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Item #: SCP-1020

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1020 is to be stored in locked container. Level 3 clearance for material testing, L4 approve for human testing

Description: SCP-1020 is a set of commercially available monthly contact lenses, manufactured by ████████████. The set includes:

  • 1 piece of damaged lens (see Recovery Log), designated SCP-1020-0
  • 2 opened packages (by Foundation staff), designated SCP-1020-1 and SCP-1020-2
  • 3 unsealed packages, designated SCP-1020-3 to -5
  • Regular user’s manual, no abnormal properties

Wearers of SCP-1020 immediately report greatly improved vision, accompanied by a comfortable, warm sensation in the eyes. The level of enhancement is unrelated to subject's original vision. Test results show that despite feeling warm, the actual temperature of the lenses does not change; it simply reacts to body heat as would be the case for a standard lens.

Wearers undergo identical changes in behaviour in 3 stage, albeit the timeframe for the specific stages can vary. Stages 2 and 3 do not reset; duration of wearing is cumulated , regardless of „breaks”.

Stage 1 starts when a pair of SCP-1020 (individual pieces are interchangeable) is inserted correctly into a living human's eye. Subject's peripherial vision is increased, which, accompanied with the highly elevated visual details, confuses spatial awareness and results in overall clumsyness (e.g. walking into walls) for approx. the first 6-12 hours. In █% of the cases, mild nausea and eyesore were reported. If SCP-1020 is removed during the "dizzy" stage, no lasting effects remain. Subjects describe the experience as "interesting and fun, but really weird", and usually try to averse wearing any lenses or glasses (including shades) for up to █ days. Interestingly, this is also true for individuals with serious sight impairments, who have been wearing glasses/contacts for years before SCP-1020 exposure.

Wearers in this stage are capable of:

  • Read newspapers from as far as ten (10) meters
  • Read miniature texts as small as half (0.5) millimeters
  • Differentiate colors very similar in shade
  • See in the dark, comparable to a cat's vision

Stage 2 begins after the initial disorientation passes. Wearers get used to the effects, and quickly realize the benefits of the enhanced vision, resulting in a sudden increase in self-confidence and pro-activity. Subjects will immediately try to get involved in any fairly advanced work activity, most likely in the fields of manufacture, maintenance or research. If required skill for the given field is nonexistent, subject will observe trained personell working, and will occassionally ask analytical questions regarding to work matter. With this method, university-level expertise of a topic is gathered in a matter of █-██ hours. If given activity is something the subject already has basic knowledge of, the learning efficiency is increased by ███%. Stage 1 lasts for an average of two (2) weeks. If SCP-1020 is removed during this interval, subjects will immediately show signs of depression and demotivation. Reasoning for this apparent change in attitude always comes down to „things do not seem as they are anymore”, „colors are dull”, and similar observations. There is always a strong desire for wearing SCP-1020 again, comparable to an addict’s response to withdrawal. These side-effects gradually decrease over a duration, directly proportional to the duration SCP-1020 has been worn.

Wearers in this stage are capable of:

  • Photographic memory. Memorized images are remembered after SCP-1020’s removal.
  • Reading mimics. Wearers were able to detect lies with a failure rate as low as █%
  • Better understanding of anything visually comprehendible (e.g. electric circuits, chess challenges, advanced equations, or even playing on instruments). Required background logic and factual knowledge regarding a topic are also derived from observations, by unknown means. The accumulated skill is always numerous times more advanced than what could be possibly observed.

Stage 3 starts after using SCP-1020 in Stage 1 for at least 10 days (in █ cases, 20 days were recorded). Subject’s eyes become visibly dry and irritated, causing severe blinking and unnatural eye movements, this being the first recognizable sign of the final stage. Medical examination reveals the vitreous

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