Laser Shark Salvage


SCP-1373 upon recovery.

Item #: SCP-1373

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-1373-09 are preserved in a glass jar in Doctor Eldrake's office, with all other SCP-1373 samples preserved and stored in standard Safe-class containment lockers. All researchers with level 2 clearance or above are allowed to experiment with SCP-1373, with written consent from the current head researcher of SCP-1373.

Description: SCP-1373-01 through -08 are the bodies of 8 expired albino shark fetuses recovered from the womb of a pregnant dusky shark caught off the coast of California on ██/█/11; SCP-1373-09 is the preserved tissues of a ninth, which was dissected and processed into histological samples.

Cursory examination reveals instances of SCP-1373 are afflicted with cyclopic holoprosencephaly. Upon recovery, SCP-1373 was designated Anomalous Object US-9245-B due to the extreme unlikelihood of all 9 offspring having cyclopia, and the presence of a faded tattoo reading "Property of Doctor Wondertainment" under the left pectoral fin of SCP-1373's mother.

SCP-1373's anomalous effects were discovered during standard anomalous testing procedures, where the eye of SCP-1373-09 were found to be able to emit a green laser upon tugging backwards and downwards on the object's dorsal fin. The intensity of the laser could be adjusted according to the pressure exerted on the fin, peaking at a maximum output of 50 kW with 30 N of force applied. This is sufficient to burn through metal at close ranges of 50-100 cm. SCP-1373-09 was later dissected for in-depth examination, with the remains preserved and stored.

It appears SCP-1373 generates laser using natural Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) as a gain medium, and its eyes are incapable of sight, instead being filled with a large amount of "laser cells" containing four microscopic reflective surfaces. An unidentified bio-luminescent organ has replaced the brain of SCP-1373, functioning as a light source for the laser and directly manipulated by the dorsal fin. It is unknown how the eye of SCP-1373 is able to withstand the high temperatures of its own laser. The lack of a functional eye and brain, along with the tattoo found on the mother of SCP-1373, strongly implies that SCP-1373 is mass-produced, and many more instances of SCP-1373 may still remain uncontained. MTF-Theta-13 ("Shark Punchers") is to be assigned to search and contain other instances of SCP-1373.

Addendum: SCP-1373-10 through -16 were recovered from the womb of a similar pregnant dusky shark on ██/██/11, approximately 160 km east from the recovery point of SCP-1373-01 through -09. SCP-1373-10 through -16 appear to be an advanced model of SCP-1373, with power output approaching 100 kW, able to burn through metal at roughly twice the range of its predecessors.

A note was found inside the womb, severely damaged by amniotic fluid. Refer to Attachment-1373-A for details.

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