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Cross-stitch or magnet that says "Children should be seen and not heard"

Within an x-meter radius, anyone under the age of 18 cannot be heard.

After a time period of n, persons within the range (certain types only?) begin to hallucinate seeing silent, transparent children. Frequently these hallucinations are tied into the past of the affected person.

Nightmares about children in peril?

Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: [Euclid?]

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP-#### is to be kept in a locked box at Site XX. Testing is to be conducted only on D-Class; Level 2 personnel or higher may file a request for testing with the supervising doctor.

Description: SCP-#### is a piece of cross-stitch, framed in a standard wooden photograph frame (20x25cm). The cross-stitch consists of a floral border and the words ‘Children should be seen and not heard’. All materials used in the construction of SCP-#### are unremarkable. No anomalous qualities are displayed unless SCP-#### is hung on a wall.

When hung on a wall, any vocalization - that is, any sound made using the larnyx or mouth - made by a person under the age of eighteen produces no sound. Within three to six hours, any actions they take - such as clapping, stomping the feet or slamming an object against a surface - also cease to make a sound. The effect is limited to the total area of the building in which SCP-#### is displayed, or to the property line if hung on a free-standing surface, and immediately ceases upon leaving the effect radius see Addendum-1.

Anyone over the age of eighteen experiences no immediate effects*.

*Testing shows SCP-#### eliminates the sound, rather than somehow make adults incapable of hearing it.



Ghost town
- Built of odd/ancient/somehow anomalous materials
- Designed for non-humans - somehow dangerous non-humans. Cyanide-breathers or something.
- Maintains itself
- Doesn’t like visitors?
- Repairs damage
- “Keep up the place, we’ll be back!”


Wooden immobile Earth globe
- Any person (animal?) touching it can feel, or imagines they feel, the movement of the Earth
- Unsettling situation, permanent effects - loss of balance, continually afraid of flying off the Earth, etc.



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