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Item #: SCP-1326

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The containment area for SCP-1326 is to consist of three (3) parts:
Part A is to consist of a 10x10x10 meter room, constructed of a non-magnetic metal and both interior and exterior painted white, vacumed of air and scoured of as much matter as possible. This room shall house SCP-1326.
Part B is to consist of a 15x15x15 meter room, constructed of te same material as Part A, also vacumed of air and other matter. Part one shall be suspended and held within this room by multiple crossbeams. Part B is to serve as maintance space for both parts A and B, as well as back-up cantainment in the event of a breach in part A.
Part C is to consist of no fewer than six (6) 10T directional electromagnets all pointed toward the center, and arranged one to each wall, the ceiling, and floor. These will be positioned outside Part B, and are to be kept powered at all times, with no fewer than three (3) backup generators ready for immediate use at any time.
SCP-1326 is to be housed in Part A, suspended in the center by Part C.

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