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Item #: SCP-

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures: nothing special, containment area built onsite shouls

suffice though any concerted effort from the trees to breach it should be repaired as

soon as possible.
extensive repairs or monthly maintenance requiring entrance into the containment proper

requires several d-class armed with (some shit or other) to repel any instance of scp-xx

that gets too close.


forest of semisentient 'vampire' trees uncovered during filming for a new supernatural TV

series pilot, show cancelled, fouondation disseminated various reports to discredit

mental state, chemicaal state etc of crew to incite plausible deniability, designates

forest as a protected area (find term),


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Item #: SCP-

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Don't hit anyone over the head outside of sanctioned testing or containment areas.


undercover agent at MCD known to Kulzn is rumbled, attacked with an iron bar, managed

to k.o guard, takes bar, flees, kulzn finds, locks agent in bathroom, agent became

werewolf thing, transferred to containment area at 33, tests on d-class to see what

the bar really does


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Item #: SCP-

Object Class: euclid

Special Containment Procedures: whatever the fuck causes it isn't to be looked

at/activated/whatever outside of sanctioned testing and containment facilities.

Description: object properties here. when active it (works) causing the skin of (AoE

maybe?) to become a self-aware organism (specific skin layer acting as neural tissue?),

often resents its (host? progenitor?) claiming them to be impure.Skin gains limited control

over the tongue also and can manipulate limbs of host. decline in quality of life as host

often has to 'fight their own body' to do anything.


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Item #: SCP-

Object Class: safe

Special Containment Procedures: immovable site, thus purchased and underground research constructed in adjacent sub-basement.

Description: located in sub-basement of [blackout], company went into administration, premises put up for sale, in the process of clearing out, movers access unlisted sub-basement, write it off as nuclear shelter with extravagant water feature (note: scp- was found with a full 'board' of blue, hence description as water feature), undercover agent working for company (monitors outgoing communications and incoming reports for relevant info) overhears investigates and reports back.

located in large plainly-rendered room, circular floorplan only one exit on eastern wall, large panel, (lattice? word) of cubes overhead north wall, 4x4x[blackout], blocks constantly shift by various methods of propulsion into new colour patterns for reasons unknown. Each colour appears to have its own different movement system;

blue - water fluid-filled and prehensile tubes

red - organic, pulsing and contracting musculature.

yellow - low-level intense sonic vibrations. (sound pulses colloq.)

black / white - magnetism, always appear to oppose one another in any pattern

green - unknown, not yet appeared on the surface, rarely beyond the third depth level.

when 9+ blocks (more than 50% of the 16-clock config.) are of the same colour the containing room manifests corroborating properties momentarily, reason and long-term effects unknown. properties seem entirely physical, not psychological.

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