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The current form of SCP-XXX.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in an area out of direct sight from observers; video feeds seem not to induce the addictive properties of SCP-XXX. Other measures do not seem to be necessary yet.

Description: SCP-XXX takes on the appearance of items which could be categorized as “junk food”, most often as a [REDACTED] brand chocolate bar or a [REDACTED] brand bag of potato chips, commonly with distinctive packaging so as to differentiate it from other junk foods of the same variety, appearing perfectly innocuous at a glance. Often it will “draw” humans towards it, usually one at a time, except in a few extenuating circumstances, seemingly with intent of causing addiction. People who eat SCP-XXX have described it in all cases as tasting "too sweet." It is known to have regenerative properties; replenishing its contents, wrapper and all, should the subject consuming it not finish within fifteen (15) minutes of starting to consume it. The regeneration process is instantaneous and takes place roughly one hour after unfinished consumption. Finishing it, however, will cause the user to experience extreme hyperactivity, intense heartbeat, and hypersensitivity indicative of an extremely powerful sugar rush while also inciting an addiction to the SCP no matter what its form may be at the time. The subject will claim to "just know" that the food whose form SCP-XXX has taken on is in fact the SCP itself. The rush lasts for fifteen (15) to thirty (30) minutes; after which the consumer collapses in exhaustion, i.e., a sugar crash.

The [DATA EXPUNGED] in the food causes one of two effects, varying from user to user; this seems to be determined by the history of diabetes in one's ancestry. Subjects with a history of type-one diabetes in their family or themselves have the condition, as well as subjects otherwise unable to produce insulin in their own body, will produce large amounts of an aggressive type of Glucagon not normally produced by the unmodified human body, known as SCP-XXX-1. SCP-XXX-1 will elevate their blood glucose to extremely high levels hitting a plateau at about 600 mg/dl at first. This will cause excessive urination, vomiting, feelings of weakness, [DATA EXPUNGED], fatigue, breath smelling of alcohol, excessive perspiration, and high ketone levels in urine samples. Most measures to reverse this have proven entirely unsuccessful.

Other subjects that can produce their own insulin and have no history of type-one diabetes in their ancestry will produce an anomalous form of insulin called SCP-XXX-2, which is not normally produced in the human body. SCP-XXX-2 always causes extremely low blood sugar, showing symptoms including shaking, feelings of extreme weakness, seizures, [REDACTED], and loss of consciousness. Conventional methods of raising blood glucose have been entirely fruitless.

The only way to temporarily restore normal blood glucose levels in either case is to eat the next form of SCP-XXX once it manifests itself again as a different type of food; it shows some form of sentience as it will often be "cruel" in choosing its next form, re-spawning as increasingly unappetizing morsels each time it recreates itself until the target's death, at times even choosing [DATA EXPUNGED]. The sugar crash will get worse and worse with each consumption, as will the hyper/hypoglycemia symptoms, to the point of causing irreparable stomach damage and death in hyperglycemic subjects, or going into a permanent coma in the case of hypoglycemic subjects. Should a subject die from these symptoms, SCP-XXX will revert back to a much more appetizing form.

SCP-XXX was discovered in a [DATA EXPUNGED] convenience store in Plano, Texas by Dr. Peterson, located in the "take-a-penny-leave-a-penny" dish. At the time, it had assumed the form of a Hershey's Chocolate Bar. Upon remarking that the chocolate bar shouldn't be there, the clerk exclaimed, "Take it, please, keep it the hell out of this store! I don't [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]ing want it anywhere near me, do you hear?! Take it, keep it, I don't care WHAT you leave, god damn it!"

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