Laughing Man

I tried with this one a while back, and got some advice that I took and used, but never really did anything else with it. That was a while ago and I've since deleted the old page since there were a few issue with the URL that I couldn't fix.

The concept of the SCP is that it is a by most accounts normal looking Caucasian male in his mid forties, but he is prone to unwilling fits of hysterical laughter from nearly any kind of stimulation. It starts with just the giggles, but the severity and frequency increases until he is in one long high-pitched cackling episode measured at 135-143 decibels (enough to damage hearing) , during which the force of the laughter dislocates his jaw.

After peaking in severity, the laughter dies quickly afterward, in total the episodes last about ten minutes. After each episode, he is brought to a refractory period, during which he remains huddled in his room and cowers at everything for fear that it could start the cycle all over again. These periods usually last about a half hour.

He has no immunity to the volume of his own laughter, and thus, his hearing is starting to degrade. It is unknown at this time whether or not he needs auditory stimulation to initiate the cycle. That would be something that is monitored.

A possible idea was to have some kind of spike in brain activity, making him more aware of what was happening, or a large drop in brain activity, meaning that he's barely aware of it.

Since he wouldn't really be much of an issue with containment, I'd say they would classify him as safe. All they have to do is have a soundproofing system around his room and ear protection when interacting with him.

I'm still looking for any advice if anyone has some to offer. Thanks.

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