Landmark Tunnel


Object Class: Euclid

Special containment Procedures: SCP- is located at [DATA EXPUNGED], near a major landmark. There must be two armed guards near the entrance to SCP- at all times due to the location. Upon entrance or departure the door leading to the entity must be locked with a simple lock and key mechanism, so as to prevent any unaware civilians entering seeking passage to said landmark.

Description: SCP- is seemingly an underground, placed to direct tourists to the major landmark easily. The foundation was contacted by the local government of lololol after realising many tourists had gone missing around the area. After researching the tourists’ location of disappearance, the foundation discovered SCP-. The area leading to the underground is a small brick outlet. Leading to the “underground” is a flight of stairs, composed of 8 wide steps. The landmark is only 500m away from the outlet- however after a test with a couple of Class Ds the distance was proven to be over 10km. The last transmission of the Class Ds was of them reaching the landmark, though stated that no other organisms were present. This was confirmed by the live camera. Dr [REDACTED] was transported to the landmark by the local [REDACTED] service. However the landmark was reported to be very busy by the Dr [REDACTED]. However, he had found that transmission with the class-Ds had been lost. Upon a second expedition class-Ds sent also disappeared as soon as appearing at the landmark, though in this exploration the overseer reported a screaming coming from the radio. All explorations have proven inconclusive, though no subjects entering the “landmark” have returned, and have always reported the area to be completely devoid of any life.

Addendum: Due to lack of any life, Dr [REDACTED] has suggested that SCP- emits extremely heavy gamma radiation, which is why the cameras never show anything out of the ordinary. He also suggests that there is a sort of trigger that causes this radiation to be released when entering the landmark. Dr [REDACTED] opposes this, stating that the Class-Ds’ fright means that radiation cannot be causing the death. He suggests that because the bodies were removed from the "landmark's" premises, there must be an organism of sorts inside SCP-.

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