACTED] was soon after contacted, interviewed, and upon finding his potential for work with SCPs promising, recruited into the Foundation. Dr. ████ was not of the same standard, and was treated a [REDACTED], given no recollection of SCP-xxx-1 or [DATA EXPUNGED] at all.
██/██/12: SCP-xxx and xxx-1 arrive safely at Sector-28. Xxx and xxx-1 are placed in containment, and due to the nature of the specimen’s intelligence, briefed basically on its care.


Document 22-██-████:

**Interviewer:** Dr. B█████ V██████
**Interviewee:** SCP-xxx
**Forward:** This is the first audio recording of SCP-xxx, the day after he arrived at Site-28. Xxx speaks through xxx-1, which has modified with a translator and a text-to-speech program.
//<Begin Log, 1: ██>//
**Dr. V██████:** SCP-xxx, I have been instructed to ask you a series of questions that will be recorded for your on-file report. Do you understand?
**SCP-xxx:** //<xxx begins inputting text, which is repeated by the text-to-speech program. There is a noticeable pause between question and answer due to such>// Recorded how?
**Dr. V██████:** Through audio recording. Any further questions?
**SCP-xxx:** No, I understand the process of your superiors, though do please note my condition of knowledge. I am a visitor in your time.
**Dr. V██████:** Duly noted. Now, tell me your name.
**SCP-xxx:** I am Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
**Dr. V██████:** The writer and philosopher, correct?
**SCP-xxx:** Correct.
**Dr. V██████:** Do you wish to tell me how a 19th century thinker ended up alive today, in the form of a dolphin?
**SCP-xxx:** //<xxx’s pause last slightly longer than usual>// If I knew I would be recognized as much more than just a philosopher, I believe! I wish to ask you the same? 
**Dr. V██████:** I cannot answer questions at this time. Are you aware of where you are, and what the time and date is?
**SCP-xxx:** I was in some place called ‘Florida’, as my previous keepers called it. Though now, I haven’t the slightest idea where I am.
**Dr. V██████:** //<Dr. V██████ nods his head>// Now, I have prepared a separate series of questions pertaining to F. Nietzsche and his life.
**SCP-xxx:** Ask them, then.
//<The interview continues, and SCP-xxx answers all questions given to him positively. For the unabridged discourse, consult Document 22-██-████-b>//
//<Log end, 1: ██>//

Document 22-██-████:
Interviewer: Dr. █████ K██████
Interviewee: SCP-xxx
Forward: Xxx is interviewed with more of a focus on his psychological well-being, along with meeting Dr. K██████ and being told he will its overseer for the time being. It’s worth noting that Nietzsche was a famously unstable person at the end of his life, though this might be a consequence of the syphilis he gained that would ultimately lead to his death.
<Begin Log, 3:██>
** Dr. K██████:** Please approach and activate SCP-xxx-1
SCP-xxx: <It complies, beaching itself and locking into the MMI> Good morning, doctor. What happened to the other man?
** Dr. K██████:** Reassigned. He has other projects that need his attention, and was only a temporary supervisor. I’m filling in for him with a more permanent roll. But anyway, there are more questions…
SCP-xxx: Alright, I suppose. What is your name?
** Dr. K██████:** <Dr. K██████ seems confused by this> Did the previous doctor tell you his name?
SCP-xxx: No, but I did find it odd. Not to say much of what I’ve experienced in this wide, blank world you’ve put me in doesn’t strike me as queer! There is too much formality in the way you seem to conduct yourselves, and yet still act rudely.
** Dr. K██████:** <He shifts forward, as if to interrupt SCP-xxx, though cannot cut off the text-to-speech software> The Foundation you are contained in abides by very strict rules of conduct, and you are hardly the only one in here. Your cooperation is a matter of safety, and progress. Now for the questions…
SCP-xxx: Fine.
** Dr. K██████:** <He reads from sheets of paper> When was it you first realized you were the ‘reincarnation’ of Friedrich Nietzsche?
SCP-xxx: Since I was born as a dolphin. There was only a brief moment of void blackness separating my death as Friedrich Nietzsche to swimming in my mother’s blood, and I believe that moment is only due to me being in her womb! It’s hard to explain in full but I still had knowledge of my previous life, even in my infantile mind.
** Dr. K██████:** And you considered you were the reincarnation?
SCP-xxx: Yes, for the most part. I did have my doubts at times, seeing humans looking and acting so differently than how I have remembered them, such as you. But my intuition was always there, steadfast in holding that seemingly incepted feeling that I was a human in my past life, and for the most part I went on along with it.

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