Laser Pointer of doom.

Item #: SCP-1218

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1218-1 is to be kept in the bottom drawer of a standard steel filing cabinet, the drawer is to be locked and a key is only to be given to Level 2 personnel and those assigned to the task of changing the flooring and ceiling of the Cabinet.

The ceiling of the cabinet is to contain a 1cm thick disk of ceramic or porcelain. SCP-1218-1 is to be suspended vertically with the top centered over the disk. The disk is to be changed twice weekly by personnel assigned to SCP-1218-1.

Due to the nature of SCP-1218-2, containment is impossible at this time.


SCP-1218-1 is a 10cm (3 inch) Laser pointer manufactured by ██████Lasers. Ltd, A dark violet beam of light is constantly projected from the top of the device. The beam exhibits the ability to burn through any substance, it is capable of burning through 3 cm thick steel in approximately 16 minutes, Ceramics appear to take the longest to burn through.

If the beam is to come into view of the open sky, it will suddenly change direction and shoot upward at an angle so that it will come in contact with SCP-1218-2. If SCP-1218-1 is turned so that the beam is not vertical, it will right itself, if an attempt is made to restrain it, the beam will bend, using it's ability to burn through substances to free itself.

SCP-1218-2 is a hollow object made of a titanium alloy, approximately ██ by ██ Meters in size (███ Feet) 293,000 Kilometers ( 182,061 Miles ) Outside of Earth's orbit. When contact with the beam of SCP-1218-1 is made, it will move at a rate of ██ Kilometers per second toward SCP-1218-1. If SCP-1218-2 were to make contact with Earth, It would cause either : Complete destruction of the Site as well as the surrounding area up to 79 square kilometers, and/or [DATA EXPUNGED]

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