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SCP-1337-J appears normal

Item #: SCP-1337-J
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1337-J is to be kept in a secure locker on Site 19. Removal of SCP-1337-J for any reason requires approval of at least one Level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-1337-J appears to be a standard issue M16 assault rifle. Analysis of the parts have shown nothing out of the ordinary and replacements of parts seems to have no effect on its ability. The side of the casing has the characters “MLG1337PRO”1 engraved on the side. The significance of these characters is unknown at this time.

What makes SCP-1337-J differ from normal assault rifles is that, when held in firing position, the person holding it seems to become controlled by an unknown force, causing them to shoot the nearest living thing they can find. There is a clear preference for shots to the head when SCP-1337-J is used. Another noticeable effect on the holder of SCP-1337-J is that they seem to lose control over higher brain functions and their voice seems to raise multiple octaves. The subject also consistently will begin shouting loud insults and profanities such as [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subjects holding SCP-1337-J will use it perfectly regardless of previous firearms training. Despite this and SCP-1337-J's seeming ability to fire indefinitely without reloading, subjects holding it can be easily subdued with a well-trained strike team to kill the subject. See addendum 1337-J

Addendum 1337-J: During an attempted test with a Class D holding SCP-1337-J, Dr. ██████ noted that “it's time for the Class D's curfew” meaning to bring an end to the day's test. The microphone to the sound system within the test chamber had accidentally been left on and upon hearing this, the subject promptly let out an exasperated sigh, put down SCP-1337-J, and left the test chamber cooperatively (though he was keeping his hands in his pockets, had a slight hunch, and mumbled a few things regarding “stupid bedtimes”). Subject appeared to be back to normal the next morning with only vague memory of the night before. Since this incident, any instance of rogue subjects holding SCP-1337-J have easily been stopped with no fatalities by evacuating the area and using the intercom to say one of the key phrases that ends SCP-1337-J's control over the subject.

Known key phrases:
“It's time for bed” and variants
“It's time for dinner” and variants
“You need to do your homework” and variants
“<a female name> is here to see you” and variants

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