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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The installation CD-ROM containing SCP-XXX and any recovered hard drives containing the executable file SCP-XXX are to be kept in a passcode-secured storage locker at Sector ██. All hard drives are to be destroyed by fire or electromagnet by one or more D-class personnel. This is to occur no more than 48 hours prior to the standard scheduled termination of said D-class in order to conserve human resources.

SCP-XXX is to remain installed on one Foundation computer terminal, accessible only by Level 4 researchers except by O-5 order.

Description: SCP-XXX is a computer program apparently entitled "Internet Avenger." To date, only one original installation CD has been found, with a faded purple label featuring the title and a male figure in a stereotypical tight superhero costume with "IA" emblazoned on its chest and a CRT computer monitor for a head. The monitor displays a simple digitized face with two black eyes and a smirking mouth.

The CD will run in any personal computer meeting the following system requirements:


Due to the relatively low requirements, virtually any personal computer made after 1998 should be capable of installing and running the program.

Once Internet Avenger is installed, a toolbar will appear in any Internet browser installed on the computer. The toolbar includes a drop-down box, two text fields and a single button. (See Addendum XXX-01: Toolbar examination)

When values are filled in the fields and the button clicked, the mouse pointer as displayed will change into a fist. If the user "clicks" on any message board post, line of realtime chat, or e-mail subject line or body, a dialog box will appear, asking "Are you sure?" with "Yes" and "No" buttons underneath.

Clicking "No" returns the mouse pointer to its previous form. Clicking "Yes" invariably results in all of the following:

A new dialog box opens, featuring the words "Prepare to be Avenged!" in large font. The only available button is "Okay."

  • The targeted Internet user will die, usually within 24 hours.
  • Several image or video files depicting the victim's death will appear in a folder on the desktop of the computer used to execute the program. A text file will also appear, including identifying details of the victim.
  • A message will appear at regular intervals, reminding the program user to view the text file, photos and/or videos in their entirety by a set date and time, or "…find yourself on the wrong end of a true Internet Avenging!" The message stops appearing once the photos or videos have been viewed.
  • Another message appears following the viewing of the last photo or video: "Keep up the good fight! Help clean up the Internet! Find another evildoer by [new deadline]! Remember: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!"

Photos and videos always depict the victim's death at the hands of a figure dressed identically to the program's mascot (hereafter SCP-XXX-2), though the head is never in-frame. Failure by the user to view the photos/videos or to target another individual by the set deadlines invariably results in the death of the user.

Addendum XXX-01: Toolbar Examination

The toolbar has appeared in all tested Internet browsers.

The toolbar's dropbox has default text that reads "Choose your style of avenging." Options are:

  • Punch through the Internet
  • Kickban
  • Sick burn
  • An Hero
  • Butthurt

The first text field is short, preceded by the word "in" and followed by the word "minutes." Testing indicates an integer is to be input here, and affects the wait between identification of a target and initiation of the kill. Default text is "1."

The second text field is longer, and carries a 450-character limit. Default text reads, "Pass along a message to the douche-bag." Testing indicates any pronounceable words input here will be recited by SCP-XXX-2 at some point during the killing process.

The program comes with an uninstaller, but activating it results in the display of a message reading "Avenging imminent." After the message disappears, the program uninstalls as normal. Anyone initiating an uninstall process, will within 48 hours be found dead, disemboweled, dismembered, and dispersed throughout a 15-meter radius. Burning and crushing damage have also been noted infrequently.

The program employs no known method for identifying and locating its targets.

Addendum XXX-02: Victim files

The following are excerpts from the extensive "victim files" discovered on hard drives of "Internet Avenger" users. File dating and investigation indicates each of these represents the first use of the program on the associated computer. Text has been unaltered in most cases. Video and images are described.

Victim XXX-020
Target alias: Bandersnatch121
Offending comment: "another black ape stealing from White America. Sickening." on "Woman scammed out of $10,000 in department store parking lot"
Avenging style: Punch through the Internet
Personal message: "You're sickening."
Target identity: Ralph Folsom
Age: 48
Relevant info: male, divorced twice, avid gun collector, alcoholic, card-carrying member of ██ ███████ ████.

The lone image in the associated folder is a profile view of a man, presumably Ralph Folsom, sitting in a desk chair in front of a desktop computer. An arm consistent with images of the program mascot is protruding from the computer monitor, and appears to have forcibly passed through Folsom's face, exiting out the back of his skull, terminating in a fist. Glass and bone fragments are visibly embedded in the fist.

Victim XXX-112
Target alias: MississipiQueen22@█████.com
Offending comment: "Why settle 4 less? She won't. Six plus inces is YOURS NOW!!!! Click to order!"
Avenging style: HOLYWTFBBQ
Personal message: None
Target identity: Sarah Vandenbossche
Age: 34
Relevant info: female, married, mother of 3, pregnant, computer's e-mail client affected by spyware

The video clip in the associated folder shows a middle-aged woman, presumably Sarah Vandenbossche, tied to a bed by her arms and legs. The program mascot stands nearby. Vandenbossche lets out several screams of increasing length and pitch before suddenly and inexplicably exploding into what appears to be flaming Rubik's Cubes. No trace of the body remains.

Note: Other victims of the "HOLYWTFBBQ" option have suffered other results, including total immolation identical to victims of the "Sick Burn" option, melting into an unidentified black sludge, being pulled into what may be an extremely localized singularity, being eaten from the inside by large, unidentified insects, and others.

Victim XXX-220
Target alias: LOLLERGASM
Offending comment:
[Note: Nonsensical series of symbols here appears to represent a cat when aligned properly. The series of symbols is repeated 30 times. Context information indicates this is an excerpt from a chat room.]
Avenging style: Kickban
Personal message: "Catspam this."
Target identity: Sean Smith
Age: 13
Relevant info: male, survived by mother, father, 2 older sisters

The series of images in the associated folder display a young adolescent, presumably Sean Smith, naked in what appears to be a bedroom. When images are viewed in sequential order by filename, Smith appears to be progressively injured. Analysis indicates several broken bones, including spine in second-to-last image, and final image displays Smith's crushed face, featuring what appears to be the print of a boot, size 22.

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