Title: Heart-Shaped Locket

Photograph of SCP-979

Item: SCP-979

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-979 must be kept in a secure locker in Site ██. The locker must be protected by a retinal scan and backup password entry terminal, and the password is known only to SCP-979 testing staff and higher-level general staff.

Under no circumstances are any humans under the age of 15 to be allowed access to SCP-979.

Description: This SCP appears as necklace of substandard quality, presumably marketed towards children. A 30cm long piece of white string holds onto a heart-shaped piece of plastic, containing concentric hearts with various electrical components inside. The plastic casing, due to its substandard manufacturing, shows some warping and wear. Any efforts to examine it’s inner working would not be worth the risk of damaging it.

When worn, the ring of lights will flash in a semi-random pattern, until the object is taken off. The lights will flash red during wear, but have been observed to be clear diodes when inspected while inactive.

If the object is worn for more than a minute by those over fifteen years of age, the bearer will begin to show deviations in behavior, becoming more like a child; easily engrossed in simple toys, inability to grasp complex subjects, reading difficulties, emotional sensitivity, and a desire for sugary and/or high-fat foods. A quarter of subjects tested showed an increased ability to recall memories from their youth. Note that these behaviors come on slowly, and no more will be introduced after fifteen minutes. All effects have been shown to wear off within half an hour of the bearer removing the object. While it is not known how the object senses it is being worn, research staff assigned to this SCP have brought forward several theories, including heat sensitivity, moisture detection, and [DATA REDACTED].

The effects of the object are felt only if it is worn around the neck of a human. Nothing was observed to happen when a human held the object in their hand, or when it was placed on the neck of several animals, including cats, dogs, monkeys, and horses.

Under no circumstances is SCP-979 to be worn by any subject under the age of fifteen. Tests have revealed that these subjects show much different deviations than those over fifteen. At first, the ring of lights will turn blue, and stay that color [until the subject removes the object]. Then, the subject will start to experience behavior deviations, including paranoia, undue frustration, boredom with toys appropriate for their age, suppression of emotions, aggression, and sexual advances. ██% of the twenty under-fifteen subjects tested before such experiments ceased scored double or triple on standard cognitive and intelligence tests, compared to before they put it on. As with Over-15s, the effects will wear off within half an hour or removal from the subject.

Experiment 979-4X was undertaken to study further what happens to a human on their 15th birthday. Michael, the son of Researcher ██████████ , an assistant to Dr. █████ , was brought in on the day before his 15th birthday. He was instructed to stay overnight in a standard Staff Residence room that had been modified to suit a teen's interests, and been fitted with an airlock and extra cameras. SCP-979 was placed on Michael's neck an hour before his recorded birth time, 11:22 pm, and he fell asleep within a half-hour. At exactly 11:22 pm, Michael began to scream and thrash about, though he did not fully open his eyes. As well, a gelatinous, bloody liquid began to leak from the object, slowly covering Michael's body. As soon as Michael was ██% covered by the liquid, he went back to sleep, and seemed even calmer than before. He was seen to be smiling in his slumber. The liquid was retrieved for testing, and was found to be [data redacted], with an exact DNA match to Michael's mother.

Addendum: To illustrate the dramatic change in the behaviour of those wearing this object, two interview logs are presented here. For complete transcripts and video of more subject interviews, see File 979-D1.

Interviewed: ███████, age 12, formerly assigned to SCP-████ duty

Interviewer: Researcher Prevost

<Tape begins 11:32:25, 04/08/2009.>

Researcher Prevost: "So, ███████, how do you feel?"

███████: "Nothing, yet. Hmm…a little cold, actually.

R.P.: "Cold?"

███████: "Nevermind, it's gone now. Tell me, Mister Prevost, what's so special about this thing? It just looks like a stupid hunk of plastic to me."

R.P.: "We are still attempting to find that out, ███████."

███████: "Eh, I still feel like a girly bitch wearing this necklace."

R.P.: "I will now ask you a few questions to assess your current mental stability and proficiency levels. First, what do you plan to be when you grow up?"

███████: "A rockstar. All the sex, drugs and rock and roll I could want. I plan to be snorting lines off a hooker's ass when I'm twenty. That is, if you fucks ever let me out of here."

R.P.: "What is the answer to two plus twenty three? Also, please recite the first seven digits of Pi."

███████: "I was never very good at the maths, Johnathan."

R.P.: "Please address me only as Researcher Prevost. Answer the questions."

███████: "Alright, alright, don't get your fucking knickers in a twist. Lessee…twenty five, and 3.141592."

R.P.: "Correct. Now, what is your last memory of your mother, and why did SCP-████ let you go while killing all others in your group?"

███████: "Hey, my mother is a goddamned saint, man, a saint. Don't ask about her unless you want another orifice. As for Object ████, it was merely obeying its [DATA REDACTED] neural programming. I merely [DATA REDACTED]

<Log ends at 11:34:24. Rest of interview recording is restricted.>

Interviewed: Researcher Seapool, 1220 Staff member
Interviewed by: Doctor Shiu, Head of 1220 Staff
<Tape begins 14:02:00, 07/25/2009.>
Doctor Shiu: "It has now been two minutes since you have put the object on, Seapool. How do you feel?"
Researcher Seapool: "Quite good, Doctor."
DS: "Good. Now, as you know, I have a few questions to assess your current conditions. Ready, Seapool?"
RS: "Of course, Mister. Ask away."
DS: "What is the square root of one million?"
RS: "Ah…uh, I should know this one….I've asked it a dozen times already…I'll say, a hundred?"
DS: "That is incorrect, Seapool. The answer is one thousand."
RS: "Damnit. I should've guessed that."
DS: "Seapool, tell me about the day you were born, if you can remember it."
RS: "Well…it was painful, let me tell you. It was like, one minute I was in a warm, foggy pool, the next I was being pulled out into a cold, white room by a man in a cold white coat. It was difficult to feel…hunger, the touch of human hands, the cold rushing of air into my small lungs…I don't wanna talk about this no more, Doctor."
DS: "Ok, we'll move on then, Seapool. Now, I have a choice for you - would you like a granola bar, or a scoop of chocolate ice cream?"
RS: "Ooh, ooh, the ice cream, please."
DS: "Here you go, Seapool. I should take that off you now. End Recording."
<Tape ends 14:05:44, 07/25/2009. It should be noted that Researcher Seapool has been lactose intolerant since the age of seven.>

Title: Timelocked Sphere

Item: SCP-1044

Photograph of a car of the same make as the one within SCP-1044

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-1044 is immobile, a building, known internally as Site 345, has been constructed around it. This building is externally disguised as a padlocked and boarded up car dealership. All personnel entering and exiting Site 345 must use approved disguises and vehicles.

The use of flash photography or other light sources while on the main testing floor must be authorized by the head of SCP-1044 research, Dr. Fidsull.

Description: SCP-1044 is located in a remote corner of a park in ████████ ██████████, an upper-class suburb of ██████████, Ohio.
The SCP itself is a sphere of space approximately ██m in diameter. Everything that enters this sphere becomes immobile – right down to the atomic level – within 1.4 seconds. The only thing that has been recorded as not trapped is light. Even other forms of radiation are frozen, making any X-Ray examinations impossible.

For an unknown reason, surfaces within the sphere are constantly lit as though the sun was directly overhead - even at night, or in a sealed room. New light temporarily adds to this brightness, and will fade with the removal of the light source as normal.

Currently contained within the sphere are:

  • One blue 1968 Corvette Stingray: license plate, from Ohio, does not match any car registered in Ohio, though there are several matches in other states, all confirmed to be very different makes. Car is clean and well-polished – even the inside is clean and empty, save for a wooden baseball bat lying across the passenger seat. The bat is unadorned, save for a black stripe on the handle.
  • Part of a bush: as the bush is thick, it is very likely that it was full grown when the sphere was formed. The part of the bush outside the sphere has continued to grow, and is to be trimmed by staff to maintain viewing angles. Close study shows that it is a standard Celastrus Scandens - Staff Vine - shrub with no unusual properties of its own.
  • Four officers: Officer John Cadman and Sergeant George Coldwell, of the ██████████ County PD, and Officers Michael Devries and John Feston of the Ohio State Police. Officer John Cadman was the first to enter the sphere, as he came to investigate a report of an abandoned car, as given by an anonymous civilian. When Cadman did not return, Feston and another officer went to investigate. The other officer, who decided to stay back near their cruiser, called the state police, who arrived with several vehicles, and they first alerted the FBI. Before the FBI could arrive, two state officers were sent to inspect the scene – Devries and Feston. Devries is frozen in a position of holding his gun with both hands at near eye level, and Feston is frozen in position using radiation-detecting equipment. It is not known why Devries had drawn his gun.
  • D-786: After the state police arrived, and foundation double agents in the PD headquarters were alerted, Foundation agents enacted a scheme of disguising themselves as US military, going so far as to use Army-standard Humvees and helicopters. They explained to the police that it was stolen top-secret technology, and after the sphere was initially placed in a large tent, and the police forgot about it, the disguise was dropped. One of the first experiments was to send a D-class, rigged with multiple tracking and monitoring devices, through the sphere. All devices stopped transmitting simultaneously, and no further living beings have been sent into the sphere.

The trunk of the car has been found, though overhead camera recordings, to lie at the very center of the sphere. It is possible that what is causing the effect is inside the trunk, but this cannot currently be confirmed.

Addendum: Talk has arisen of using 1044 as an emergency containment area for dangerous SCPs. This is, at the moment, a bad idea. We just don't know enough about 1044 to put Safe objects, much less Euclids, inside. There's too great a chance the sphere may be 'unlocked' at a time where we still can't contain the more dangerous object. -Dr. Fidsull

Title: Nano-Composite Tires

Item: SCP-1035

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1035-1 through -85 are to be stored in a large room - 100m by 100m, and 20m high - fitted with several surveillance cameras, EMP charges with remote activation capability, and strong lights. Each object is to be stored in it's own designated spot on a shelving system - a system made with electrically-resistant materials.

At least two staff must be on hand to monitor the objects for any sign of activity. If movement is recorded without provocation, Containment Procedure 1035-RBT must be enacted - the EMP charges must be set off, followed by [DATA RESTRICTED].

SCP-1035-X must be stored in it's own reinforced air-tight container, and is to be kept sedated with electrical shocks unless testing is being done on it. Any staff conducting tests on this object must begin any dialogue by saying 'I am a cousin of Dr. van Alder'.


SCP-1035 is a set of 85 tires, of an advanced design and manufacture. They are all black on the outside, and grey on the inside surfaces. Six of the objects are sized to fit bicycles, eight are likely made for use on motorcycles, and the other 71 are made for larger vehicles - one seems to have been made for a very large vehicle, dump-truck size or bigger.

All of them bear the words 'The Factory' in a wide, slanted font on both outside faces. As well, a series of characters from an unknown language - also wide and slanted - sit opposite, with each size category sharing the same characters.

The current leading theory on the nature of these objects is that each is composed of trillions of tiny nanomachines, each about ██ nanometers in diameter. They are able to coordinate behaviours and change their properties very quickly, though the exact method is unknown - they have proven resistant to x-ray analysis, and give no external indication of internal composition. However, it is very likely that they are not autonomous - they seem to react only to an external force or, as it is theorized, programming sent though a specific method of transmission.

All the objects have proven highly resistant to most kinds of damage; the region nearest to the impact always hardens and smoothens to a degree almost inverse to that of the force of impact. Sustained damage inflicted shows some degradation in the material of the objects, but the objects always reform to the initial state through an unknown process, and can even absorb energy given off by particularly energetic forms of damage. The results of some of these tests are shown below.

  • Puncture test: Surgical-grade knife used could not puncture skin of object. Scratches left by knife were 'healed' within 15 seconds.
  • Compression and Shredding tests: Machines used in each test were destroyed after the blades and pressing surfaces slipped out of place upon contact with the object.
  • Road Wear test: Object did not deform in any significant manner after 7 continuous days of travelling along a simulated gravel-filled road, even at high speeds.
  • Ignition test: Object became blackened and charred, but showed a significant overall increase in weight and size after being doused in gasoline and set on fire. Cosmetic damage was reformed within five minutes.
  • Explosives test: [DATA EXPUNGED]. A remote building has now been built around the object to better study it.
  • Nitric Acid test: [DATA EXPUNGED]. D-9823, D-3459, and Researcher Thayton deceased, due to inadequacy of environmental suits to protect from the fumes released. No further acid-based tests are to be conducted upon these objects.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse test: Object collapsed into a pool of dark grey liquid, and did not display usual resistant properties. After a small sample of this liquid was collected, a secondary electric shock was applied, and the object assumed it's previous state, though 0.5% smaller, due to the sample removal.
  • SCP-314 test: One tire was rolled through 314’s Active Zone. Tire emerged undamaged, but was immediately examined, and described as ‘smooth…to the point of being slippery’ and ‘harder than diamond’. Likely further evidence of diamond-derived nanomaterials being used in the manufacture of this SCP, though in a way not currently understood.
  • SCP-379 test: [Redacted], designated as SCP 1035-X, is to have its own airtight container with an integrated two-way communication system, and is to be sedated with a constant application of low-intensity electric shocks. Level 3 clearance is needed to cease sedation and initiate observation. This object developed a strong affection for Dr. van Alder, the researcher who spent the most time with it. In the wake of Dr. van Alder's death, anyone wishing to communicate with 1035-X must declare some sort of relation with the late doctor.

Since their initial storage on March 8th, 2010, there have been ██ unprovoked activations of the objects. Full reports on these incidents can be found in Document 1035-Gamma. In each incident, the objects tried to escape containment in some manner. All attempts at escape were prevented by the deployment of a containment team armed with EMP charges. The closest the objects have come was during the █th attempt, where several objects moved in concert to bounce one object on a trajectory towards the room's surveillance camera. This object liquified mid-air, and started to move though the holes that the camera's wires went through. The objects have not displayed this level of elasticity, or moved while in a liquid form, at any other time.

The objects have not been activated in this manner since June 1st, 2010.


SCP-1035 was first uncovered in the winter months of 2009-2010. Seven car crashes, happening across the USA, Canada, and Japan, initially described cars using an unknown make of tire, 'seemingly melted, despite low speeds and cool weather'. The Foundation investigated these claims, and seized the objects for study. The accidents were covered up as the result of manufacturing errors in the tires.

Of the 13 victims involved in these crashes, 9 are dead and 4 are in comas. Cameras have covertly been placed in the comatose victim's rooms, so that Foundation personnel may interrogate them, and subsequently help them to remember the incident in a safe way, if they ever regain consciousness.

On March 5th, 2010, the US border guards at the Mexican border stopped a truck destined for Los Angeles. During their routine inspection of the cargo, they found the truck was loaded with pallets full of unusual, grey-black tires. The truck was not branded with any known tire manufacturer's logo, so the driver's paperwork was checked. The driver became quite nervous and agitated. The driver, as stated by witnessing officers, said 'Oh man, oh man…the H.O.D. is not gonna like this…I can't go back and face it, not again…', before pulling out a pistol and shooting himself with it.

The truck and its contents were initially routed to a UIU storage facility in █████, South Dakota, but a Foundation team managed to infiltrate and reroute the vehicle to a Foundation storehouse in [REDACTED] - Site.

This article has been posted up as SCP-950.

Title: Clothes Dryer

Item: SCP-950

Photograph of SCP-950 in inactive state

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-950 is to be stored in a well-lit room, with a video camera in one corner, and is to remain plugged in to an isolated electrical generator.

The output resulting from the completion of SCP-950s activity must be handled with extreme caution; all non-Class D personnel must handle the laundry or any baskets containing the laundry with sterile gloves and hospital-grade masks. All output is to be inspected and photographed, as directed by the lead of SCP-950 testing. All articles output are to be incinerated afterwards, unless directed by the lead of testing.

Personnel who wish to volunteer their own laundry must first be vetted, and the contents of their submission must be inspected before they are granted entry to the testing room.

Description: SCP-950 is a black-colored dryer of the [REDACTED] series, from GE. All components match with usual examples of this series, though GE has never made them in black.

When the machine is started, on any setting, any laundry within the machine goes through a normal tumbling and drying process. However, halfway through the determined cycle, the contents will begin to change or disappear entirely. When the cycle ends, and the door is opened, what is found is a collection of clothing entirely different from what was put in. Input objects that are not clothing also go through this process, and end up as laundry in the same manner. When the machine is empty, the cycle runs as normal, and no transformation occurs.

All tests have shown that the resultant laundry has never been seen before by the person who owned the input clothing. As well, in almost all cases, the output articles are much dirtier than those input, and are often covered in stains. Human [and other animal] bodily fluids of all known kinds have been recorded on various articles of clothing, and there have been several with contagious viruses, including Ebola and [REDACTED]. Occasionally, some articles have tears and cuts, corresponding to those that would have been made by various kind of weapons.

DNA samples have been drawn from many of the output articles. Some samples match with those of victims of crime or disease, and more match with people who are listed as healthy, and suffered only temporary injury or illness. About 40% of the DNA samples are either animal DNA, or human DNA that has not been previously recorded to any database. Three articles have had residues of crushed insects of previously undiscovered species. One article [DATA EXPUNGED] no known life on Earth.


To better illustrate the condition of the output clothing, two excerpts from tests have been added. For photographs and complete transcripts of more tests, see document 950-Gamma.

Test 950-Gamma-06
Date: 05-12-2009
List of submitted articles:

  • Five standard issue D-Class uniforms, previously washed and dried
  • One civilian sport jacket, large size
  • Three pairs of plain white ankle socks, lightly used and unwashed
  • Six pairs of underwear, recently washed, and still wet

Settings Used: Tumble Dry, 60 Minutes, 'Colors'

List of output articles:

  • One white tank top, woman's fit, dried blood stain with small knife tear in stomach area
  • One black sports sock, balled up, with dried saliva stains
  • One pair of children's size pajama pants, torn down the outside of the left leg
  • Two pairs of men's medium size underwear, stained with █████ and █████ ██████

Test 950-Gamma-09
Date: 08-27-2009
List of submitted articles:

  • One 25 cm x 25 cm square of heavily worn and dirtied carpet
  • Two standard D-Class pillowsheets, one week since previous washing
  • One King-size bedsheet, from Researcher Garton's living quarters - had not been washed for thirty days, small dried blood stain in corner

Settings Used: Tumble Dry, 60 Minutes, 'Heavies'

List of output articles:

  • Twin-size bedsheet, covered in a layer of rotten biological residue - later analysis revealed it to be mostly human skin and muscle, that had been left in very salty water for at least six months
  • Formal men's tuxedo, displaying signs of advanced age and decomposition - staff believe it to be between 10 and 15 years old, and traces of human flesh and bone remain on the inside, as well as traces of soil on the outside surfaces
  • Four pairs of lady's hosiery, heavily stained by sweat - analysis proved inconclusive as to identity of wearers, and one was torn in multiple places, while the other three, of the same kind, were intact
  • Two infant-sized button-up shirts, both dark blue, both have name 'Peter' written on tag on neck in blue ink, and no unusual stains or residues were observed on either

Test 950-Gamma-03
Date: 02-15-2009
List of submitted articles:

  • Five small plastic children's toys without any complex electronics or metal parts, selected to avoid damage to the inside of the machine

Settings Used: Tumble Dry, 30 Minutes, 'Delicates'

List of output articles:

  • Five plastic wristbands, as used by modern morgues to identify bodies; each wristband had the name of a child that had died due to ingesting small toys or parts of toys. It should be noted that each name was traced to a different country, and that all five had died in the last year.

Title: Ares' Throne

Item: SCP-1082

Photograph of SCP-1082 during initial recovery.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1082 is to be stored in a soundproof, underground chamber, which is also to be used for any testing done on it.

Description: SCP-1082 is a three-legged chair, with the top half covered in sheep’s hair. At the end of each of the chair’s ‘arms’ is the head of a sheep of the Ovis Aries species, identical to the one at the top of the ‘backrest’.

These heads will emit sounds identical to those of a regular sheep, though the heads will rarely pause for more than 3 seconds. Most of the time they bleat independently of each other, but every ███ seconds, the three heads will bleat in unison. It has been theorized that they do this to commemorate the death of a sheep somewhere in the world, but this has not been confirmed.

It should be noted that the heads have never been observed to need sleep, food, or water, and continue to bleat at full strength at all times. Because of this, it is recommended that those entering the containment chamber wear Grade Six ear protection, and a microphone to communicate with external personnel if necessary.

X-ray scans of the chair have revealed that the chair, including the three heads, have no biological components, save for the exterior, which seems to have been preserved from real sheep by a skilled taxidermist. Internally, the chair is padded with leather and cotton, and all seams are stitched to a high degree of quality.

The three legs of the chair closely resemble that of a sheep, though they cannot move – their hardness and weight has been tested as approximating that of wood.

Further effects occur when a human being sits on the chair, as listed below. Non-human beings sitting in the chair, nor humans merely touching the chair, feel any effects.

  • One minute or less: Occupant feels mild discomfort, slight headaches. Several personnel tested reported that the bleating of the heads ‘reverberated to their very soul’ during this period.
  • Two to five minutes: Most occupants report reduced pain, and a feeling of calm. All occupants reported feeling very hungry. Two of the tested personnel stated they ‘could feel their hunger…could feel all their hunger, all their urges’.
  • Six minutes to half an hour: Occupants report ‘being at one…with all of them’. Occupants display several behaviours common to the appropriate gender – a male occupant will display aggressive and sexual behaviours, while a female occupant will attempt to dance provocatively while remaining connected to the chair, and unconsciously overload sweat glands to emit a unique scent.
  • Half and hour to two hours: Occupants entering this stage will either become depressed and angry, usually leading to serious health complications if the occupant is not taken out or the chair, or will calm down, and speak less and less as time goes on. These occupants have been observed to be distracted, looking every which way – occupant reports state they were ‘learning to control their flock’. Slight permanent physical changes can occur at this stage; examples include hyperactive hair growth, whitening of hair, lengthening and narrowing of skull bones, and [DATA REDACTED].
  • Beyond two hours: Occupants with a strong mental presence will retain their human intelligence, and often have it enhanced. Occupants report that they ‘feel like royalty’ – and it has been confirmed that they gain telepathic control over the world’s sheep, with sheep nearest to the occupant easiest to control. Anybody to be sent through this stage must be screened for excessive sociopathic tendencies – see Incident Log 1082-X.

However, occupants with a weaker mentality will begin to believe they are a sheep, and act accordingly. Without intensive psychological treatment, this will become permanent within twelve hours.

All personnel recovered from the chair report being profoundly affected by the time spent in the chair. Even those who spent less than a minute reported hearing faint echoes of sheep bleating for several months afterward.

Title: Blackbird

Photograph of SCP-1128-1 resting on the roof of a church. Immediately after this picture was taken, it became SCP-1128-2 and took off, destroying the church in the process.

Item: SCP-1128

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No satisfactory physical containment procedures have been devised yet. Qualified researchers and doctors are to be employed to this end, as can be spared.

For now, SCP-1128 is to be tracked and visually monitored. Its annual migratory path is to be cleared of human habitation as much as possible, and one of several cover stories is to be disseminated to the public in case of sightings. These cover stories are stored in Document 1128-Beta, and are to be updated with the most recent information on military and scientific aircraft testing.

Description: SCP-1128 is found in one of two forms, designated as SCP-1128-1 and SCP-1128-2. Its first form [SCP-1128-1] is that of a common Red-winged Blackbird, Agelaius phoeniceus. There is nothing to set it apart from any others of its species, save for a 50% increase in the amount it eats.

SCP-1128-2 is that of an SR-71 ‘Blackbird’ stealth aircraft, with external markings indicating a production date between 19██ and 19██. Covert investigations and interviews with USAF personnel have revealed that each SR71 had slight differences for the purpose of identification by friendly forces; subsequent sightings of SCP-1128-2 shows it is likely to be serial number ██-███████, lost over Kamchatka, USSR in 19██. USAF archives state that this aircraft was lost in a reconnaissance mission over Norway, but a slip of the tongue by [name redacted], a former SAC [Strategic Air Command] worker, betrayed this cover story. This person could not be contacted for further questions.

SCP-1128 will switch between these two forms at will, and when provoked. The transformation process has been described by witnesses as ‘surreal’, and ‘disturbing’, and takes only 2.34 seconds. When foraging for food, it will stay in the form of SCP-1128-1 until it must move on to find more food, where it will assume the form of SCP-1128-2 to find a new foraging ground. It has also adapted to switch between these two forms to react to dangerous situations. See Testing Log 1128-C for details.

A Mobile Task Force, the MTF Lambda-5 ‘Birdwatchers’, has been set up to follow SCP-1128, in limited cooperation with the USAF and FBI. As well as following SCP-1128 in supersonic aircraft, MTF Lambda-5 is responsible for keeping the public unaware of the true nature of SCP-1128.

Lambda-5 has reported that SCP-1128-2 features ‘a single, large avian eye’ covered by the cockpit’s usual metal frame and glass.

The fuel source of SCP-1128-2 is not currently known at this time.

Addendum: SCP-1128’s migratory route has one notable deviation, which should be explored further. During the winter, it will always stop somewhere within two kilometers of coordinates ██████████. At this location is an old farmhouse, now abandoned. Research into the history of the house reveals that from 19██ to 19██ a woman by the name of Rose ██████ lived there with her husband, John █████, a farmer. They had a son, David, who signed up for the army in 19██, reportedly to fight in the ████████ War, and entered the USAF in 19██.

It will usually sit completely still for five minutes, where it will then take off and continue on its migratory route.

Testing Log 1128-C:

  • 04/27/19██: F-15 Eagle firing two standard █████ ‘Sidewinder’ missiles at SCP-1128-2 in flight. When missiles closed to within 1 KM of target, target initiated transformation to SCP-1128-1. Missiles then lost the target, and were remotely detonated without incident.
  • 11/01/19██: MTF Lambda-5 personnel firing a shotgun loaded with standard buckshot at SCP-1128-1 during feeding in a forest near ██████████, Kansas. Upon hearing the gun fire, target transformed into SCP-1128-2 and took off, with the exhaust starting a significant forest fire which killed several MTF personnel.
  • 07/15/2000: MTF Lambda-5 personnel successfully perform a dangerous maneuver to attach a tracking beacon to SCP-1128-2 in-flight. However, the agent attaching the beacon was lost over ██████████████, Colorado when the target transformed into SCP-1128-1 and the chase plane could not dive to recover him in time. The tracking beacon stayed attached to SCP-1128 after transformation, and is being used by MTF Lambda-5 to this day.

Note from Dr. Angeli, Director of MTF Lambda-5

//I believe it would be a prudent idea if the Foundation were to purchase the house near ██████████ and the lands around it, for the purpose of converting it into an observation base for the Mobile Task Force. Development has grown awfully close in the last half-century, and contacts in the community tell of several developers interested in this site.

I can’t say for sure what would happen if the house were to be demolished, or even just heavily altered; it might cause ‘Blackbird’ to disappear somehow, like exorcising a ghost – on the other hand, it might well make it angry. I would hate to see the day when ‘Blackbird’ learns just how dangerous it could be.//

Title: Black Knight

Item #: SCP-1100

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1100 must be kept in a box, made of lead, bolted to a heavy metal table, itself bolted to the floor of an airtight, blast resistant room located 1 km under Site ██. Two armed guards are to stand outside at all times, who must wear bullet-resistant armor, and have gasmasks and eye protection within arm's reach, and be armed with [data redacted], or something better if it is developed. These guards are to let only an Overseer-level administrator, who will present Document Allah Tango, printed with several passcodes only the other Administrators know. The Administrator is only to enter the chamber to add subjects of the same set to the box containing SCP-1100. Attempts by non-Administrator personnel to enter will result in immediate termination.

Description: SCP-1100, specifically the part in Foundation control, is a knight from what appears to be a chess set. There are no anomalous properties recorded with this object, besides the unknown species of wood it is carved from. The dark stain would indicate that it plays the part of the Black knight. A stylistic Islamic prayer phrase is stamped on the bottom in gold, specifically Basmala. Undercover agents in the UIU have confirmed that their piece was made of the same material, and had another Islamic prayer phrase on the bottom.

Non-Administrator personnel who become aware of SCP-1100 have their outside-world privileges permanently revoked, and must reside on whatever Site they learned about it in. Conversation by these people with people who do not know of it will result in immediate termination, and an imposition of the same isolation on the person they talked to.

SCP-343 is one of the the only non-Administrator beings to not be punished, because it has sworn secrecy on the subject, though would not provide any information, beyond saying 'Ah…I haven't used that in a long time'. SCP-073 has also sworn secrecy on the subject.

Other pieces of the set have been confirmed to be in other groups' posession. The UIU has been reported to have three of the White Pawns, the GOC likely has all the Bishops and one black pawn, and Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. hold the White King & Queen, 2 White Pawns, and all the Rooks. The location of the remaining pieces is not known, though there is a good chance that the Black Queen is in the posession of [data redacted]. Why the GOC has not yet destroyed their pieces is unknown.

Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd. has been very active in acquiring pieces of this set. A White Pawn was among the posessions of [data redacted] being sold off at his estate. A Foundation agent was sent to acquire it, but after a fierce bidding war, lost out to a woman suspected of working for M,C&D. She paid 80 million USD for it.

In addition to their White Pawns, the UIU was once in possession of a White Knight, but it was taken in a brazen and violent daytime raid by an unknown group of masked men, wielding advanced equipment, including cutting lasers, EMP grenades, and reportedly a pistol that auto-targeted the most vulnerable spot on the target's body - possibly an SCP, though very advanced science cannot be ruled out. Nine UIU personnel were killed in the raid.

Title: Alexanderplatz, Morning

Item: SCP-1201

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1201 is to be contained in a standard containment room, with one guard standing outside the door. The item should be kept behind strengthened glass. At least one set of lights should illuminate the room at all times.

Description: A 2m by 1m painting on canvas, framed in finely-carved Swiss Pine [Pinus Cembra]. Confirmed though carbon dating to have been milled in the same year it was apparently used in – 1945.

The subject of the painting, as deciphered from a small metal plaque on the wood below the painting, is of Alexanderplatz, the famous square in Berlin. The plaque says, in plain capital letters, ‘Alexanderplatz, Morgen’, with the phrase ‘Eva gewidmet’ on the line below. This translates to ‘Alexanderplatz, Morning’ and ‘Dedicated to Eva’.

The painting depicts many buildings known to have been in existence before World War II, though there are several buildings that do not match records of Alexanderplatz. One of the most noticeable features is a large copper statue, towing over the surrounding buildings, which depicts a soldier [the nationality of which is not confirmed] bayoneting a non-human entity. This entity closely resembles a more-erect Velociraptor, though it appears to have several eyes spread along the top of its head, and more developed arms. It also seems to be wearing some kind of environmental or combat suit, and is holding a large rifle at its side, though it is on the far side of the entity so little can be seen of it. A large inscription at the base of the statue reads ‘DIE ERDE VERTEIDIGT’, or ‘THE EARTH DEFENDED’. A signature, in small white text, can be found at the bottom right corner, reading A.H. ‘45.

While this SCP is Safe, and can be viewed safely from behind standard safety glass, the history of this SCP is to be further researched with all possible resources.

This SCP first came into the Foundation’s interest after it came up for auction at Christies New York, an American auction house. It was put up for sale by O███ I██████████, a retired Japanese businessman. Initially, it was described as a painting by [data redacted], an artist known for his science fiction and fantasy pieces – this was later proved by Foundation researchers to be false, as it is in a very different style. George ██████████ , a businessman from Atlanta who had been followed for several weeks by Foundation agents, began bidding on it at a very low price. An electronic bid was quickly sent by Agent Korocz, in disguise as a museum official at the time. George engaged in a bidding war, and broke off when Agent Korocz submitted a bid of 9 million USD. It is worth noting that George had been observed as the bidding agent for [data redacted] and one of the fragments of SCP-████, and is likely working for or with the firm of Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. George evaded capture after the auction ended by climbing into a limousine with darkened windows and driving off.

O███ I██████████ died of a heart attack in his home in Okinawa, Japan two days after the auction ended, before Agents could interview him. He left few records of his family – living relations are still being tracked down, and are to be interviewed. An obituary in the local newspaper, and statements given by local morgue workers claim that the heart attack was merely caused by a lethal mix of alcohol and medication. Unfortunately, the businessman was cremated, as per his will, before authorization could be obtained to examine the body.

Title: Nostradamus' List

Item: SCP-1056

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1056 is to be kept in an airtight, lightless container, and is to be taken out of this container only for authorized testing. This is done to delay decay for as long as is possible.

Description: SCP-1056 is a 4.5 meter by 0.9 meter sheet of paper, carbon dated back to the 1560s. It shows significant wear and tear, but most of the writing upon it is legible. The writing has been authenticated as that of Nostradamus, or his son.

At the top of the document, in large letters, is the Latin phrase ‘Video Prosapia’, which translates to ‘the observer’s family’. Below this, a series of names begin. The first name is that of Nostradamus himself, with a straight solid line connecting it to the name of his son, and his daughter-in-law. It should be noted that, unlike many family trees childless offspring are not shown. The names continue down the page until 15 cm from the bottom edge; this region is empty, save for a large, simple version of the Greek letter Omega. The significance of this is not known.

As one reads down the list, the names get smaller and smaller as more are displayed. Many names are written in different languages – historical research has confirmed that each name is written in the primary language of that person. Some of the later names are written in current languages, but have not been used before, and some are written in symbols that have not been seen anywhere on Earth. It becomes very difficult to read names once one reaches the halfway point – an electron microscope was needed to read many of the bottom lines.

Personnel assigned to researching and testing of this SCP have agreed upon a specific century that the document ends in, given certain limitations on the human lifespan and generational cycles – 11,100 to 11, 200 CE.

SCP-1056 was found at an archaeological dig near [data redacted], France on September 4th, 20██. It was found buried in a metal cylinder, which unfortunately had to be cut open to retrieve its contents. Photographs of it depict a battered and worn brass tube, with faint traces of ornate decoration along the edges. It was brought to the attention of the Foundation after the head researcher on the dig, [data redacted], found his own name on the list, and told several people at the dig, one of whom informed a Foundation agent. The document was obtained easily from the head researcher, as he had come to believe it was ‘haunted’ – and the agent posed as a trustee of the British Museum in London.

Until more testing is done, Agents should refrain from killing, or even seriously injuring, anybody named on this list. We can’t be certain what effect it will have on the timeline.
-Dr. Ulam, head of SCP-1056 research

Title: Bocce Bombs

Photograph of SCP-1008-1 through -18, during active testing.

Item: SCP-1008

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each sphere is to be kept in a small cell filled with vibration-minimizing gel, and the grid is to be kept in a custom-made earthquake-proof room. The spheres are to remain in these cells, unless being used in active testing.

For all tests, personnel should refrain from wearing heavy or steel-toed footwear, and must wear Level-3 radiation protection. In the case of activation of one or more spheres, personnel must exit containment room immediately, and lower the radiation shielding.

Description: SCP-1008 is a set of 18 spheres, each 25 cm in diameter, with a mirrored surface, and two glowing bands. Each sphere emits a significant level of gamma rays; while not dangerous in the short term, repeated exposure will lead to serious complications.

If a sphere is hit by another object or wave, of at least █ Newtons [the same as a gentle tap with a pencil], the level of emitted Gamma rays will increase significantly beyond lethal, with the exact amount correlating to the strength of the impact. High-pitched sounds will create the same effect.

Through an as yet unknown process, if a sphere is hit with more than ███ [the same as a drop from 7 meters] Newtons, the level of emitted gamma rays will shift to a far higher level. At this point, the radiation is somehow able to ionize surrounding matter at a significant rate. At this level, it displays a secondary effect of breaking down bonds between molecules. How this is achieved is not currently known, but Doctors Darchand and ██████████ believe it involves a secondary generation of [data redacted].

SCP-1008 was first discovered in a housing complex in [data redacted], Ontario, Canada after it’s destruction in 2009. A resident of the complex, [data redacted], claimed through Twitter that she saw ‘a group of strange guys in shiny space suits’ playing ‘some kind of game with a shiny mallet’. It would be in the Foundation’s best interests to capture these individuals and their equipment.

Title: Mr. Qualox

Item: SCP-1097

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1097, a.k.a. ‘Mr. Qualox’, is not currently containable, due to his method of intervention. Efforts are ongoing to track down more information on him, including possible parents.

Civilians visited by SCP-1097 are to be interrogated, and released, after being told that any significant changes to their life have been caused by either their god[s], or by their own will.

Foundation staff visited by SCP-1097 are to report all details of the visit to a member of the SCP-1097 research staff, and must submit to a battery of tests administered by the staff. Failure to report visits will result in [Data Redacted].


SCP-1097 was first described by Agent ██████████ in 2003, after surviving a containment breach by SCP-682. Agent [blacked out] described him [SCP-1097] as an older gentleman of Italian descent, wearing a 1960’s style business suit, receding grey hair, and a platinum-ringed eyeglass. The agent’s testimony states that ‘Mr. Qualox’ was a respected psychologist, and had been hired by the agent to help with depression and combat stress. The agent did not know any more details than this on ‘Mr. Qualox’. The agent went on to say that ‘Mr. Qualox’ simply laid a ‘comforting hand’ on his shoulder, and asked where his problems began. After asking the agent very detailed questions about this, ‘Mr. Qualox’ apparently began to say in a different voice ‘I will let you keep some of these memories – I do so want some excitement in my life. If it’ll help them to find me, let them know that I am everywhere, but nowhere. And, most importantly, duck.’ As ‘Mr. Qualox’ said these words, the agent reported he felt dizzy, and within seconds he was back at the scene of the containment breach, with only partial memories of his meeting with ‘Mr. Qualox’. Still hearing echoes of those words ‘ring through his head’, the agent immediately ducked, saving him from grievous injury.

After the containment breach was corrected, the agent began to write a report on these memories, after meeting with Dr. Holan, his superior. Dr. Holan and Agent [blacked out] were authorized to investigate these memories further.
They have found a large number of people that report at least one time in their lives being told at a critical time to do a particular action by an unknown voice. Many attributed it to God, their own doubts, their ancestors, or fate. Dr. Holan has theorized that nearly 75% of all such instances involve ‘Mr. Qualox’ in some way. A rare few people – estimated at 4% - retain more images of ‘Mr. Qualox’, though most of these people pass it off as a dream or hallucination.
While it seems that this ‘Mr. Qualox’ is a beneficial SCP, the Foundation would still very much like to contact him, to assess how he came to know of the Foundation, how his powers function, and his loyalty to the human race.

Addendum: On May 22, ████, Technician Graywell of Site 20 reported that he had had contact with a person matching the description of Mr. Qualox. Graywell, who had been studying the effects of SCP-████, woke up in the middle of the night, with a vivid memory of a well-dressed older man, and his words – ‘If you go into work tomorrow, it will be the last time you do.’ In the morning, Graywell reported this to his supervisor, who told him to go to the on-site Psychiatric ward, who thoroughly recorded all details of the technician’s encounter, and tested him for any mental and physical problems. During his examinations, a sample of SCP-████ was dropped by one of Graywell’s coworkers, leading to the [data redacted] of five research personnel, and the lockdown of Site 20 for several hours. Graywell was subsequently reassigned to be part of the SCP-1097 research staff.

Title: Ancestor's Grove

Item: SCP-1050

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The immediate area surrounding SCP-1050 is be roped off, with many prominent signs declaring the site to be both a Biological Hazard and the site of a Gypsy Moth infestation. Only Foundation personnel are to be allowed entry beyond the Outer Perimeter [20 m from the edge of the SCP], and only D-Class personnel are to be allowed entry beyond the Inner Perimeter [the edge of the SCP], which must be clearly marked at all times by brightly colored spray paint and metal poles, each 3m apart.

Description: SCP-1050 is an area of forest roughly 1km in area, with a central clearing 150 meters in diameter. SCP-1050 is located at co-ordinates ██’███’’ by ██’███’’, about 100 miles from the nearest town, █████████, and about 150 km from the major city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Foliage is of the standard variety for the area, and nothing out of the ordinary has been observed of the local wildlife, though there are 70% fewer animals in the 1km area than would be expected. No explanation has yet been found for this, as wildlife seem to be immune to the unusual properties of SCP-1050.

Agent ██████████ was the first to bring SCP-1050 to the Foundation’s attention. Before joining, she worked as a wildfire fighter and search-and-rescue operator in the region, and during her work, spent time on a First Nations reservation, where she heard the tale of the ‘Ancestor’s Grove’. According to the tales, it is the abode of the spirits of Natives who provoked nature, and were killed or became lost as a result. Some of the residents of the reservation called it ‘haunted’. Agent [blacked out] went to find this place, and it seems she skirted the edges of the Grove, avoiding the full effects, but she ‘could still hear disturbing voices’.

Agent ██████████ dismissed the incident as the product of a paranoid imagination, until well after she joined the Foundation, when she came across several news reports of hikers gone missing in the area. Agent ██████████ and several others were authorized to search the area, under the cover of being Federal wildlife control officers. The team successfully located the area, though two members were lost to SCP-1050’s effects. The 1 km area was marked off, and signs were erected declaring the area to be the site of a Gypsy Moth infestation.

If a living human enters the clearing, they will be greeted by a ‘ghostly’ manifestation of some kind; the appearance varies, but it is always from the local First Nations mythology. If the person is experienced with outdoor activities and is prepared [packed with all necessary supplies and tools], then the manifestation will soon disappear, with the person usually dismissing it as ‘an overactive imagination’ or as an unconscious way of dealing with fear.

However, if the person is not experienced with outdoor activities or is not well prepared, the ‘spirit’ will begin the converse with them – the spirit’s speech will only be audible to the person it’s talking to, and audio devices will only pick up usual animal calls. The length of their dialogue can vary, depending on the strength of any former religious or logical beliefs, but the person always ends up accepting the spirit, and the forest itself as their god. After this, the person will usually abandon most signs of civilization, including clothing, tools, and complex speech. In one instance, a search team found a GPS locator that was pierced to the ear of a D-Class that was sent into the clearing – it had been torn out. After a week, no traces of all of the unprepared could be found; in one extreme case, an advanced GPS device [designed to operate for up to several years under it’s own battery power and to be shock resistant] that was implanted besides a D-Class’ heart stopped transmitting entirely.

Research staff have theorized that legends and sightings of 'Sasquatch' in the area and across the west coast of North America may be migrating examples of those affected by SCP-1050. Acquiring a specimen to confirm or deny this would be of great interest to the Foundation; those who report ‘Sasquatch’ sightings are to be interviewed when possible by Foundation agents, and existing evidence is to be closely scrutinized for authenticity.

Title: Ice-Bound Fire God

Item: SCP – 1111

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1111 is to be bound in a temperature –controlled chamber twenty [20] stories in height. The temperature of this chamber is not to exceed -70 degrees Celsius/-94 degrees Fahrenheit, except under the authorization of O-5 personnel.

Each limb of SCP-1111 is to be bound to the floor by several custom-made chains, made of a [data redacted] alloy, produced to reduce heat and electric conductivity by ██%.

Robotic drones are the only thing allowed to enter the containment chamber. The Foundation does not currently have the technology to prevent death under very low temperatures, though research is being conducted on this matter.

The chamber is to be located one mile under Antarctic ice, at coordinates ███ by █████. Entrances to the elevators to the chamber are to be disguised by rocks or snow. A Foundation base for researchers, doctors and D-class personnel to reside in is to be located ten [10] km away, at co-ordinates ███ by █████. Supplies and personnel for this base are to be flown in through other Antarctic research stations, with an appropriate cover story.

At least half of the personnel on site must be telepathically sensitive, so that the SCP is always monitored for signs of cerebral activity. Any personnel displaying signs of erratic behavior while in the Observation Deck are to be shot immediately.

Description: SCP-1111 is a 45m tall creature, of extraterrestrial origin. Its torso is conical in shape, with a ring of spherical growths near the point. From the bottom of the cone extend nine tendrils, each branching into 7 smaller tendrils. Two groups of ten slick, segmented circles are present halfway between the growths and the bottom edge, with each group on opposite sides. These are presumably eyes, but close examination to confirm this is not yet possibly.

SCP-1111 has a skin composed primarily of an unknown metal, and seams of a thick and very hot liquid run across the skin. It is likely that this liquid makes up a significant portion of the material underneath the skin, and helps to prevent the creature’s death, even when exposed to extreme cold and vacuum. In its current captivity, the liquid reads at 534 degrees Celsius, but during initial recovery, it read as high as 4720 degrees Celsius.

As shown during initial recovery, SCP-1111 has been shown to have a mastery over any sources of heat within a 20 mile radius. Through currently unknown forces, it can accelerate and extinguish all kinds of fires at will, even those not in its sight; during initial recovery, it was recorded by many witnesses as prematurely erupting Mt. ██████████, and intensifying the propellant of rockets fired at it, in order to set the warheads off before they reached it. It has also been recorded as manipulating the heat of biological objects; 19 Foundation personnel, 10 American marines, and 34 Brazilian soldiers died as a result of their internal liquids reaching above boiling temperatures.

SCP-1111 shows a high degree of resistance to any weapons employing heat; anti-tank rounds fired at it resulted in little more than superficial scarring. However, cold-based weapons were found to be the most effective in subduing and containing it. It can also be brought down by a strong enough physical force, assuming it does not defend itself.

It is also strongly telepathic. During initial recovery, telepathically-sensitive soldiers recounted chaotic, alien thoughts being broadcast, including vivid images of a particular alien world. Images broadcast were vivid enough that several were able to remember the arrangement of a group of stars viewed from the creature’s homeworld - the best estimate from Foundation astronomers and astro-physicists is that the homeworld lies within or nearby the Gamma Cephei planetary system.

This draft has been deactivated for the time being, as it has been mostly obsoleted by the addition of SCP-215. Will be kept until it is significantly changed, or more space is needed.

Title: Madman's Glasses


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be kept in a small containment locker, with a password-entry system. The password is to be given by SCP-XXXX research staff, and changed upon return of the SCP.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a pair of glasses, with a frame made from steel, covered in a layer of black paint which is significantly worn away. Testing of the paint's composition reveals that it includes lead and a few other chemicals that are not used within modern regulations. The frame is unmarked, save for a small pyramid outlined in white at the far end of the left arm. The significance of this symbol is currently unknown.

The lenses appear, while being viewed from the front, to be of a standard glass, though there are dozens of small, shallow scratches on them. No specific prescription can be found - it is possible they were not made with one.

When the eye-facing side of the lenses is viewed by a human, they will depict a reality that the viewer desires. The scenes depicted will change in accordance with the wearer's movements, though the wearer will feel nothing of it. The voice of the wearer will not affect the depicted reality. In all cases, the depicted scenes will be so engaging that the wearer will forget where they physically are - though this does not usually happen when viewed through a secondary medium, such as photograph or video.

When there are any animals or people viewed, they will, 95% of the time, gesture to the viewer to follow them to a familiar or desirable location. Physical barriers are usually not visible within the scenes, but still stop the viewer as normal. The significance of this trend is unknown, though not at this time an indication of overt hostility.

In all cases, the scenes observed will be those that the viewer wishes they could be a part of. However, each person will see it differently. This effect continues across static and moving recorded images. In a pre-programmed video analysis performed by an isolated computer, the lenses were reported to be an unchanging, solid black.

SCP-XXXX was retrieved after ██████ ██████████, 67, walked into oncoming traffic while wearing them. The ensuing confusion after first recovery by responding police officers drew the attention of Foundation contacts within the ██PD.


Interview XXXX-A03
Subject: D-49993
Interviewer: Dr. Holtenz

Dr. Holtenz: So, what did you see when you put the glasses on?
D-49993: It was beautiful. They were all there.
Dr. Holtenz: Who was there?
D-49993: My family. They were all smiling, laughing, gesturing me to follow them.
Dr. Holtenz: Where did they want you to go?
D-49993: The beachhouse. It was so big, beautiful. Whiter and cleaner than ever.
Dr. Holtenz: What happened next?
D-49993: Well…I hit the wall. I could see no wall, but I couldn't go any further….That's when your men came in, took the glasses off me, and put the cuffs back on.
Dr. Holtenz: Thank you, D-49993. You are to be returned to your cell now.

Interview xxxx-A09
Subject: Researcher ██████████, Voluntary wearer
Interviewer: Dr. Holtenz

Dr. Holtenz: So, ██████████, what did you see?
██████████: Its…hard to describe.
Dr. Holtenz: Please try.
██████████: Well…I was in the middle of a group of - of the senior staff. Jeez, this is embarrassing.
Dr. Holtenz: Go on, Mr. ██████████.
██████████: They were congratulating me, clapping, shaking my hand. One of them…Dr. ███████, I think…gestured for me aside to pose for pictures. There were a lot of photographers there.
Dr. Holtenz: What did you do next?
██████████: I hit some kind of invisible wall. Of course, it was the wall of the testing room, but for a moment, I was so engaged I forgot where I was.
Dr. Holtenz: Thank you, ██████████.

This draft has been deactivated for the time being, as a similar SCP has already been posted, and this is not well focused. However, it will be kept, in case inspiration strikes again.

Item: SCP-1134

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1134 must be filtered into the human hearing range and then translated into a human language before any personnel are to listen to it.

Alternately, if testing is to be done on the effects of SCP-1134, personnel must wear high-grade hearing protection.

Description: Frequency was first discovered in the hand of [data redacted], shot once through the head outside of [redacted] radio station in Washington, DC. FBI agents did not wear ear protection or use filtering programs when they first tuned to the frequency, resulting in ██ deaths, and ██ comatose personnel. The frequency is [data redacted], not yet used by any recorded transmitter, and was triangulated, with the help of NASA satellites to be in the orbit of Jupiter.

The signal, when broadcast, must be filtered down to human hearing ranges by a computer not connected by wires to another computer. At first, any signal received is a chaotic, incomprehensible cacophony, liable to send the brain into shock if not wearing ear protection. How [redacted] discovered the frequency without harm is unknown. When the Foundation became aware of it through FBI plants, a team of experts was assembled from within the Foundation to compose a translation program. After five years, they succeeded, and have been monitoring the frequency ever since. Nineteen transmissions have been recorded since then, and a selection of them is compiled here.

  • 05 May 1998, 3:30 AM: ‘…[garbled]Attend the tests of fire [garbled]….’
  • 22 December 1998, 8:46 PM: ‘…the War of Yasch-Yat is over. We are victorious…’
  • 13 April 2000, 3:56 PM: ‘…Factor 569Z must not live beyond the next cycle…’
  • [date redacted], 5:50 PM: ‘….Factor 5 Tango has captured the swarm blade…stay alert…’
  • 28 September 2001, 4:45 AM: ‘…pitiful infighting is exploitable…must be weakened further…’
  • 09 December 2001, 2:22 PM: ‘…the Yearmother has fallen to the Last. Repeat, the Yearmother has fallen to the Last. Mourn, and continue observation of target…’
  • 23 February 2004, 9:03 AM: ‘…a new Yearmother has been born. Celebrate, and redouble your efforts, for she is hungry…’
  • 10 October 2005, 4:44 PM: ‘…Factors 344 through 389 must be killed immediately…Factor 242 has been taken by Five Tango…’
  • 07 June 2007, [time redacted]: ‘…the Host moves closer to target…begin introduction of the bloodfire…’
  • 06 May 2010, 12:00 PM: ‘…the Host will arrive at target in [garbled] cycles…submit status of remaining Factors…’

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