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Item #: SCP-1262

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1262 is to be kept in a five by three (tall) by five (5x3x5) metre armoured room. All those wishing to access 1262 must undergo mandatory interrogation on the subject of 1262 due to its psychoreactive and metamorphic abilities.

Staff members that have been or are currently assigned to Keter-class SCPs are also prohibited from interacting with 1262 (See T-1262-2).

During every experiment involving SCP-5925, the entire duration must be monitored from without 1262's chamber with the observer having access to contingencies capable of completely containing or destroying the chamber should the need arise.

SCP-1262 is an object/entity of indeterminate physical characteristics. Its appearance, composition, mass and all other physical traits appear to reflect the belief of the person observing it (As Dr ███████ summarised, "It is whatever you think it is."). Throughout the course of SCP-1262's testing, it has accurately and reliably taken on every form believed by the observer, ranging from 'nothing', to ballpoint pens, to other SCPs (See T-1262-2), even on two occasions resembling 'God' (See T-1262-3).

When faced with a group of observers, 1262 will assume the 'believed form' of the closest person, switching instantly from form to form as observers change their proximity.


T-1262-1 - Safe Object Tests

Seventeen (17) D-Class personnel were told they were being given a cognitive perception and description test to gauge any psychological effects of their respective previous assignments. Subjects were told that they would enter a room containing a table with an object sat upon it (each subject was assigned and described a different, but entirely safe, object). Subjects were then led individually into 1262's chamber and told to loudly and clearly describe the object (SCP-1262) they see.

Fifteen (15) of the subjects reported objects identical to those they were expected to observe, affirming that 1262 reacted to their belief that the assigned object would be present.

However, 2 subjects experienced objects other than those assigned to them.
One subject (assigned a white porcelain teapot) observed SCP-1262 as a firing squad which immediately executed the subject upon entering the chamber. It is the conclusion of the testing team that the subject believed the experiment to be a trick and instead thought that he would be killed.
The other subject (assigned a Bic-brand ballpoint pen), upon entering the chamber, was observed to have met with what appeared to be an O5-level staff member and told he was being promoted to a junior researcher. The subject was notably downcast when informed this was not the case.

T-1262-2 - SCP Object Tests

Four (4) SCP staff members were told that their assigned SCP object had been temporarily moved to 1262's chamber (none of the subjects had knowledge of SCP-1262 or its abilities and were of the knowledge that the chamber was vacant prior to the test). The subjects were instructed to inspect their assigned objects and report any possible discrepancies or damage to the objects.

A staff member assigned to SCP-███ (Safe-Class) entered the chamber and found an exact copy of SCP-███ contained within (the original SCP-███ was confirmed to still be in containment for the entire duration the subject was in 1262's chamber). Subject was unable to distinguish SCP-1262 from SCP-███ or indeed find any discrepancy in 1262's appearance or properties.

A junior staff member also recently assigned to SCP-███ entered the chamber and found a copy of SCP-███ similar to in T-1262-2A. During this test, 1262 was thoroughly scanned and imaged and the results were shown to the subject of T-1262-2A, who was able to spot discrepancies in the finer details of SCP-███'s composition and appearance. This confirmed that 1262 draws its appearance directly from the viewer as it was unable to mimic details not known by T-1262-2B despite being present on both 1262 during T-1262-2A and on SCP-███ itself.

A senior researcher assigned to SCP-050 entered the chamber and was told to remove ten (10) pills from 1262. Examination of the pills produced by 1262 showed composition identical to those of 050 and similar properties and effects in petri-dish tests. However, as soon as the subject was no longer in closest proximity to the pills, they either became placebos (in the case of 4 of the pills handled by a staff member who only knew their appearance, not their composition) or vanished completely. No workaround of this limitation has yet been found at the date of writing.

A staff member assigned to SCP-1898 (Euclid-Class) entered the chamber. Results similar to T-1262-2A including mimicking 1898's ability to produce non-euclidian geometry.

Following the completion of T-1262-2, it was decided that personnel who had been in contact with all Keter-class SCPs are prohibited from coming into contact with SCP-1262 in case 1262 assumes the form of the Keter SCP.

All O5 personnel have also prohibited themselves from tests with 1262 in case it attempts to mimic SCP-001.

T-1262-3 - Theological Tests

Seven (7) Christians of various faith groups and levels of adherence and one (1) Atheist were told that SCP-1262 contained 'God' and sent into 1262's chamber individually. After leaving the chamber they were asked what they observed.

2 of the Christians reported to have seen what they believed was 'God'. Both were obviously touched by the experience and one thanked SCP staff for the chance to meet with 'Him'.

2 of the Christians and the Atheist reported that the chamber was empty. The Christians then admitted that they had not believed 'God' was in the chamber and instead thought it was a joke. The Atheist seemed comfortably affirmed in her belief.

The remaining 3 Christians all claimed that they had instead encountered 'Satan' or his followers within the chamber. All of these subjects were from the more devout backgrounds and admitted they believed the experiment to be a 'test of faith' and that those who did view 'God' in 1262's chamber had been 'led astray by the Devil'.

The theological implications of T-1262-3 have been noted by many of the personnel involved in the tests on SCP-1262.

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